Baby it’s been hard on. You lately been hard to read and we just don’t fall through you, haven’t been on my mind for you. I don’t got no time. I ain’t stressing i ain’t, stressing yeah, hey girl, how you been it’s, been about a year, haven’t seen you since uh it’s, crazy, ain’t it how we used to be so close and we were making it. It was us against the world and we were playing it plus me and your affection. We were craving it there’s, a bunch of things i wanted to, let you know, but it’s best to leave the memories and let it go. Sometimes i still think of you it’s, not that i miss you, but i do want to kiss you don’t get me wrong. I’M, not asking for your back in fact, i’m doing quite good. How about you, the good and the batter all the we’ve been through, and this is for the best. You probably also know it too. Here are all the things i couldn’t say to you here’s a letter of my heart from me to you. Lately it’s been hard for me. It’S been hard on the video you just watched was me opening the macbook air when i bought this in october 2020. Hope you enjoyed that and i’m just gon na be quickly talking about some of the pros that i like about this macbook air. So let’s begin i’ve been using my macbook air for about six months now and it’s really nice.

I like it a lot really light. It’S really sleek, you know the thing about the macbook. There is it’s, also really thin. You can see. Basically, just like you know a few sheets of paper really nice. You know i do all my leisure time. I do all my work time. Honestly. You know 24 hours in the day i sleep seven to eight hours. I probably spend 10 to 15 hours a day on this computer right now, just because i work from home. So i have to do everything here and i know i don’t have a monitor. So all the work i do is just on this 13 inch screen it’s good enough. For me, you know it’s not the most expensive, but it’s, not the cheapest either. I can always go for windows computer for cheaper but i’m, just an apple guy now. So this is where all the magic happens. This is the charger, and this is the adapter for my mouse to plug into the macbook air. The side over here does not fit the usb cable, so i have to buy this adapter, so i can fit into this hole here, and here is the stand. I got on amazon, it’s really nice, because it’s really portable as well Music. This is how it looks. You can bring this anywhere slide; it out, put it up, you can do it, how high you want, and for me i just do it around the third level over here, and i can just simply put my laptop on top of this.

So when i do this, my neck doesn’t strain because the computer is higher and overall, this is better for my posture as well. There you go and you can see that eye level to my eyes – and i usually just plug this in here. If you want to play chess with me, i play on uh just hit me up guys. I can play chess with you. My username is javen fong for those of you guys who are looking for a nice laptop to do any movie watching. I watch a lot on netflix on this and doing any kind of sort of work that requires a fast computer that doesn’t lag too much. I definitely recommend this macbook air for those who do a lot of gaming. I do not recommend the mac air you. Maybe you want to try the macbook pro when you open too many tabs on it. It starts to get hot, especially when you put it on your lap on the bed, for example, and you were just like watching a movie on netflix. It starts to get really hot and gets loud, and you know it’s not a pleasant experience so yeah. This is more meant for lighter use, but for me for work and leisure time, computer doing my youtube doing watching netflix playing chess playing poker. It works really great. The nice thing about the macbook air is that if you want to resell it in the future, it retains its value better.

So, for example, i was using an asus laptop in the past after a year or two it started to break down. But before i upgraded to this macbook air 2020, i was using the 2015 model and sold it last year and i sold it for about half the price of what i bought it for so there you have it. I used that money to buy the new one anyway. I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you like it.