and usually with my laptop reviews, i like to talk about the design and the new features it comes with and im going to do that, but today were starting off with the performance, because that to me is the Craziest thing ive ever witnessed on a laptop before and its weird, because when i first got this laptop, i set it up. I started downloading cinebench the standard synthetic benchmarks you test on any normal laptop and it performed well. You know when it came to multi core performance. It was right in line with the ryzen 7 5800h, the i7, the 11800h on intel. It was right up there and same with single core performance. It wasnt the fastest thing ive tested, but it was at the top. It was holding neck and neck compared to other powerful pc laptops on the market, which was remarkable to me considering how low power these chips truly are, but it wasnt until i did the actual true benchmarks, the one where it incorporates a workflow, that i was blown Away when i loaded up puget bench, adobe premiere pro and i ran the test and got that score back, i almost had a heart attack. It literally destroyed the fastest laptop i have in the studio, which is the msi ge76. This bad boy right here has 11980 hk processor, which is overclockable paired with a very powerful rtx 3080, and this laptop completely laughed at it to make matters even worse, i compared it to a desktop computer, my 11900k, which is a desktop computer using thousands of watts.

Okay, not thousands, but a lot of wattage compared to this scored lower. Even my previous ’00x from amd with a 12 core cpu got beat out by this low wattage computer like that, is not normal. Ive never seen a laptop do this before, especially with the amount of power that this thing is putting out now, heres the kicker. This is not even the m1 max okay. This is not the m1 max. This is a 16 inch macbook pro with the m1 pro with a 10 core cpu and a 16 core gpu 16 cores, the most powerful macbook pro that apple sells right now has 32.. On top of that, if youre a developer, i was shocked as well. This scored as the fastest computer to compile mozilla firefox. It did it in 14 minutes the fastest computer i have here at the studio, can do it in 15 minutes. That alone is absolutely insane now. Some of you are probably asking why didnt, i test this against any amd. Ryzen 5000 series cpus from the desktop manufacturers, and the simple answer is: i just dont, have anything here at the studio, but it beat out any amd ryzen processor in a laptop and the same holds true for intel now, apple showcased, a demo on stage of four Ak clips playing at the exact same time – and i thought it was impressive – you know any ak clip you play regardless of the codec – is still impressive, but it was recorded in prores and lets be honest here.

Prores is super efficient. It doesnt really compress a lot. So its going to run fine on a lot slower computers than this. I decided to record a clip in 4k, 10 bit 422 on the sony, a7s3. Okay, and if anyone knows about sonys codec, you know its an awful codec its super compressed. It brings down a lot of computers to its knees, but i was shocked. I played back five screens at the exact same time or five video clips of the same footage at the same time, and it did it perfectly. In fact, it also did it perfectly in davinci resolve. I think you guys are starting to understand the message here. Anything thats been designed and recreated for apple silicon runs smoothly like take gaming, for example, right you cant game on this. This is still not a gaming computer, nor will it probably ever be. You run shout out to the tomb raider or even deus ex mankind and youre, getting like 50 frames per second at 1920 by 1200. But you take a game like world of warcraft, which has been optimized for m1, and you see a big difference in terms of performance. Now, some of you out there are saying man: world of warcraft is a little old and youre right. It is, but once you start kicking on those settings, it starts to slow things down and even the most powerful computers need a good gpu to run it. In fact, it did all of this without breaking a sweat.

Like i didnt even hear the fans. I was like tapping on this thing, like hello fans, are you in there and the only time they come on, and i mean only time – is, if youre really doing something for over 10 minutes straight like if you run cinebench r23 for 10 minutes straight, you might Hear the fans, but if youre, just doing quick bursts of stuff these fans never kick on. If i was to try that on my windows laptop, the fans would kick on as soon as i load up chrome, like theres, just so much power being pushed there. This is especially true if youre doing anything on battery right. You cant do this kind of stuff on a windows laptop when its not plugged in it just has to power, throttle the gpu and cpu, because if it gets too hot, you could literally blow up the battery, regardless of whether you have this guy plugged into the Wall or it unplugged it performs exactly the same performance is definitely a big piece of the puzzle, but its the total package that really completes a laptop, and they really did it. This year they brought back ports. Apples way of saying we made a mistake: on the left hand, side we have the famous magsafe, it clicks on very nicely theres, a beautiful, sound it lights up orange when its charging, it lights up green when its fully charged. If you accidentally kick it, it comes off and your laptop doesnt fly off the table.

