As soon as you open it. The MacBook is the first thing on the top, so I opted for the midnight color. It comes with um. A variety of other colors like silver, gold and dark gray. I believe, but this is the color that I wanted the most so underneath the MacBook. We have some kind of instruction booklet with stickers in it and underneath that you have the charger, and the cable good thing is that, unlike the new iPhones for new MacBooks actually come with the actual charger. Thank God for that, and hopefully I dont jinx anything for the future. So this is what the Charger looks like if a cable matches the color of the MacBook, which is a nice detail, I think I like how they brought back the cable, safe, magnet charger here makes a nice noise when you plug it in this also means that, If you trip over your cable, then your MacBook wont go flying with some of the older models of the MacBook. They didnt actually have this. So this is a very nice feature to have to protect your MacBook. So if a midnight color is actually more of a darkish blue and this color is actually just so nice in most of the cases its like a matte black and I think at the moment its only the M2 that has this color all the newer models of The MacBook, you also have four round little pads at the bottom of the MacBook to stop the bottom surface from getting scratched.

This new Macbook is also really thin, so for the older MacBook airs its actually slanted at the bottom, where it gets some thinner at the bottom and thicker at the top, but here for the new one, its all the same round. So it looks like more of an iPad Im just going to put the MacBook on top of the box, so we can get more perspective on how thin it actually is. So, even though I find this color very nice, there is a slight issue that comes with it um. One of them is being that this is a magnet for fingerprints, youre gon na get fingerprints on it just from touching it, and another issue is with a darker color like this. Since it looks like more of a black, it also shows dust really easily. So if you ever get dust on your MacBook, it just shows, whereas for the silver models, then you cant actually see any dust or um the whole fingerprint says easily on the right side of the laptop, we have a a headphone jack and on the left side We have a charger port and um two USB type c ports, so this can be quite annoying if you dont, like all your cables on one side of your laptop, but for me its fine, because I only use the laptop as it is. I dont need to connect any external monitors to it. This is what the laptop looks like when its turned on my profile picture is my cat whos a ragdoll and her name is called milk tea just give them my cat a little shout out.

The new laptop does have a little Notch at the top middle of the laptop, but it isnt actually very noticeable and when you use other applications like um, the Safari, for example, it disappears anyway, on the new laptops theyve, finally remove the touch bar. So if you as an idiot like me, who got baited by the new touch bar feature, which turned out to be useless, turns out to be a great thing, because you cant get them anymore, the touch ID is very useful as usual, so for, if you dont Want to type your password in its a lot quicker and it makes Apple pay a lot easier as well. Ive been using this laptop for a few months now and personally, I really like it. It fulfills all my needs. So, if, like gaming, when I play League of Legends, it doesnt seem to lag, and I havent really had any times when the laptop crashed and so far the battery life is pretty good.