Im, not saying that Windows 11 is necessarily bad, but theres definitely room for improvement, even if just out of personal preference., But even if youre still using Windows. 10 youll find this video helpful, because some of the programs will improve on built in features whether youre, using 10 or 11 itll help for both. And, of course, Ill put all the links in the description.. So we can start off with probably the most debatable thing about Windows. 11, the new start menu.. I personally was a big fan of the Windows. 10 start menu, its customization ability you can like create tiles, move it all around.. I really liked it. So theres. Actually, a program called Start11 that lets you use a start menu. That is a lot like Windows, 10 or a couple other options as well., And you can see. I have it configured to pretty much look exactly like it did when I was using Windows 10.. Now this program actually lets you also replace the taskbar. If you want., So you can have different functionality for the little window. Icons., You can have it like full width. You can have it stacking a little bit differently.. I personally dont care about that. So I dont have it replace the taskbar just the start menu, but you could. And as far as the start menu you have a lot of customization here.. So you can choose the general overall start: menu style., Like theres, one called modern theres one thats closer to the Windows 7.

. I just like the Windows, 10 one. And you can do stuff like customizing shortcuts on the left, whether itll show recent apps and stuff, or you can choose to not show that list of apps on the left at all. If you want., Also, you can even add a shortcut to it that will make the default start menu pop up. If you need to access it., You can even have the program replace the entire search functionality through the start menu, but I just have to keep it. The same., But even if you dont, replace the whole taskbar, you can still add some customization to it., So you can have the right click menu to be more like Windows, 10. By default theres, like one setting it just says, taskbar settings kind of a waste., Whereas With this now, you can have a few more settings show up.. Now I will point out: Start11 is not free, but its really affordable. Its only like 6.. I think its well worth it. And you can also do a 30 day free trial. If you want. All right next up is a program called Everything or Everything search. Its a program that basically is way better than the built in Windows search functionality., I mean incredibly better., And this is going to be useful, whether youre on Windows, 10 or Windows, 11., And basically, it just allows you to do instantly fast searches across your entire computer.. You can see that this is literally 2 million files here and as Im typing, it instantly narrows it down as Im typing with every character.

Its incredibly fast, and it just puts the default search functionality in Windows to shame., But its extremely capable of a lot more. That you might not think of.. So, for example, you can see here, I have literally every single file on the computer sorted by modified date., So I can literally see files that are being modified in real time.. So this might be good if you accidentally save a file somewhere and youre, not sure where the heck you put it.. You can maybe just look in the list of modified files, recently. And thats. Also, assuming maybe you didnt know the name of it. Otherwise, you could just search for it directly.. You can also view the results in different modes., So you can have it search for details, but also in the thumbnail mode too, if youre searching for images specifically., But it can also do a lot of advanced search techniques.. So you can search within a path obviously., So you can either right click in the context, menu and itll open up and narrow it down to that path. Or you can just do that from the main menu. If you like click it from the system tray., You can use wildcards if youre, not sure different parts of the file name. You can even use regex. If youre familiar with that its like an entire programming language, around filtering its pretty crazy, you can use that.. You can also create custom filters if you find yourself searching for something really.

Similarly often you can just do that and reuse it.. You can also have it index the contents of a file.. So if its a text based file – and you dont know what its called, but you know whats in it or you want to find all files mentioning something you can do an advanced search and tell it to search within those.. Also in the settings you can have it index different amounts of data about each file.. For example, you can see whether or not you want it to maybe index the modified date of the file, the created date, the attributes the size, all that sort of stuff. You dont have to, and you can see it adds a little bit extra data for each File., But for me Id rather just have it all there. I dont care its not taking up too much extra space., But if you literally only want it to index the names of the file, you could do that. Before we continue. I do want to thank todays sponsor Private Internet Access. A VPN service I personally have been subscribed to since 2014. And, like I always show here, is my billing history to prove it.. Private Internet Access can protect your internet connection from prying eyes. Even your own internet service, provider., You simply install the VPN software and choose any of the servers across many different countries. And the same goes with the mobile apps. You simply toggle it on and youre good.

. So yes, its available on all desktop and mobile platforms, or also even as a browser extension if you want. It, has a bunch of additional features like a VPN kill, switch to prevent accidentally, revealing your connection and also PIA Mace, which can block trackers malware and more.. Oh and most importantly, they do not keep logs of any kind. And just for you guys, theres a special deal.. If you go to PrivateInternetAccess.comTJ, you can get 83 off the three year plan, which ends up being about 2.08 a month Ill. Also put that link in the description. So definitely check that out. And, with all that being said, lets continue. Alright. Next up, we have a program that can replace the Windows File Explorer itself. Its called Directory Opus. I did make a video about it pretty recently. If you want to go back and check that for a lot more details, but Ill quickly go over the benefits of it, here. Its probably overkill for most people, but it adds so much additional functionality and customization that you can do way more than what Windows Explorer. Can ever do., For example, it can do tabbed File Explorer windows, although with the latest Windows 11 version file Explorer has that by default., But maybe, if youre using windows 10 for example., It has fully customizable toolbars.. Literally, every single one of these buttons can be changed or moved or renamed or change the icon. That sort of thing.

