I would say that unless you are an extreme user – and i mean like an intense user, pushing the macbook air or pro to its absolute limits every single day hours on hours on end, you really just won’t see any noticeable difference in performance with the extra ram. Also, something else to consider is that apple chipsets significantly get better year over year, so it’s reasonable to expect that the m1x or m2 or whatever apple calls. The next processor is going to be even better than the ones that we have today from a cost perspective. It actually doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to maximize the specifications of the current macbooks out today, especially if they’re going to be getting better year over year, you’re much better off just getting the base model, saving that extra 200 bucks that you would have spent On the ram and putting that towards the newer models that come out and also even consider reselling, the model that you buy, like macbooks, hold their value year over year. So you can get a lot of money back on the resale market for these devices. But okay, okay, i hear you, there are people who don’t want to upgrade their laptop every year or two and they actually want to hold on to these laptops for three five or even six plus years. Does my answer change for these people? Not really, but let me explain if you’re a student or casual user, i wouldn’t even think twice about getting 16 gigabytes.

I would just go right ahead and buy the eight gigabyte model. That is plenty for the kind of uses you have for a computer. If you’re a professional programmer, though you actually might benefit immediately from having 16 gigabytes, because software development can actually be very ram intensive and you know who you are – and you probably will know already – to buy the 16 gigabyte model if you’re a video editor that shoots 4K footage or below get the 8 gigabyte model that’s more than plenty to get the work done if you’re, shooting 6k or 8k video. You might benefit from the 16 gigabyte model and you should consider that if you have the money, if you feel that i haven’t actually touched on your workflow or on your specific needs for these m1 macbooks, please drop me a comment down below i’d. Be more than happy to read what you’re looking for to do with these devices and give you my personal recommendation in the comment section in terms of the model that i use. I get asked this question every single day and i use the base model. Macbook air at 256, gigabytes of storage and eight gigabytes of ram and i’ve been perfectly happy. I do pretty heavy video editing and make all the videos that you see here on this channel. I edit all the photos on photoshop and lightroom, like i do a lot of work on this computer and the eight gigabytes of ram has been more than plenty for me to get the work done.

Overall, though, at the end of the day, all this debate about eight gigabytes of ram or 16 gigabytes of ram just really comes down to the fact that people want the fastest mac os experience possible for the work that they want to do. Thankfully, our video sponsor today cleanmymac can help us with that it’s, an all in one tool to ensure that your mac is running at its most optimal and fastest state, with a click of just one button. It scans for system junk and cache files does a complete virus scan of your computer to remove all malware threats and it executes tasks such as freeing up ram to ensure that your mac is running at its fastest. It also has built in tools such as an uninstaller to make sure you are completely removing an application and its leftover files from the hard drive ensuring that you’re saving the most space click my link down below to download clean my mac today, if you guys, are Interested and full disclosure – i do get some kickback on each of your signups. So if you are genuinely interested in the software – and you do want to support what i do here on this channel through more than just watching these videos clicking that link and subscribing to their service actually gives me some kickback and helps me produce these videos that You see here every day and i’d. You know i’d be super appreciative of that anyway, thanks for tuning in comment, hashtag m1 macbook, if you finish the video drop a like and subscribe if you’re new to the channel but i’ll catch.