Today is a game and it is November. Why is it its warm in November? Climate change is an issue Advocate, put good people in office, because this is an issue we look at this as good weather, but its like its global warming affecting us that today were going to be doing an unboxing of this. I do have a Macbook heres, my beautiful M2 MacBook Pro. I keep calling it the pro its an air, empty, MacBook, Air and Im currently finding a case for it, but for some reason, its very difficult for me to actually find a case that fits. So if you guys have the empty MacBook Air or you have suggestions for cases that youve looked at yourself, let your go now, but this is the MacBook that I have. I probably say this every single time. I create a video but Im going to Cameroon in December, and I dont want to bring that computer just because of safety issues first and also, if you guys did not know my M1 MacBook Air cracked, the screen just and I have AppleCare under like protecting it. So that was going to be a hefty like 650 to repair it. So I was like okay were not gon na, do that were just gon na buy a new one, because this one, I believe that I paid like 11 some December it, which is pretty good. So yeah and since I dont want to bring that laptop – and I probably do have some Endeavors in Cameroon – I decided to invest in this.

I dont know if Im gon na keep this. Let me tell you why this is three hundred dollars plus tax thats. A lot of money for a keyboard, I tried the Logitech one, but that one was very heavy. I bought this yesterday and I bought the Logitech one had yesterday and I just knew I hated the Logitech one I bought the folio touch. I believe, and it was heavy and I feel like it was not that you know there wasnt really a lot of like Movement Like Mobility was latching with that one okay and the keyboard, and the touchpad was a little bit weird. But after I finally realized I have to configure the screen to be landscape. It worked way better. I didnt lock put it in landscape locked, so it was really bad but lets just get into it, and lets start this unboxing Music, foreign Music process and a little bit of me typing, so something that I dont love about it I just got it is that It doesnt have the option to change the brightness straight from the keyboard. What I liked about the Logitech folio is that you could upper the brightness lower the brightness um you can play with the backlight on the keyboard. You know the light that comes out and you can also change the volume straight from the keyboard such like. It was like a Macbook. I wish it had the option to change the brightness.

You know volume control, backlight, control on the keyboard that would have just made this keyboard a little bit better and for 300. I feel like thats, something that should be included. What I do like about it. This keyboard is Flawless. It works so Flawless with the iPad. I found myself a lot with the folio touch like having to repeat doing things so that it would work like getting in, and out of the screen was a repeat typing, with a little bit difficult. It was just too much and also the folio touch was very boxy, so yeah. So the second thing I dont like about this one is this: there is no security for my apple pencil. My apple pencil is just left dangling. I could accidentally drop it, which is kind of impossible, like its not impossible, its pretty possible, so theres, no security for the apple pencil. The thing is when theres no security for the apple pencil lets say Im working in bed and I fall asleep working. I could easily need it like. I did with my first one my second apple pencil Im, telling guys I break everything just get used to it: okay, so theres, no security for it, which is a little bit of a pain because, like I said, if it ends up falling and I need it Or something happens, and it drops to the point its gone for its a done its a goner basically 12 seconds later it feels lightweight something else else touch um.

You guys see that I just plaited like that on accident and it just went flying theres something else. I really dont. Oh my gosh see its going already. Something else I really dont like about this keyboard is that its not flexible were going back to portfolio touch. Something about the folio touch is that you can flip it like around, so that you can also write, and I feel like the keyboard was like deactivated once you flipped it, so you can be like writing and the keyboard is just on the back without you know It like typing anything for you so for this you only have two options this and this and Im gon na be very honest. It is quite uncomfortable writing like this, especially in class, where the desks are not as high like my arm. Height like this is not the most convenient way to be writing, but also, if you do, plan on using this keyboard as your laptop ish, if thats, what youre into and not really as a planner or as a note taking device, I feel like this could work. You know, I think, its a little bit of a bummer, because my iPad is first my notebook and second its not really a thing where I type anything on for real. I probably will start using it like that. Now that I have it like this, so lets talk about pricing so, like I discussed this keyboard retails for 300, if you live in a state with tax, just add tax to that and the logic Tech folio touch retails for 159 plus tax for pricing.

