I think it was christmas, but i haven’t made a review on it. Yet i’ve made like a 30 second review on my desk tour i’ll, put it up there, so you can go check that out. I’Ve also done a macbook air review and i’ve also compared the macbook pro and the air uh. All of the videos are going to be up there, so just press on that watch all the videos and then you can watch this one so guys before we get into it, make sure you like the video then subscribe and then click the notification bell. So you know when a new video comes out, so yeah let’s get right into the review. Okay, so guys this is the macbook pro uh, as you can see, it’s a little bit it’s, not like super clean, because obviously i’ve i’ve had this for over. Like five months now, so it’s not clean uh, just to let you know, i pair this up with my monitor, which is back here, that’s a really nice one, i’ve already made a review on that uh. So i’ll put that up here as well. So just go check that out as well uh, so yeah. Overall, i really like this laptop, so yeah let’s just get into the pros and cons so guys. In my opinion, the pros are that the the laptop itself is so lightweight it’s small, but it can hold so much storage and loads of data, so that’s what i really like about this i this is the macbook m1.

By the way, just let you know it’s 13 inch uh. This has 256 gigabytes of storage uh, which at the moment, in my opinion i don’t think, is enough. I think you should get the 512 but you’ll be paying some extra money. I think about another 200 or 300 pounds so yeah. I do recommend you get it with 512 gigabytes. I did kind of make a mistake there, but if you want to get double the storage and not like loads of money, then you can get the macbook air. That is the same price as the macbook pro, but you can get it with double storage, uh i’ve. Already, like recapped all of this in the uh comparison, video, so yeah uh. Another pro is that the keyboard is really nice. The keyboard just feels so good, like just clicking it. Even though you’re not typing anything, it feels really nice and then the trackpad as well is so easy to move around some track. Pads on other computers are like they get sticky and, like you, can’t move your finger around that well and you always like you’re, always wanting to use a mouse, but with this the trackpad is like better than a mouse. To be honest, um also, the big point of the macbook pro is the touch bar. The touch bar is really what makes it the macbook pro some people think the touch bar is bad. In my opinion, i think the touchpad is really good.

I really like it it’s helpful, especially when i’m editing youtube videos in imovie you just it comes up with the button, so you don’t have to like double tap, to cut and split and stuff like that. It just has it all in that touch bar. You can also customize it, so you can do loads of different stuff on it, so that’s really cool so yeah. Overall, i really like the touchpad. Some people will say they hate it and they can live about it and they regret brian, the macbook pro and they’d. Rather get the air, but, to be honest, the touchpad is really nice, so yeah, okay, guys so some other pros about the macbook pro is the battery life is amazing on the m1 macbook pro it’s honestly amazing, i don’t think anybody will stay on it. For that long, because, usually i just recharge it at night or something like that, but also there is a really nice retina display. This is really good and also the speakers are really powerful, really good, sound and also it’s like genuinely really fast, like loading and everything like that. Like processing data like putting something onto youtube, it’s really fast, compared to like the older models, so yeah, those are the pros we’re now going to move on to the cons about the macbook pro just to make it all clear. First of all, i don’t really think there are many like bad things about this there’s, just a few things that they uh apple could have done to make it a little bit better.

So the first thing is that the the macbook itself is all the same size. So basically, if you watch the macbook air review, you would have seen that the the bottom half of the macbook pro is slanted down so it’s easier to tie it’s uh easier to type. So when you, when you’re typing it doesn’t cut into your like your wrist or your palm or just depends how big your hands are, but really i i’m not really bothered about that. To be honest, i feel like it’s, easier to open up the macbook pro because it’s uh the bottoms uh. What do you call it like straight, but the macbook air is kind of like you got, get your nail in there and kind of get it open, but so yeah that’s, like the not so good thing about the macbook pro but that’s, not much also uh. I think this is only for the m1 or like maybe just for the 13 inch, but it only has two two usb type c ports which is kind of annoying. I was hoping for four because sometimes say like i need to. I don’t know if i’m, if i’m, connecting it to a monitor, i need to have uh two things plugged into it: the uh, the uh usb c2 uh display port plugged into the uh monitor, and then i need to put the charger in there as well. So i’m, like i’ve, run out of spaces to like put in my mouse i’m using the uh, the wireless apple mouse.

For that but say i will say i was to get like the mx master. Logitech i’m gon na have to buy like a full on big what’s called uh adapter uh, to put on the side uh, and they cost quite a lot of money. They don’t always work. Some of them are like they break easily and stuff like that. So that was kind of annoying. I didn’t actually realize that until i got this, but as long as you just buy a decent adapter from a good company, then that your problem is just sorted there so guys another con of the macbook pro is the price. The price it costs a lot of money, in my opinion, it’s worth every pence of what i paid for it to be honest, it’s, honestly, yeah, it’s, really expensive, it’s 1 300 pounds. I think here in the uk, i’m, not sure what it is in america. I think it’s like one thousand two hundred dollars, maybe but uh, i think it’s worth it. It’S really it’s really helped me out. Uh like school work and a whole bunch of other things, editing the videos, obviously um, but yeah it’s quite expensive. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, i recommend you get the macbook air so guys overall, i’ve i’ve, really loved the macbook pro it’s definitely been such a good computer uh. Obviously, because, like we’re all in lockdown or we weren’t locked down, i was doing online schooling.

I was really struggling with my other little computer and as soon as i got, it was just so much easier to load the internet get into the internet uh and then like it’s, just everything was so much easier with the macbook pro so yeah. Overall, i, i honestly recommend the macbook pro to you. I think it’s, honestly, the best laptop out there, although it’s, really uh expensive, it’s, just worth it 100, if you’re into uh youtube, making youtube videos, then it’s really good for that as well. Uh i’m filming on my iphone and it’s, just so quick to uh airdrop videos and photos from the iphone into the macbook. So i can then edit those videos, but i think, if you’re shooting on a camera, then i think most people take the sd card out and put into the macbook. Obviously, you’re gon na need a an adapter for that there are some rumors going on that. The 2021 macbook pros will have the sd card uh input just into into the macbook pro. So if you are like using a camera like that, maybe wait. But if you are just like looking for a great laptop like right now, then i really recommend the macbook pro okay guys. So i hope you enjoyed that video. I hope it was helpful uh. I hope the review was helpful and that it’s, like me, it’s helped you made your choice in buying this uh i’ve put the link in the description down below for both uh 256 gigabyte, gigabytes and 512 gigabytes so go check it out.

Uh so yeah make sure you, like the video, also subscribe, comment down below what you’d like to see me.