The m1 chip apple’s own in house custom made chip right for this 13 inch macbook pro, but without further ado let’s get into it. Music satisfy him Music quickly, Music, so this was made for other month april. You can never be disappointed by its quality. Here we got from main man himself for 13 inch macbook pro, and it comes with a usbc to usb c fast charger. Music we’ve got a little manual Music mavic pro information guide and we’ve got some space gray apple stickers. These actually look really nice, but it matches the macbook as well, and here we’ve got our usbc fast charger. This is a 61 watt usbc power, brick. The new macbooks also have twice as much battery life as their predecessors. Thanks to that new m1 apple in house chip, Music, now let’s unwrap when it comes to packaging, is the king Music. When it comes to packaging apple’s. The king look at that amazing and it turns on as well that is mad literally just opening this Music. This macbook pro looks beautiful. We got a touch bar we’ve got our keyboard now, let’s set this up. This macbook is supposed to be the fastest mac that’s. Ever been made even faster than for imac pro for one with 27 cores and apparently in geekbenches, and all of that this tops it Music, okay, first impressions, this screen looks amazing. Let me open the brightness. Oh yeah, this screen is quite bright.

This is actually nice really nice, okay, so i’m gon na set it up and i’ll get back to you guys in a second. So everything is getting set up so far, i’m really liking. How bright the screen is for color on this old mad days is actually mad. I’M. Quite impressed. So far we got a little touch bar slap that onto the brightest. I think right now is on auto, auto brightness Music to share that Music screen time see if you’ve got an iphone. You’Ll know about screen time: hey siri, hey siri, open for documents; folder, hey siri, show my downloads, hey siri, what’s forever, like Music, hey, siri, what’s forever, like hey siri. What does the rest of my day? Look like and we’ve got hey simi setup to us. This dates are, i don’t really think it’s that deep, if you share it, it’ll just help apple, make it even better Music fireball disc encryption, or we even got a little touch id sensor right here. So you type your finger Music and it’s ready right. So, like 10 seconds, i love how you just double. I don’t know if you guys have a macbook pro yeah, but you just like double click like click it once and then again twice and the thing is this isn’t actually like moving down like that um it’s. Just vibrations a little bit of haptic feedback, so it feels like you’re pressing the button but you’re not and it’s amazing you could do it on it anywhere from the touchpad here Music.

I think this macbook goes up to, i think at least 18 hours of battery life for 20 hours, something like that we’re going to go we’re going to use dark mode for now. Music, look like it goes better with a space gray, color! Oh, this is my iphone, so it’s like the colors stay consistent even of different environments, so don’t just look blue ish and now we’re in a kind of yellowish warmish environment with my lighting, but it still looks pretty accurate, macbook all set up a quick run on The specs this macbook pro is 2.8 times as fast as the last macbook pro it’s also five times faster graphically, and it has a newer engine which is 10 times faster than the previous one and yeah it’s, just a powerhouse really also 20 hours of battery life. That’S, the most this mac has ever had more than for macbook pro 16 inch made at the beginning of 2020 and run for old macbook pro um as well, so let’s open, safari let’s quickly go to the apple site and yeah this. This mac is quite fast. Music, well, i know a lot of you have been seeing for airpods max you’ve been seeing that i know a couple of you might want to cop that, but i know a lot of you that is way too expensive just for a pair of headphones, but i Mean the reviews are good: mqbhd yeah, the free brand new macbooks, so what’s sick about these new macbooks is that you can use any.

I think ipad app from the app store, iphone, slash ipad, app, which i think is pretty sick, just because um they’re optimized for mac with m1 chips, it’s also way faster like way faster. Let me get a couple of these apps. Let me see, can i get our fortnite it’s still banned, it’s still banned on it like everywhere, so no i’m gon na download asphalt onto this what’s sick about this computer? Look so i’ve just opened up a mongos. This is an actual like iphone, an ipad, app and it’s running on the macbook right now, maybe up the speakers a little bit that’s quite loud. Oh god make a name we’re gon na call ourselves Music ferrari to see my my channel name is kaleidovids, but i don’t know i’ve got used to saying it wrong as khalido the muji little bit actually it’s quite loud, oh it’s, full it’d be sick. If you could use the arrow keys up arrow keys on the mac here, but we’re gon na have to make do we’re just using a little touchpad. Music mapping is mad in this one. Let me go into another one: Music, okay, we’ll start him for some reason. Um with this game, i can’t make it full screen, it’s still like more than big enough, but i can’t make it full screen, but we’ll just firm it like this. Oh, why am i green? Are we gon na be impostor? Oh yeah i’m, leaving this anyway.

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