First of all, really love this keyboard. This is much better than i guess some of the the newer macbook pros the past generation macbook pros they had a very flat keyboard. These are these keys, are much more raised, so they’re, easier to type with this actual macbook air comes with the two ports. The two usbc ports – those are your only ports – um i’ll, talk a little bit more about that later, but that’s, probably not the best feature that i’m interested in. I had an older version, macbook pro and it had the all the ports so, but i know that’s kind of long gone with all the apple macbooks, so that’s not really a differentiator in terms of macbook air, but it does not have um any other use. Usbc ports on this side, it just has the one headphone jack, as you can see there so overall um i’ll do some more in a couple of minutes i’m going to go through some of the cons and pros of this new macbook air, but so far um. I will say that i’m, really, i really am enjoying it. I think it’s a really good deal and i’ll also go through that in terms of why i think it’s a good deal, this specific model is the space gray. This is the color that i chose there’s. A silver version and there’s, i think, it’s, like a a rose gold version, um that one actually looks really good, but i thought i would just get sick of it if i got that after a while.

So this one’s, pretty pretty conservative, pretty bland but um still looks good. It’S got a good look to it. Of course, the actual macbook is very thin. As you can see, i think it’s a little bit actually lighter than the macbook pro. I think this is it 2.8 pounds, i believe, um, something like that. So um, okay, i’m, just gon na um, go through some other stuff in a bit. Thank you continue on the journey of me purchasing this macbook air. I wanted to go through my buying experience. I thought it was a pretty good buying experience overall, so there’s a couple options you have here, you can just buy it out right from the apple website or you can actually go to the education store, which i did because i actually volunteer as a mentor for A middle school student, so i’m eligible for this education store purchase and what i did was. I was looking at some of these there’s two different versions of the macbook air. One has the m1 chip with 8 core cpu and 7 core gpu up to 256 gigabyte and the other one is the apple m1 chip with 8 core cpu and 8 core gpu, 512 gigabyte storage. So i wanted the more storage um. I actually uh had a mech, an older macbook pro. I think it was a 2015 model that uh was 128 gigabyte and i was i was always running out of disk space, so i wanted a lot more disk space, this time and uh.

It was also an i5. I believe it was eight gigabytes of memory, so it’s kind of underpowered, but it was really a good laptop for me. I really liked the laptop a lot. I liked the fact that it had you know all the different ports and everything it was older model, but i decided i should i just try to trade it in and that’s what i did so before i get to that. I just want to go through some of the other things: there’s dif there’s, three different colors. You have the space gray, which is the one i have there’s the gold version and then there’s a silver version, so um yeah, so um a lot of different options in terms of colors but um. These are the kind of the comparisons of the two different models. So this version starts at you know, basically dollars 250.00. So if you’re really tight on a budget, then i would definitely suggest that um that you consider the the cheaper version, although you will get a little less in terms of overall technology, um and options in terms of the the storage. So i chose this one and, like i said i actually traded it in so i went through this. This whole menu item and traded my macbook pro in i actually, i think i got a pretty good deal for it. It was a like. I said it was about. I had it for about four years.

It was about five years old in terms of the model year um, but i ended up getting it like 320 for it. So i thought it was a pretty pretty good deal for me, um, so there’s a couple different ways: you can customize this um. I actually chose the the 16 gigabytes of memory um and then the the five you could do 512, one terabyte or two terabytes. I actually just chose the 512. I thought that was plenty for for the needs i had and i didn’t chose choose any of the other bundles. So what comes in the box? I think if you saw my unboxing video you’ve already seen this it’s a macbook air usbc charge, cable on the power adapter, so that’s pretty much uh the route i went and um like i said so the total came out to be. Where is the total? Let me see i just okay, yes, 313.29, and then i actually, i think, like 60 in terms of tax, and i got like 320 back on my trade in so i ended up paying around 1 000 for this uh. This laptop, which i thought was a pretty good deal actually for what for what i got, um pretty happy with it. So i just want to go and kind of go through some of these other items here. So let me just play this slideshow here. So what do i really like about this uh? I want to go.

This is the second part of my review so what’s. What do i like and what’s? Not so great, so the specs that i have is m1 chip, a chord cpu, eight core gpu, 512 gigabyte storage, 16 gigabytes memory, retina display again here’s my breakdown of what i paid. I actually did finance it with the apple card. I wanted to try apple card out so it’s costing me 84 a month. I probably could have paid outright for it, but i just decided to go through this way. It’S. I want to check out the experience and there’s no finance there’s, no finance charge as long as they paid on time. So i thought that was a pretty good deal. I also got um, you know they also took off the trade in even before i sent it in which was nice, so i didn’t have to have that as part of the finance and what i like. So i really like the apple m1 chip. I think the performance is great. The screen resolution is really good price. I thought it was a good deal for what i got. The keyboard is great. The weight it’s very light. I love the touch id. My older model didn’t have touch id color choices um. I like that they have a couple different color choices. I went with the boring one, i will say the space gray, but i think just over time, it’ll just hold up better. For me, fanless design is great, it doesn’t get hot super quiet no fan is, is amazing.

I thought um, you know i would have issues with it when it got hot. You know, maybe it will, in the summer time off to see, but so far you know we’re still in the winter, almost in the spring now, but it’s not getting hot at all, but even though i use it like for a couple hours at a time it Just doesn’t seem to get hot, so they’ve really done a really great job in managing the heat and the big sur at mac os. I think it’s ideal for this laptop, so what’s, not so great um. Several apps aren’t compatible with the m1 chip, yet 13 inch screen is a bit small. The 14 inch would be ideal. It only comes with two usbc ports and, of course you need adapters. I had the older macbook and had all the ports so that’s pretty much. The only thing that i would say are downsizes to it, or you know things that i don’t like as much but still pretty minor. I know they would be coming out with new apps that are compatible and i heard they’re going to come up with a 14 inch version, but it’s not been confirmed so i’m, not sure when that’s going to happen or if it’s going to happen. But the overall summaries, i love it more and more each day i use it. I really think it’s a great laptop and something that i’m really glad i purchased and again these are the the three different colors.

My recommendation is you can’t go wrong, especially if you get a really good price on it. If you have an iphone and or watch, i think it’s also good because it’s. So, as you know, if you have one it’s pretty integrated experience, so you can get texts on your laptop when you’re you have to look at your phone, a lot of good benefits of just having all your files, if you’re using uh the iclick, icloud storage, um It’S, really great so only reason to wait, i would say, is if you’re, if you really are doing like programming and you need certain libraries and things that are not available yet on the m1 chip, there are some limited availability of apps and programming languages. They’Re supporting the m1 chip, so you might want to wait for that reason or if you want to wait for a larger version. That would be the way to go thanks for watching and hope you all have a great day.