If you take the internet into account, some have minor visual problems. Other have serious ones, but it is not just about the users. You know why there are some accessibility laws that regulate accessibility, forces, internet users like wcag, ada and so on. Online business of any kind is required to comply with these national and international norms. If you don’t comply with these rules, you will not only lose customers but also will be liable to have t legal penalties. The solution to this legal problem is very straightforward. Your website must be complying to these accessibility laws on pc tablet and mobile phones. There are two ways you can achieve that the first way is using a developer that can code an accessible website. The second way is to use a tool like accessory accessory, is an automated web accessibility solution for compliance of ada, wcag and other international accessibility laws. More than one hundred thousand businesses online use interest. Accessibility, accessibility is very affordable. Considering the legal charges you may have to pay, it works effortlessly and makes your site fully compliant accessibility laws let’s see how it works. As you can see, this is a demo website. That is running accessory. I will quickly show you how this looks at first instance. Now, as you can see on the left bottom, it has access be installed and when you click on the icon, you will see some adjustments that you can make to make the website accessible to your eyes.

Let’S start with cj’s profile. You can see how it enables smooth coloring. That is not too hard on your eyes, Music. There are some other options available as well and let’s disable this one and turn on visual impaired profile. Uh. This one is one of the most important adjustments that you can make in this demo. As you can see, it is changing the playfair display font to a simple sensory font that is easily readable, let’s, see the other options. Let’S turn off this one. The next one is the cognitive disability profile. This profile provides various accessibility features that are usable for people with cognitive diseases like autism. Now you can see how everything is bordered. You can even use tab buttons and keyboard navigation to navigate through the website. Let’S turn this off for a moment so that we can navigate to other features Music. So there are some other options here as well like keyboard, navigation screen reader, etc. These two provide accessibility solutions for screen readers like talkback or voiceover let’s skip to some other options. Uh the content adjustment in the color adjustments are some other options. Here you can even adjust later spacing, adjust line height or just font, sizing, even align items, align content by center left or right see. I have aligned everything to center now everything to left everything to right. You can even do some color adjustment uh you can. You can even change the font to a moderateable font.

You can change the whole webpage to a dark contrast or with high saturation see you can even change the whole webpage to a monochrome or to do a tone. Format. Music. The text colors, are also adjustable let’s. Try with these let’s see what happens since i have adjusted the background to be of no situation but purple in color. You can see everything looks very smooth to eyes. These things make a website totally accessible. Now let’s see some other options like read mode, see. As i have the background enabled i will have to disable that one to make it work properly, let’s change it let’s cancel the text, colors adjustment and title colors. Now, as you can see, it is more reader friendly, you can read or print the whole webpage, even though that was not printing capable. There are some other options you can try as well like highlight, focus let’s use this one. They stop animations. Some people find the animation very disturbing, stopping animations stops all the sliders etc. This one is a reading mask. You can use it to focus on a certain block at a time. Let’S try the highlight over, as you can see, if you hover and apart it highlights that certain block or area Music let’s change to another feature. That is big black cursor as the name text. It is a big black cursor and this one is a white cursor. Now you can try using two or more accessibility controls at once.

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