Here it is the machinite hd, 300 wired, gamepad controller and i think it’s pretty awesome, but first let’s get into the unboxing video. So here it is. This is the box. So in front of the box we can see machine x, logo and over here it says, m game, wyatt gamepad, then on the bottom. Here we can see some chinese wording on the back. It says the same thing: the site. It has some uh of the specifications here and that’s it. So it says here: compatibility ergonomics, has vibration and has colorful lights let’s get into the box, so let’s just see this can open it up like this. Oh sorry, i hit the camera all right, let’s slide. It out that’s, it there’s nothing else in the box, so it comes in this bubble, wrap right. So this is everything you got in the box. You get this machine like quality check, sticker to make sure it’s authentic. Then you have the gamepad controller. The hd 300 comes with a 2 meter, long cable that connects to usb a and then, of course, you get the m pad m game. Wired, gamepad user manual, let’s check it out. You can see here it connects to mac os windows and it can be used in steam, and then you can connect it to your smart tv tool. It can connect to your switch and then it can connect to your ps3 or ps4 as well. So everything you get in the box is like, as stated here, you get the gamepad controller, get the user manual and then the quality check sticker.

This is uh just a manual on how and what is used on here. What are the buttons for if interested you can pause it and take a look again here. This is just the indicator lights that you can connect it to your computer. Your nintendo switch your playstation or another pc input. Then this is all just other information that’s in chinese and that’s. It now let’s take a look at the controller itself. Well my honest opinion and first impressions. It feels really good. The plastic feels really nice. So, on top here you have the right trigger left, trigger the left button right button, that’s, really nice, because you got your x y, a b right here and then on top here you have your function or t switch your select button, your start button, your more Button and your home button and this middle strip just indicates what device you’re connected to you’re up down left right. Your two joysticks and machine x logo under here the build quality is pretty good and it fits my hands pretty well and the back. We just have the logo again and some specifications of the product let’s plug it in and see how it lights up. Okay, so i have it plugged in right now to my computer, the two meter, long cable, really really works well because it’s long enough for you to like sit back and relax and still have it connected to the computer. As you can see, the first indicator light is on.

That means that it’s just connected to my computer. I really really like the lights on the x y and a b. They feel really nice the buttons and they light up really nicely so the only lights are here in the middle and on the four buttons right here and there are no other lights on the device now let’s test it out in a game. Okay. So here i have the controller currently hooked up to my computer and i have genqin impact running in the background let’s test it out and see how this controller works in this game. So far, the control feels right. Quite nice, like the running animation and the combat feels really nice it’s, pretty well integrated, as you guys can see. Let me just try to fight and see if it actually like feels good with this controller. Let’S go so far feels good to me, like that jump. Right there, the controller actually vibrated it’s, really nice, okay, so i think it feels really good, especially in this game. I think it will work well for like games like tekken or driving or gta 2, and that is it, i guess, that’s being the quick look for using it for a while now for a few hours. I think that the build quality is actually quite nice and it feels really solid, so let’s move on to the outro so yeah. That was a quick unboxing and quick review of this machine.

Hd 300 wired gaming controller. If you’re interested in this, you can check the links down in the description below they are priced at around 69 ringgit and for all the features and all of the usefulness of this gamepad controller. I think it’s pretty worth it, especially for around 70 ringgit. Only so again huge thanks to machine knight for sending this over for me to unbox and review. I really really like it and i think the build quality again is really nice and the light up controls and the haptic feedback really works nice. So if you like this video, you can leave a like if you dislike this video, you can dislike this video.