This video is a little different because this time white has shipped me. The new y Crayola L tablet and I will show you what the tablet has to offer and how it will improve your animations so heres. The box so lets take a quick look whats inside Music. The first thing we have here is a clove which is pretty cool that it comes with it too. Then we already have the tablet so lets unpack it. I think this tablet looks great. It has a simple but lovely design. I also think that the size of it is perfect, but we will come back to the tablet later. The next thing we have is a cable and the tablet also comes with some extra nibs for the pen and a little spoon to switch out the keys and the nibs there. We also have a customizable keys. I think thats a great little feature that you can customize them as you want. I will show you that later in the video. Additionally, you even get a USBC adapter for your smartphone, which means you can also connect the tablet to your phone, which is pretty cool. I think the pen comes with a felt case and it fits perfectly in my hand and feels very comfortable pen itself even has its own buttons and at the end we have a quick starting guide. So make sure to read this first before using your tablet about the tablet. As I said before, I really love the design.

It has a working area of 10 by 6 inches and it feels very good to draw on the surface it kind of feels like youre drawing on paper and in addition, it has a pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels. It also has four keys and the dial, and it is very satisfying to press these Keys, especially because they sound like the keyboard of my PC. If you want to change the keys, you first need the other buttons and the small silver spoon with the spoon you go under the key like this and then push the key out. Then you take the other buttons and simply press them back on as you like. It the most, I have to say that the keys are really easy to replace, which is pretty nice. You can also use the spoon to change the nip of the pen. Just take the other side of the spoon and use the hole to get the nib out. Then take one of the other loops and put it back into the pen like this. The pen is also battery free and has some customizable buttons as well. If you want to start drawing or animating now, of course you need the tablet, the pen, the clove and the cable. If you want to animate on your smartphone, you also need to USBC adapter, so lets unpack this one. First then plug it into your smartphone like this, and now take the cable and plug this side into the adapter foreign and the other part of the cable on the left side into your tablet.

Once you have connected the tablet to the smartphone, you can start drawing or animating. As you can see, this also works with flipperclip, and I have to say that this is a lot of fun to draw with it. The lights turn out pretty good and the pressure sensitivity works well too. If you now want to animate on PC, you have to connect your tablet. First, then open your browser and search for When the website pops up go to downloads and click on pen tablet, then click on please select your product and in this case, search for ylr l. Once you have done that scroll down a bit and click on the download that matches to your PC. In my case, it is for Windows when the download is done, you can open the program and after its finished it may restart your PC now lets have a look at the driver. First, you can see the pressure sensitivity and you can change the click sensitivity in this window. You can also configure the functions of the buttons on your pen. If you want to change the functions of the keys on your tablet, just go to functions and select one of the keys you want to configure. Overall, there are a lot of options to adjust. Your tablet to your personal preference now lets have a look at the different functions of the tablet. First of all, Im working with krita, which is a free program for pc to draw and animate, and, as you can see its pretty handy, to draw with the tablet on PC.

If you now use the dial, you can change the brush size. If you then press the button in the middle once and then use the dial again you zoom in or out to where your pen is at the moment. In addition, I change the first key and every time I press it, it undoes my last stroke now you can see the tablet in action because Im testing what I can animate with the tablet and I will try to animate a person throwing a ball. I have to say that its my very first time to animate with a drawing tablet, but I think it works pretty well and you get into the drawing process really fast. I also use the different Keys quite often and notice that they can make things way easier. For example, I always use the button on the pen to switch back and forth between the brush and the Eraser, I wont, show the whole animation process. Otherwise, this video will be a bit too long. I also only animate the sketches of the figure here, because otherwise it will take a little bit too much time, but still you can create very good line art with it, foreign, Music, Music, Music, foreign, Music and Im. Pretty happy with it, I love that I even managed to make a loop, and I also like the sketchy style of the final animation. If youre interested in the tablet, then you can use my personal code, VK recruiter on Amazon to get five percent off or you go to AliExpress and use my coupon code from rakuto to get five percent off.