. I initially thought that this was a bad deal and that this was too expensive, but after spending some time with it, I was genuinely surprised by how much I liked this keyboard. There are some minor flaws with this and well talk about it later in the video, but lets first start with the good stuff. The design of this Folio keyboard is Top Notch. You attach the back cover to the magnets of your iPad 10 and then the keyboard connects to the SMART connector on the iPad. The magnets are really powerful and you shouldnt have to worry about either part of this case coming off. If you shake it really hard – and there are three different ways that you can use this iPad within this design mechanism, number one is in laptop mode. You can use it as a trackpad with a keyboard and operate the iPad more like a traditional computer, and you can even adjust the Tilt to the perfect angle for your liking and Ill talk more about this laptop experience. A little bit later in the video number. Two, you can detach the iPad from the keyboard and place it down to view content which is really convenient, and, finally, you can use the iPad, as is in your hand, with a keyboard removed and with the back cover attached. I do think Apple, though, did miss a big opportunity to allow the actual back cover to fully recline back to get a more comfortable, drawing and riding position when youre using this on a table.

Logitech offers this on their current keyboard folio cases, and you can get this riding position on other standard folios for iPads Music. They were doing fire alarm testing all day, so its actually been kind of difficult finding time to record this, but they finished. Thank goodness, a good choice at Apple did. Make, though, is going with this white color. It looks cleaner and more inviting than Apples black magic keyboard counterpart. It also does a better job of hiding fingerprints and hand grease, which shows up a lot easier in black colors, and I actually have no worries about keeping this clean, as the materials that this is made out of is actually really easy to clean, with just some Water and a cloth and to wipe away any hand grease or Grime that accumulates over time and speaking of materials. Can I just say that this keyboard feels exceptionally nice to touch on all corners of its design. It has a nice soft matte feel to it, and even the back cover has a nice felt material inside to protect your iPad from scratching. One thing you should keep in mind, though, is that this entire package does add a little bit of half to your iPad. So youre gon na have to be okay with it weighing a little bit more than usual. I mean it is a lot heavier than usual, but from my experience it doesnt really bother me its on an issue at all, but something that you should be aware of.

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Honestly, Im really happy that they did this, because it adds a level of functionality and practicality that was sorely missing from the original, more expensive magic keyboards for the iPad, Air and iPad Pro. The downside that I did notice, though, was that these keys dont have any backlights in them. It will make this keyboard annoying to use in Darker settings. I really think that backlight is a no brainer for the amount that you pay like. This is 250 dollars, so its kind of a miss that Apple didnt include that here on to better things, though, the trackpad did see a minor Improvement. It is noticeably bigger this time, which is nice, but overall, my biggest question going into buying this keyboard is trying to find out whether or not you can use it on your lap from my experience, it can be done and its not as bad as you might Think, yes, the design is much easier and more practical to use on a desk, but if you need to put this on your lap from time to time, I wouldnt worry too much about it being a bad experience. I would actually go as far to say that its a really solid experience overall, as somebody that has been using an iPad Air with the original magic keyboard for the better half of like two to three years now. I am genuinely surprised by the fact that I can get pretty much the exact same experience on a cheaper iPad 10 with a cheaper magic keyboard and while 250 dollars does seem expensive and excessive, or something like this.

There is a bigger picture that were missing here. For a long time, the only way you can get an apple only laptop magic keyboard experience was with a more expensive iPad, Air and iPad Pro and a more expensive magic keyboard. But in todays world you can buy a much cheaper iPad 10 and a cheaper magic keyboard, and you pretty much get the same. Experience like that was what Apple was going for to opening up this iPad laptop experience to more people at a cheaper price. So on that note, I think that this whole package here, like this, is a winner in my books, anyways. Thank you guys so much for watching make sure to check out this video right here. If you want to see a cheaper keyboard, if this keyboard here is out of your budget and other cool iPad 10 accessories that I talked about in that video but anyways, thank you so much for watching Ill catch.