There it goes. Tech world is a float with a lot of news every single day, but a day comes in when something just comes out of the ordinary and it just blows your mind and it’s like a revolution in the tech industry and this m1 macbook air is perhaps the Greatest revolution in the laptop industry that the world has seen and a lot of years so right off the bat, the build quality explains itself pretty much it’s a sleek ultrabook. It uses aluminum alloy, which apple says that it’s recycled. So this monster has a height of 0.16 to 0.63 inches. It is a width of 11.97 inches, a depth of 8.36 inches, which is basically the thickness, and it has a great great weight of 1.29 kgs only which roughly translates into 2.8 pounds. So it’s sleek it’s light, and it is power efficient. At the same time and you’re going to see what we’re talking about later on what’s in the video talking about the display, it has got a 13.3 inch led backlit, ips technology 1600 by 2560 or 2560 by 1600 native resolution at 227. Pixels per inch with support for millions of colors, and it has supported scale resolutions of 1680 by 1050, 1440 by 900, 1024 by 640, and it has peak brightness of 400 nets. It supports wide color, p3 gamut and it’s got true tone technology and that, my ladies and gentlemen, is going to be a game changer for a lot of different people who are going to buy this laptop for 900.

. Yes, the price on this one is sometimes 9.99. 8.99, but you know you can get it for 9.99. The display itself is really good. I didn’t have any kind of problems when i took it outside to just do my work. The brightness and everything i don’t see any inconsistencies in the display department, so it’s always been good. I mean i can bump it up to the scale resolution that i want, and i know that it’s not going to affect battery life a lot. So you know it’s going to be really good we’re going to let you hear how it sounds. So it has got stereo speakers. It has got wide, stereo sound. It has got support for dolby atmos. It has a three mic array with directional beam forming and its got a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, which uh is missing in a lot of different iphones and ipads, but we’ve got this and it’s really good uh the sound. I i think, in my opinion, it has been crisp, so the sound on this thing is great. One thing you need, you folks need to keep in mind is it’s, not waterproof, so don’t even think about it. I mean i, i was going through uh the sailing list, the other day and a lot of the people who are selling their macbook air for errors for like 200, because it’s water damaged. So the only thing that you need to worry about is water, tea, coffee.

Whatever to you know, it’s not spill proof, so you better be careful out there when it comes to spillages right. So the big one when it comes to software, okay, so it’s running big sur os, it has got rosetta. You need to have rosetta, obviously and it’s. Gon na automatically tell you to install rosetta, which is like the translation software that apple uses to you know, convert the whole intel based applications to the m1 chip applications. A lot of the times you will see when you’re downloading stuff it’s going to ask you which macbook do you have. So if you have the m1 type laptop you’re, always going to select apple silicon it’s, an arm based processor and trust, me it’s, a breeze. The software experience it has been buttery smooth to say the least, and it has been amazing fast. I mean the apps. They take a little bit longer to open, because you know the software there was data software it’s. You know converting um the whole thing into the m1 chip supported kind of kodak you, if you want to call it, but then once it’s up it’s fast, the rendering speeds they’ve been amazing. I mean they’ve been blazing fast. I wasn’t intending to do a lot of heavy work on this laptop, but you know when i once i started doing adobe premiere pro videos and stuff like that, the videos they were coming out, just really fine. I mean i loved it in the first place and you know i compared it to my other pc desktop that i have it’s a beast of a system that we’ve got in our studio.

But you know this thing was fast man. I mean this thing was blazing fast in the sense that you know the rendering speeds they were giving me around five minutes where you know um the other machines. They were giving me 10 minutes. 12 minutes sometimes i’m talking about the gaming laptops over here. So they just destroyed intel chips. I mean the most powerful intel. Chips have been destroyed by this m1 chip, so this is like a new kind of vista to the whole software experience. The software experience itself generally is fine. Everything is, i mean, it’s apple. At the end of the day, it’s, not android, it’s, not windows. So you know what i’m talking about so it’s going to be always fast, always flag, free and sometimes yeah, sometimes the apps crash and it’s, not because of the hardware or the software it’s like there was that i think that’s going on. I mean the apps, sometimes they’re, not properly optimized, for a lot of usage. Who knows i mean once these apps? Let me just imagine once these apps are optimized for the m1 chip. I don’t know where humanity is going to go with this m1 chip. I mean mars venus, i don’t know. Maybe the sun yeah, i guess it’s going to be the sun. A lot of the people ask us the question so tell us. How has been the overall experience? Should i go for it? I mean i’m looking for a machine that is, you know fast, responsive and doesn’t.

Do a lot of damage to the wallet Music hands down. This is the thing to buy gaming laptops. They’Re gon na give you 45 hours of performance, maybe less than that. This beast is not a gaming laptop. You just got to keep this in mind. I mean the games, the older versions and everything they’re just gon na run fine, but don’t even think about going to the newer versions. I mean it’s, not it’s, not made for that kind of thing, it’s an ultrabook and you need to keep in mind what’s the difference between an ultrabook and um a gaming laptop, but if somebody’s looking for the best mix of an ultrabook and performance. At the same time, don’t even think about going to the windows party anymore. The windows party is a boring party. Now i mean all the things new happening in this world windows. Can’T. Compare you can’t, compare the windows laptops to this laptop simple as that the durability on this thing and the life on these things and everything and the value for money it’s, just too good man overall worth it go for it, it’s uh! If you have like a thousand bucks under your belt, you don’t have to think twice about buying another laptop you just got to keep this in mind finishes the build quality, the performance the day to day apps and optimization. Everything is on point, but i think it would be great if the apps are optimized for the m1 chip, because that means that the battery performance is going to be even better.

So probably, if it’s giving you like, 18 hours or 20 hours, i’m gon na give. You like 30 hours, probably so that’s gon na, take things to a whole other level. So on conclusion, i guess i would never ever buy another windows laptop again like i said i am sticking with this and i’m really happy. I i’m glad that i listened to apple. I i won’t i won’t buy another laptop now for like two or three years. Look. I don’t want to sound like an apple fanboy right now, but the thing is this laptop. Has all my heart, it hasn’t. Given me, any problems display wise battery wise, build wise everything wherever i go, people ask me man what kind of laptop is this, and you know i always tell them. This is the new apple macbook and one chip and a lot of the people already know about this and they’re. Like man, you know i’m, just gathering money, i’m, just like i’m, just gon na buy this laptop in a couple of months. People are really interested in buying this laptop, and this is not coming from me. You can go ahead and do your own research there’s, not even a single negative review on any platform on the internet whatsoever. We had to do it our own way and we were blown away by the results that we just witnessed, and it was amazing, so yeah, please, give us a thumbs up, and if you are new to the channel, i think a subscribe would be m1 that’s.