When I first started programming, I actually used Sublime Text and then I tried Adam, but then I think a lot of my teams now use Visual Studio code. So I myself also use Visual Studio code and I wouldnt try to even do anything directly from the text edit, either or like a notepad because thats just not going to work very well for me and because of that, my Vim game is very weak. So I wouldnt even thought bothered doing it through Nano or Vim in the terminal directly, but speaking of the terminal, another thing I install right off the start is I term two one of the reasons why I installed. I term two is for the multiple windows capability within it because I think in a normal terminal you have to have a session open every time, but in item you can have one window and multiple panes inside you can customize it with Z, shell or oh, my Z, shell, I usually use it to customize the different GitHub branches that I utilize, as well as its nice, to have a bunch of different random colors. On an item because I like to feel like Im in the Deep coder mode foreign programs, I utilize is istats menu, thats a paid program and basically its essentially Hardware info, but for your Mac, you can see stuff like your temperature sensors, as well as your fan, Controls how much CPU youre utilizing as well as GPU youre utilizing to now, if you dont, want to pay for that theres a stats version which is off of GitHub, I havent utilized it yet, but Ill drop the link down below its essentially the same functionality, but Its a free version: instead, you know how you can drag your windows around and attach them to the right hand, side or the left hand side of the screen.

I used to use spectacles for something similar functionality, but its more advanced, where you can put them in the upper Corners left right, bottom right and anywhere else, so you can even make them into thirds too, and I used to like. I said I used to use spectacles, but now thats deprecated, so I now use a rectangle. Instead, I also drop that link down below its nice to be able to just customize your desktop layout, so you can even have three window panes directly if youre working on simultaneous files at a time. So the total number of cores is eight performance cores and two efficiency cores as well as 32 gigabytes of RAM, so Im curious how this M1 Pro handles with some gaming on here at least so thats. Why Im installing steam, as well as blizzard so Ill, be here if you are curious, dont forget to give a thumbs up as well as drop a like down below to follow along for the full review to see what it looks like under game conditions. Also one last thing before wrapping up the install portion is, I normally use Chrome for work, and I use Firefox for personal stuff too. So an extension thats both for Chrome and Firefox is vim its a tool that allows you to navigate around the browser up and down jump to Pages more quickly without utilizing your mouse. Essentially, so you can go, you can select links Ill show some quick hotkeys here.

Usually its F to open up all these menus below or open up all the selections that you can have and you can go up and down the page with j and k, but Ill drop. The extension, also down below Music of features Im very excited about is the return of the function keys. So Ive had my 2019 MacBook Pro and I rarely use that touch bar, so Im kind of glad to see that go. It was nice when kind of controlling. I think third party apps Id say I I think you could you used to be able to skip ads on YouTube from there from my understanding, but I think they patched that as well as there might be some custom controls for other apps, like maybe for Photoshop. But I again, I normally just plug in a keyboard and I dont ever use the actual keyboard directly from the laptops from a design perspective. I do think that touch bar did look nicer, but as far as functionality, I think it was a little bit rough. What would be cool is if they were able to take each function, key and kind of give you a little OLED screen, but I know that probably would make it super expensive. So well just throw that out the book for now, but it is nice to see that in 2021 they brought back the function rows. So I am ecstatic to be able to just plop this on my lap and be able to use the volume adjustment you know raising and lowering the brightness of the screen ports.

Yes, there are ports, have returned no more just purely USBC its nice to have an HDMI input micro SD card, a couple of USBC ports. What else do we have here? I mean audio interface was always a thing for headphones, so thats, always nice, but about is the return of Max saved that uh. I dont know how many times Ive had my MacBook plugged in and Ive accidentally kicked the cable and, if that its definitely dragged the laptop with it, Ive never broken it. I havent dropped it, but being able to kind of kick off. The charging. Cable is always pretty nice, too, and its really satisfying to hear that click snap in every so often curious how the M1 Pro come coming from Intel, and I have myself an AMD chip right and the older generation of the MacBooks were all Intel rate. They still sell until ones but having that probably very tightly knitted hardware and software application is probably going to be better for upcoming ships. So I imagine m2s, M3s and m4s, and so on are going to get better but Im curious how this very first generation of M1. Pro chips are going to be for both gaming daily use, as well as a professional setup for both editing as well as coding, and then some features that Im, not too ecstatic about, was the notch. Obviously, when iPhone 10 came out, they had a notch. So I think them going to a notch Im, not sure why they went with that here.

Theres already, some quirks Ive noticed with it, with the arrow key kind of or with the arrow disappearing. I think this is something Ill just have to get used to, and theyll probably be on the back of my head and just kind of disappear when I dont realize it one more thing that Im not too fond of the actual keyboard itself. I typically dont like to use the keyboards directly from the laptop Im going to end up, ultimately plugging in my own keyboard and utilizing more. But when Im testing out this machine, I will utilize the laptop keyboard as much as I can.