Okay, let me tell you guys the story, and this is the story of how awesome my MacBook has been for the past year, its been a daily up until the M2 MacBook Air came in, but thats, mainly because my job is to review laptops. I would have gotten the M2 air if it wasnt for the fact that Im, a tech, reviewer and I gave up my software engineering career. I think this MacBook is the hardest laptop. A manufacturer has to compete with, and let me explain to you exactly why: foreign Music, Music? Okay, if I was to copy MKBHD and draw a graph of people, this here represents the amount of people this laptop can be used by, and this represents the amount of people that can benefit from a laptop like the M2 air. So, of course, naturally, when you pay more money, you get more power and you can do more, but not everyone will truly benefit from all that. The important thing to know is that the M1 Pro can do a lot and will be able to do a lot for years to come. Someone like myself that likes trying new things like I dont know: 3D modeling, UI design, mobile development, music production or even coding, games and VFX youll always feel welcome to do these things with a 14 inch pro youll never truly have to second guess yourself on whether Or not, you are able to at least start diving into a new field or a new career.

I like to call this base model MacBook Pro 14 inch, a stewardship just because its the opposite of a gatekeeper to me, its the perfect long term investment. If youre someone that doesnt quite know whether or not they will be doing the same thing in the long run or simply youre someone that needs the power this, this is the laptop for you now, if you are one of the people that feels bummed out about The new MacBooks being delayed honestly, I dont think you should be you dont always need to seek for more power and more and more and more and Ive always said it. You need to draw the line somewhere and with the thousands of hours Ive spent with this laptop. I think this year is where most people can draw the line from the old M1 air to the new M2 air. We only truly saw a 20 increase in power from an already very impressive M1 chip. From my understanding and from my experience Im not quite sure, if waiting five months and spending potentially a lot more money is even worth it Ive been doing some research for the past week and it truly doesnt look like we will be getting any design changes. Apple. Usually likes to stick to the same design for several years, and since last October we had a redesign. The odds are, we wont, be getting another one. Now, however, the rumors around the new chip are that we will be getting a three nanometer chip instead of a five nanometer chip, while smaller chips do reduce area power, consumption and improve performance.

The new M2 Max is set to support up to 64 gigabytes of RAM, which is very much the same as what we currently can option. A couple of other rumors include a new OLED display center stage for the camera and maybe face ID coming to the max. But a lot of people are very skeptical of those features even happening before 2023 or even 2024.. Im also hoping that, with the new Macbook Pros, we wont see a chip shortage within the Nan modules. I dont want to have a super powerful laptop with mediocre Ram speed, and so, if we were to compare this gens Pro with the next gens Pro Im, not even too sure, if its even worth the wait. This, of course, applies to people that need the MacBooks right now or people that just want to save money. With all that being said, my experience with this laptop has been wonderful, its the laptop I bring with me practically everywhere when I need the power, especially recently with my moving building things in the condo setting up the living room and filming so portability wise. A 14 inch laptop cannot get any better and it really isnt as heavy to carry around as most people would think thanks to pack. By the way I was able to bring this and a lot more to the condo. I now live on one of the highest floors of the building, and so one way trips are a must pack recently sent their travel backpack where I was able to fit my laptop the charger, a PlayStation, the controller and much more.

This happened on filming day when I was filming our G2 review, and so their travel backpack is amazing. These are backed by lifetime warranty its carry on size, which is great for traveling. It also has a dual compartment: clamshell design and it overall delivers 20 unique features. Things like a removable, packable, hip belt, a waterproof pocket for toiletries and leaky items, exterior water bottle pocket and even an anti theft pocket. So you can put their new mojito wallet inside. I like this wallet because its super practical to carry around but most importantly, it has an RFID blocking liner, which is different from my personal wallet that needs an actual RFID Card. This here can fit up to six cards. You can carry cash, it has an elastic Loop to keep your card secure and cool enough. Its made out of an animal friendly leather alternative Ill leave a link down below where you can check out all of their mojito colors. Okay, so Ive always said it. The new Macbook builds are so solid over the year. I felt so comfortable carrying this around. It delivers the perfect amount of bulk and thickness, especially for the amount of ports it has with a More boxier Design, not only Im, not afraid to carry it around with me, but its also key to Cooling and battery life. Even when I was editing on Premiere the other day, while shooting the living room, I never found it got uncomfortably warm on the top of the chassis or the fans producing an unbearable amount of noise.

And since this is most likely a laptop, you will be bringing with you at all times, Ive particularly found maxif to be more and more useful. My battery life experience has been absolutely wonderful when its fully charged Id say I get around 12 hours of continuous use. These things include running the MacBook at full brightness watching Netflix, consuming YouTube content, messing a bit with codepen when Im bored emails and whatnot. So no, I havent really experienced any sort of battery degradation throughout the month. I honestly see four to seven hours of use. If Im very much pushing this to the max probably hours an Intel laptop could only dream of even seeing – and I am talking about doing things like video editing, relearning, Swift on the side, Lightroom and other things. I also dont particularly take care of my battery. I charge it whenever I want with whatever I want, and I havent really seen any downsides to that it does offer fast charging which, if you guys know me, Im known for never charging my devices. So the fact that I can get a quick fifty percent charge in about 30 minutes with this is pretty impressive. I also used my M2 MacBook Air mini charger, the small one, the 30 watt one and impressively enough in like an hour and a half or two hours, or so I was able to fully charge this. The only thing I cant comment on is how well does the battery degrade if left docked at all times? I also can comment on how much will the Heat affect the keyboard when Im in clamshell mode reason why I say this is because, if youve been following me on Instagram for a while, you guys know that my 2017 15 inch MacBook Pro keyboard sadly stopped working Because of the heat I used to run that laptop on clamshell mode, while coding and the heat really messed up a few Keys.

