Now these laptops, as you probably know, perform just as well on battery as they do when theyre plugged into the charger – and i mean all laptops – are portable, obviously but theres, just something about this uh. The fact that i can get that full performance for several hours. Actually away from the charger its kind of transformed how i work – and actually none of this was even in my script – ive just sort of started waffling because i was playing with my desk, so um lets start the review properly: hey guys, im tom, the tech chap And ive got a whole bunch of macbook pros here. This is the 16. This is the 14 ive got. Another 16. ive also got m1 pro and m1 max configurations, as well as the old intel. One ive got a lot of tech. Basically is what im saying to you, but it also means, over the last few weeks, ive been able to do a whole ton of comparisons, tests and benchmarks really get used to using these, and not just rush out a review. So if youre gon na spend between two and five grand on one of these laptops, you want to be pretty damn sure its the right one for you. So lets start with three reasons why you shouldnt buy a new macbook pro 14 or 16, and the first one you can probably guess, is if youre a big gamer as powerful as the top spec m1 max chip is, and we are talking 90 fps in shadow Of the tomb raider, which is nothing to be sniffed at outside, of apple arcade games and a fairly basic steam library, gaming is still a weak point for max unless youre up for a bit of streaming with geforce now or xbox cloud gaming.

But actually, with this 120hz screen and a controller, its not a bad setup, and so for me, this is the best way of actually gaming on a mac. The second reason you shouldnt buy. One of these is because, for 98 of people, a macbook air is absolutely all you need ignore the pro 13. The air with the m1 is the sweet spot and maybe get an external monitor if you need more screen space, but dont get caught up in the hype and pay nearly double for the entry level pro 14. Unless you really need that extra performance or you just have to have the best screen, and thirdly, if you need a touchscreen for that, well, an ipad pro or surface pro 8 would be a better choice. Although you can, of course, always get separate digital writing pads, which might be a better idea actually and while no laptop is perfect, and certainly there are a billion creator and pro windows laptops out there with their beefy rtx, graphics cards and 4k screens. Hopefully, you guys know me by now im, not an apple fanboy. I cover pretty much every kind of tech. There is, i reckon as a package. These are the best laptops in the world. If you can afford it, the m1 pro and max chips just completely outclassed. The competition for both performance and efficiency and also, as i say, the ability to perform just as well on battery, which is a huge deal for me.

Then weve got this stunning mini, led pro motion screen, which is also three times brighter for hdr up to 1600. In its peak 120 hertz its actually a little bit sharper than the old 16 inch and with a 1 million to 1 contrast ratio up from about 1300 to 1 theres, no more ugly, dark, gray bars when watching a movie. There is a little bit of blooming because this isnt an oled screen, but its really not bad at all, then theres. The updated 1080p facetime camera, which gives the class leading microsoft surface cameras a run for the money. We also get thinner bezels, albeit with a notch, louder and bassier speakers. The keyboard now sams touch bar and massive touch pad are still absolutely lovely to use and on the sides we get three thunderbolt 4 ports, a fast uh, s2 sd card reader and an hdmi 2 port, although not 2.1. Sadly, to be fair, this new design is a good deal chunkier than before its both heavier and thicker, but even at 2.1 kilograms or 4.7 pounds for the bigger 16 inch, its still a good 300 grams lighter than one of its closest rivals, the dell xps 17.. Then theres extras like touch id and also battery life, is pretty good. It does vary a lot and well come back to this in a second and of course, we have all the usual niceties of mac, os monterey and the apple ecosystem with airdrop facetime icloud.