I love this one. I hate the price I feel like this can be 200. This is worth like 200 Max. I think if it did have the ability to Upper your brightness volume control, backlight control. I would like this a little bit more if it was flexible. Take my money. What I do like about this also – which is something I did not point out before – is that you actually have the ability to charge your laptop through your laptop Im, really calling this a laptop. You have the ability to charge your iPad through here. This is the little slot right here, so this power goes directly to your iPad, so thats pretty nice. Is it worth the money? No, I dont think its worth the money at all three hundred dollars. No 200. Yes, is it worth more than the folio touch? Yes, I do think that about 300. No, so if you have the ability to find it at a used really good used price, I know eBay sells it. You can even look on different Marketplace sites. Im trying to put yall on okay go. Do that also Best Buy? Does open box um discounts, so you can get it for like 264, I believe on Best Buy. I bought it new personally just for the purposes of this video and also so that I can really see it for itself, and this is what I got hey guys Happy New Years today is January 22nd.

2023. Yes, a lot has happened since filming that video. I got very incredibly disgustingly sick, so that delayed a lot of videos on my YouTube channel and I did end up traveling to Cameroon, where I was very sick there, but I use my magic keyboard there. I didnt use it to the full of the abilities only because there was a lack of Wi Fi, which I anticipated, but I didnt anticipate to be like that bad. So I used it and it was really good. But for some of the things I wanted to do like right, I was really sick to write or just write film. Just do all that, so I didnt really get to use it like that, but I really do love my magic keyboard. Here is the keyboard in question: Im currently filming the magic keyboard unboxing on my iPad. It is really nice. The editing is really good Im using iMovie to edit, and there was still a problem with the apple pencil that I had for the longest. So I decided to invest in this, so This I got it on Amazon, for I think it was around twenty four dollars. I try to find cheaper, but listen. This is so freaking expensive for no reason but its a necessity. If youre gon na buy a magic keyboard so note to Apple, when you want to redesign the magic keyboard, please have like a slot for the pencil, especially since the magic keyboards for the iPad Air and Pro and the I, the second gen iPad iPad pencil is For the iPad Air info, so this is how I use this theres different ways to put it, but I just like to do it this way, because I feel like its both secure for my iPad and the keyboard, so I like to insert it.

It is magnetic so itll stick at a certain place, but then it sticks better once you put the iPad over it, so just put it in Im, gon na put the iPad over it and then you can move it around to your liking and then you stick. Your pencil in there like that and yeah, that is an investment because I was in class and the iPad pencil fell. It fell and I couldnt find it for a good five minutes. So I was like were gon na buy. This were gon na buy this. I forgot to mention this is not the OG magic keyboard in the video. I found it on a really really really really good deal more than half off, but I paid the guy half off 115 only because I feel bad like. Why are you selling it for so cheap, like, I feel bad like I dont want to take your money, so yes, and it makes me feel better because its a really good keeper – I do recommend everyone getting this. If you want something small to travel with, especially and you dont want to bring like a bulky laptop, its so small, it fits. I love it, you should love it. Yes, and if you stare at the video like I was you notice that theres something on my nose, I was having terrible because the weather was changing as the weather was being bipolar. It was going in and out so because of that my Eczema was flaring.

So bad and I tried to like put moisturizer, but there was just a little flare that was left on my nose that I did not notice beforehand so thats what it was its, not a booger or anything. It was just my Eczema. You can just see my whole skin that video was looking terrible back to the video. Thank you guys for watching this video. I hope I gave you guys a really good there review on the magic keyboard, but right now its not necessarily my favorite thing, but it might end up being so yeah. Thank you guys for watching again and if you guys have any video suggestions or any comments about the magic keyboard, please do not hesitate to put it down below in the comments also dont forget to follow my socials, like I am really trying to get connected to You guys, and also I feel, like my life – is pretty cool so by following me on my socials. I will be more likely to post and I also want to stay consistent, but I have no followers so right. Thank you guys for watching and enjoy your day.