Thankfully, Apple worked cool enough to replace the whole board for free at the time, but because those laptops used to be so freaking thin with this new bulkier design, heating dissipation is so much better. I never experienced insane burning hot temperatures above the phone keys or even my keyboard getting annoyingly hot. However, the bottom can get quite warm its sometimes annoying to have on the lap or on the bed. It typically can warm up my bed, which I hate. So what I did was I kept. This cooling stand. Muffed sent me a while back. You guys have been asking me what the heck is under my MacBook Pro so yeah thats it when it comes to the typing, its been absolutely amazing, its my second most favorite keyboard of all times, thats, because after trying the XPS, 13 plus keyboard, this definitely Falls. Second, but as a whole, the user experience this delivers is definitely the best. I dont find my wrist digging the edges much when typing on it. Whether Im using the cooling stand Im on my bed with my laptop holder on my sofa editing on the kitchen counter and whatnot, I truly truly truly enjoy the experience. This keyboard delivers continuous, great travel, great key size. Amazing fingerprint sensor that I never miss. However, wear and tear is sort of the thing. The map from The Black Keys does get dirty easily and shows after a while, especially around the spacebar and the keys you most frequently use, but overall, the fact that the keys sit on this anodized black inset always makes the keys feel and sound good when it Comes to the trackpad theres, not much to comment its not like my old 2017 MacBook Pro 15 inch, where the trackpad will all of a sudden stop working and then I would have to reboot it and then it would work again.

This has definitely never been the case and it still works like its supposed to be working. On the other hand, when it comes to the port, I do believe I do have a faulty SD card slot over the last couple of months. Ever since we went to New York City to shoot for a boss event, Ive realized that the SD card reader doesnt always read the cards, its a fault that comes and goes. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt plus. I do find that when it works, it takes quite a bit of time for the SD card to show up but other than this port, not working so well. The rest are perfect. Hdmi USBC and the audio jack are all things I personally enjoy. Having and all I need to have a great travel experience, of course, if you do dock this laptop, a good duck will definitely help you out one. I massively recommend is the SanDisk Pro Dock and if you are on a budget and dont need that many readers, the call digit, is wonderful, probably not as wonderful as the display, though quick disclaimer. This liquid retina xdr panel is a beautiful display, but its not a must. However, since Im a color freak when it comes to the work we do and I genuinely enjoy High net with great sharpness. I do genuinely think this is the best display ever right, along with the XPS 13 plus promotion has been very nice when coding and checking out designs and its a nice little add on to have within your life, especially if you are a nine guide user or A Reddit user consuming content is very pleasant.

I do think that many LED displays. Arent, perfect, display blooming can be a thing from time to time, but it doesnt seem to happen on this device. Unlike the M1 iPad Pro I reviewed last year, quality control has been amazing on this display its impressive to see that, even with the new Notch, we get a 1080p camera slim bezels and great output and note this little camera cover hasnt cracked. My screen so dont need to worry about that. Okay, so I like to think about the M1 pro pro as the best bang for your buck other than the M1 error, of course. But if we were to talk performance and compare these among the pros as well as whats to come, the M1 Pro is so capable its a CPU. That invites you to power to do things. The air and the 13 inch pro can do and to do most things something like the M1 Max does. You will discover new opportunities. You can try new things in jewelry battery life, the processing power of the M1 Pro is. What truly has me excited for? Most people and its been truly keeping me excited this whole time. I can clock this thing at higher speeds and enjoy the power it offers across most apps. I tried an M1 Max a while back and honestly, I only saw the difference in Premiere Pro, which is an app thats known for crashing and for being a horrible, Roi, Ive thrown so much money at our custom, PCS, and it still manages to lag and fail And so coming back to the M1 Max, yes, you will notice an increase in performance when it comes to this case scenario, but its very much for a specific amount of people thats.

Why Im so excited to see what the M2 pro has to offer its going to be very hard to compete with the M1 Pro, and I think the next generation of MacBook Pro will struggle just like the M2 air struggle to surpass the M1 air. The fact that my laptop starts to Thermal throttle when I treat this like my six thousand dollar build, should tell you guys something look if you are waiting for the new MacBooks, I would say dont ask yourself if you would have gotten the M1 MacBook Air. A few months ago, knowing how the M2 MacBook Air performs now, would you be disappointed. I think we might see the same thing that the next year with the MacBook Pros. However, no matter what the MacBook chips will still see, an increase in speeds and Im actually excited to max out the next generation of Apple silicon and throw Premiere at it, but Im one of those peoples that needs a maxed out chip for one specific task. So my Roi better be worth it for most people. I think the sweet point is the M1 Pro grab one as they are coming on sale. You will not regret it. Hopefully, this video helps you guys out check out some of the other long term reviews that will really help you guys take a decision. Im signing out on my end, take care guys, peace, Music.