You know the usual stuff, although one of the first things i download is a windows style, snap tool from the mac app store, i use magnet and it just makes split screening apps a whole lot easier. Now, if we bring in the previous 2019 intel powered macbook pro 16, the differences are quite striking. The notch, the black on black keyboard, the chunkier chassis screen, included and lack of a touch bar. So there is an awful lot to like here, but dont get me wrong. These are not perfect by any stretch, and also they are very expensive. The 14 starts at 1900 pounds or 2 000 and its 500 more for the 16 inch. The base model is absolutely the one id recommend, although i would probably pay the extra 200 to double the storage to one terabyte. But if you can afford it and to be fair, the prices arent ridiculous compared to the best from asus, acer, msi and gigabyte and everyone else which one should you go for well. Apple is usually the brand of simplicity, often to a fault. But right now there are four macbooks on their store, including three pros with the 14, the 16 being the two new ones. So should you go 14 or 16? Do you want the m1 pro or the m1 max? How many cpu and gpu cores would you like? On your chip, should you get 16 32 or 64 gigs of ram, and would you like it, cheese and toasted? There are so many skews of these laptops, its a bit ridiculous, and so, while i havent had every single model here with me to test from my recent battery and performance test videos, i do have some thoughts.

Okay, first question: should you go for the 14 or the 16.? The main difference is obviously the screen size 14.2 versus 16.2, both with a 16 by 10 aspect ratio. They are both pretty hefty laptops and even the full team feels very dense, but the overall size of the 14 and also being 500 grams lighter it does make it feel a good deal more portable plus you get the exact same ports, the same screen and it Shares the same specs as the 16, except for having a smaller 70 watt hour battery, however, paying 500 more for the 16 gets you a bigger battery 100 watt hours versus 70, also faster charging out of the box. You dont have to pay the extra 20 quid to get the 97 watt charger with this. You get 140 straight away with this, although fast charging only through the magsafe 3 port. The 16 also starts with a 10 core cpu and 16 core gpu m1, pro versus 8 and 14 on the 14 inch. So the bigger one is a bit faster out the gate, but you can of course, upgrade the 14 to match. Also, if you spec the 16 with the m1 max chip, you get this bonus energy mode option in the battery settings. All macbooks have a low power mode, which adds about 10 percent to your battery life, but only this one has a high power option which allows the fans to get louder and in my tests, boost performance by around 10, particularly in sustained workloads like a render or Video export, but i think the biggest less obvious difference between them is the battery life.

Comparing the base models of both uh were going to get about 11 hours on the 16 and about 8 hours on the 14th. Although i am noticing im on just 3 battery, which is a very nice segue for me, to show you something outside but ill need this, so this guy is the brand new hyundai ioniq 5.. They very kindly let me have a play with it for the last week or so, and also sponsor this video tons of cool stuff. I want to show you, including the fact that i can actually charge my laptop boom charging, so the ionic 5 has a very nifty feature called vehicle to load. So if we open up the electric tailgate charging cables under here, though, reveals a three pin plug pop that in there you can basically hook up anything. You like your camping gear, heating, stuff outdoor sound system, maybe even your lawnmower Music. There is so much space in here its a three meter, long wheelbase car, so theres tons of room anyway, but because its electric and its been designed with that in mind, weve got flat floors, tons of storage, space, everythings adjustable and also these front two seats are The premium relaxation seats – ah theyll, do but front and center. We have these two huge 12.3 inch screens and the infotainment display on the left is a touchscreen, but you can also give voice commands theres. Also, a heads up display blind spot cameras that pop up when you indicate full 360 cameras, which makes parking so much easier and it can even park itself with the nifty remote smart parking assist now.

Im, not a professional car reviewer, but ive had a great time driving the ioniq 5 were looking at not to 60 in 5.2 seconds with a 238 or 298 mile range, depending on the model. So if you fancy checking out the new hyundai ioniq 5, then click the link in the description below. But the next question is: should you pay the extra 900 pounds on the 14 or 600 pounds on the 16 to get the m1 max chip, which also doubles the ram to 32 gigs? Well, unless youre a money, no object, give me the best, because im rendering blendering and designing all day long and really going to utilize that gpu, no, the m1 max isnt worth it. It does make a difference. Dont get me wrong a big difference in the right tasks, but for most people the base m1 pro with 16 gigs of ram is more than enough. The m1 max is all about graphics, with either a 24 or 32 core gpu and also double the memory bandwidth. The cpu performance is exactly the same as the pro and in my adobe lightroom test, which is more cpu intensive. It didnt make that much difference, but then in premiere pro and final cut and blender, which do utilize the gpu there is a substantial difference. So the m1 max is certainly worth considering, but only if it makes sense for your workload. Otherwise save your money and the downside of the m1 max aside from being quite a bit more expensive is it does have an impact on your battery life.