You have two thunderbolt 4 ports which offer 40 gigabytes a second of bandwidth. You have a headphone jack, which has a better preamp than the previous macbook pro and then on the right side. You have that hdmi port, so you can connect it to other displays, unfortunately, its not 2.1, so you cant use 120hz refresh display, but you can still do that through thunderbolt 4, which they add a third one on the right hand, side now the sd card slot. I love this thing because i still shoot on sd for a lot of my stuff, its sdxc, so you dont get those super fast read and write speeds of the express version which is newer but im just thankful. They do have an sd card slot on it. It does stick out a little bit when you insert a card, but at least you can insert a card period now. It is a bit heavy at 4.7 pounds 4.8. If you go for the m1 max, my gut feeling is with the m1 max. They have slightly better cooling on it due to the high power mode that comes with the m1 max chips, so they probably have slightly better cooling inside which added a little bit of weight, but youre not really going to notice the difference between 4.7 and 4.8 in Typical mac fashion, you can open it up with one hand. I love the rounded edges its a little sharp on the bottom of the deck.

It doesnt really bother your wrists, but something i do want to point out. You still get that beautiful, big touchpad, and it feels just as good to use as a macbook pro 13 or the previous macbook pro 16.. Now one thing i dont like well, i dont like but didnt appreciate, was apple, calling this a keyboard that feels like a mechanical keyboard. It doesnt feel like a mechanical keyboard at all. It feels very similar to the macbook pro 13., if anything, its slightly more tactile and enjoyable to type on. I love this black. Look. It just separates the keyboard from the computer and gives it its own unique design feel, thank god for the function row its back. I wasnt a person who despised the touch bar, but i feel like it: didnt really offer any true benefits. Overall, you have your touch id button, embedded with the power button and a beautiful, beautiful sounding six speakers: Music. Music. The second best thing about this laptop is hands down the display. The first time you turn this thing on, and the screen brightens up, youre literally getting two shades darker thats. How bright this display is its also the best laptop display, ive laid my eyes on, and ive reviewed a lot of laptops. Okay, usually the best displays are ips or oled. I know there are some mini leds on laptops. I havent reviewed those, but the problem with oled on laptops are two things: one theres pwm flickr and people with sensitive eyes will get headaches from it.

Number two, the color accuracy shifts depending on the screen brightness. Now this is being solved with the second generation of oled panels that are going on laptops, but its still very prevalent. Today, you have to recalibrate the display every time you change the brightness on top of that it just doesnt get as bright as this like four to six hundred nits if youre lucky. This goes up to 1, 000, 600 peak brightness, if youre working with hdr or watching hdr content, if youre doing that type of stuff, you have to see this laptop. On top of all this, you get promotion which is 120 hertz, refresh display every laptop. Every phone should have a high refresh display, because it just makes the experience feel smoother. Even simple. Things like scrolling up and down a web page feels faster on a laptop with lower specs than a laptop that doesnt have a high refresh display because the smoothness is just there. If youre working with 120 fps footage, you can watch it exactly how it should be. Ask for the notch i know its ugly, but id rather have it than not have it. Let me explain why if there was no notch there, theyd have to build a black bar going across the top because of the location of the camera. This would cause you. The user to have less screen real estate to use or theyd have to increase the size of the laptop to keep it at 16 inches.

I would rather have this format than less screen real estate or a bigger laptop. The battery life, though wow like this, is the best battery life ive gotten on a 16 inch laptop period like i can work through the entire day, 8 to 10 hours, comfortably getting stuff done and not having to worry about to charge it. And if i just forget to use a laptop for a while, it only drains like a couple percent, it has such good standby time that its just not normal. The other thing is fast charging the 140 watt charging brick that comes in the box can charge this laptop to 50. In just 30 minutes and before i wrap this up quick mention about heat management, i got ta wait for the tools like i stats to be updated, so i can check out how hot the cpus are getting, but i did do a surface test and its just Significantly lower than what the pc laptops are doing, like a good gaming laptop, usually hovers around 50 degrees celsius. This guy is just laughing in the 30s, not even with the fans on which again is remarkable. So this is what the webcam looks like the fact that its not completely blowing out that light and is doing a good job with my skin tones. While smoothing my face a little bit, i think, is exceptional. Definitely one of the better webcams on a laptop ive used. Also, this is the microphone coming from the macbook pro 16.

. You guys, let me know how it sounds straight up its products like this. That truly make me appreciate my job hearing about it. For years, the rumors and then seeing the tech come together and being placed on my desk and then get blown away by what it can do, its something that feels amazing. And if youre, a creator and the app youre using has been optimized for apple silicon thats. The important part it has to be optimized for apple silicon. The performance on this will blow all those other laptops away, and then you combine that with the battery life, the the speakers, the amazing display the microphones everything it becomes, the total package. The only thing i would say is if youre a windows user youre still going to want a windows laptop if you game, like youre, just not buying this for gaming and if youre thinking about buying the m1 max id probably hold off like the m1 pro is So good, like a youtuber like me, doesnt need any more power. Youd have to be some sort of crazy film producer or editor rather editing, like 12 lines of video footage, and you have all these different effects going on where it requires the utmost processing power or, if youre, like a 3d artist. We need to render stuff and you need as much power as possible, but if youre not m1, pro is the way to go. If you have any more questions, ill also be reviewing the m1 max so stay tuned.