And just a couple of feature examples. You can create tab groups that will open a preset group of directories in different tabs.. So I have one for video production that opens all the folders I might need, while doing that. Heres a useful button that will escalate the program to admin for a set number of minutes.. So if youre doing a lot of things that require permissions, this wont need you to ask every time.. You can split the view top to bottom or side to side. And theres. Also, a filtering box down here. Its kind of similar to Everything search, although it just is for one directory. And like before as youre typing, it will filter for that directory incredibly useful. And there are more preferences on the back end than you can really ever imagine.. I dont think I could go through every single one of these. Ill. Also point out, though, that Directory Opus also is not free.. Its 89 Australian Dollars., So youll have to do the conversion into your currency., But in my opinion, as a power user. As I like to think of myself, its more than worth it in my case., But for a lot of people, it might be overkill.. Although I will point out that there are a lot of other File Explorer replacement options that are free.. And if you go to the other video where I talked about Directory Opus, there are plenty of comments from people talking about their particular File.

Explorer free alternative., So maybe go check those out too. All right. Next up we have a program, WinAero Tweaker. And, like the name suggests it lets. You do a lot of different various tweaks with Windows, 11 or Windows 10, that usually you have to go and dig around the registry to change.. There are some Windows, 11 specific ones and a couple notable ones in my opinion., For example, you can restore the classic full context menu by default.. So you probably know Windows 11. Has this new context menu.. But if you want to see all the options you have to click show more, whereas this will just bring up the show more all the time. Another one Im a fan of is this taskbar tray icon row number.. Basically, this makes Windows. 11 show two rows of system tray icons instead of the default one. In Windows 10. I was just used to having two there so now I can have it look like that., But theres also plenty of other general tweaks that are not just for Windows 11, but also Windows. 10. You might want to look at. Heres, a couple examples. Automatic Registry Backup.. So I didnt actually know that Windows 11 and 10 no longer automatically backup the registry it used to with this it will. And that will go into the system32configRegBack directory. And apparently this will take a couple days.. The frequency is not clear., For example, I just did it yesterday and it still shows these files is empty.

, But at least itll be there eventually and itll be a little bit of piece of mind. Heres, another useful one, the Take Ownership context, menu option., Sometimes for Whatever reason you come across a file, thats, not a system file, but for whatever reason your user account cant access it.. You can now take ownership of it. So your account is now the owner of it., All right, heres, one that Im a huge fan of Navigation. Pane Custom Items., So you might know, on the left hand, side you can enable the navigation pane in file explorer., And there are a few default items. Thatll show up that can be expanded to show different directories.. You can add stuff to the quick items thing like Home., But beyond that you cant add more.. Now some programs will add their own like Dropbox OneDrive, but theres no way to add your very own shortcuts or folders there. Well now you can with this.. So, for example, I added a couple for YouTube, shortcuts and ones for like coding, things that Im going to access really frequently., And I want to have a shortcut right there in the navigation pane. Now you can add stuff like that., But you should look through this Yourself, theres plenty of other tweaks.. I mean you can even set it so windows doesnt, add shortcut when you create a shortcut., So I personally prefer it doesnt. So I changed that too.. Okay, moving on to the next program, we have OO ShutUp10 Now, even though it says 10.

It also applies to windows 11. Thats. What the plus plus is for its a programming reference. Anyway. It lets you disable a lot of annoyances in windows and tracking settings and privacy stuff really easily.. For example, I have it disable Cortana Ive never used that. App suggestions. Definitely dont want automatic installation of windows store apps that sort of thing.. Now it will show whether a setting is recommended to change or not., Although I would definitely just go through everything yourself.. There are plenty of recommended settings that I dont necessarily care about, and I dont want to change. And also take note that theres two different tabs for applying settings to either the current user or the entire machine. And there are a couple of differences there. All right. Now, finally, we have Microsoft PowerToys.. This is a set of tools published by Microsoft and theyre, adding to it pretty much all the time. Two of my absolute favorite ones are File Locksmith.. This will let you right click any file if you cant delete it, for whatever reason it says its in use, but it wont tell you whats using it., You can click Whats Using This File and it will literally tell you. So obviously thats extremely useful.. Another cool one is Text Extractor.. This lets you highlight any area of the screen and itll use optical character, recognition to extract the text. Like if you want to copy something that you cant directly highlight like if its in a picture or something so thatll, definitely come in handy.

And theres. Plenty of other tools – and you dont need to have them all enabled necessarily.. I mostly just have a couple enabled and the other ones disabled and some of them. If I do ever need to use it, I could just go and enable it use it and then disable it if I want. Cause there are some other cool ones like this Color Picker is pretty neat or Always On Top lets. You set a program to be always on top stuff, like that. And so that pretty much covers it.. Let me know what you guys think is your favorite tool or maybe theres something that I never talked about. You can mention it down in the comments.. Also, thanks again to Private Internet Access for sponsoring. Be sure to click the link in the description. So you can get that special deal.. If you want to keep watching Ill put a couple links here. One is for the Directory Opus video I mentioned, and the other one for where I went into a lot more detail about the different PowerToys that I just talked about.. So you can just click on one of those if you want.