Quite a big one, although it depends on how you use it. The m1 max shortens your battery life by 15 to 45 between light and heavy use. Youll still get about two and a half to three hours out of a top spec 16, with max under very heavy load, which is still more than most windows laptops with an rtx graphics card running at full whack. And of course you are getting that full performance. Even on battery, but of course no that really matters if you just plug it in the only model i havent tested, is the m1 max 14 inch. Although i dont know, if i would recommend it because already it has a shorter battery compared to the equivalent spec 16 also, it does get a bit hotter, although not to any significant extent, but i dont think pairing this with an m1 max really makes sense. Theres a lot more money, its going to run hot and its going to destroy the battery. If you are going to go max, i would stick with the 16. and personally, i wouldnt bother paying for more ram its 400 pounds to upgrade to 32 gigs, at which point you may as well pay the extra to get the m1 max, which doubles the ram For you anyway, so i put my money toward more storage. Instead, they both have super fast, nvme, ssd storage, although non upgradable, unfortunately, but not really surprising for a macbook, but the higher capacity models do have significantly faster, read and slightly faster right times, although realistically youd struggle to notice the difference.

So there is a lot to think about, but regardless of the spec, you go for both the 14 and the 16, get the same. Beautiful super retina xdr display with promotion, which is a lot of marketing spiel, but not quite 4k, but still sharp mini, led and high refresh and its adaptive adjusting between 10 and 120 hertz. Depending on what youre doing to save battery. And you really can feel that high refresh scrolling through websites scrubbing through your timeline, everyday stuff, just feels faster and smoother. I do still think its a bit of a shame that we havent got a proper 4k or 4k plus resolution option, particularly on the 16, because while this is a nice balance between sharpness and battery life, this retina resolution you cant natively, watch back 4k content, which I know is important for a lot of pro creators, although if it is a big deal, i would just output to a separate 4k monitor and actually for me, when im at home in the studio im, usually hooked up to my ultrawide, monitor via thunderbolt but im. Getting the full 3840×1600 resolution and 144hz refresh of my lg display again this isnt full 4k either, but i like the extra screen space but apples. Five grand pro xdr display is still a good option, but it is only 60 hertz and actually having a high refresh rate. Monitor like ive got here is definitely a plus, or else you will feel the slowdown going between the laptops promotion screen and then your monitor its pretty funny.

You can have these incredible laptops with some pretty serious upgrades, and most people are just looking at this notch. Right here, which is not ideal, no other laptop, seems to need it im, a big fan of the xps 15 and 17 and theyve kind of spoiled me for that super thin. All round bezel granted their webcams pretty terrible, but even with this were not getting any of that center stage or face id stuff that we get on an iphone. It is just a improved 1080p facetime camera. So in practice, the menu bar uses the space out of the side and its often blacked out and because these screens are 16 by 10 movies and tv shows have black bars anyway. So again you cant see it. It really doesnt bother me ill. Tell you what its just good to see apple, listen to feedback and not take away ports or make life difficult for people just because it is different or looks better to make the chassis too thin. So you have overheating issues. Theyve made it thicker theyve made it heavier, but theyve made it a lot better and for my money these are the best pro laptops you can buy. I do still think the air is the better choice for most people than the 14 inch macbook pro, but for my workflow i mean editing is literally half my job. The 16 inch with m1 max is worth the investment and since ive had this ive barely touched.

My desktop pc, except for well gaming. So what do you reckon 14 or 16 pro or max or none of the above? Let me know what you make of these and if youve got any questions in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching guys.