In milton keynes, we had our laptops in hand, but as yet didn’t know what we had to do with them. So in true mac versus pc, fanboy fashion, we started to bicker about specs, john dear boy. You have your work cut out today because i have got the macbook air and it has the brand new m1 chip and it’s very light weighing only 1.29 kilos. Well, my huawei mate book is a trifle heavier by 200 grams, but it’s got an amd ryzen processor, with a faster clock. Speed than yours and i’ve got a 14 inch screen. Yours is only 13.3 Music and the differences don’t stop there. My huawei not only has double the amount of storage, but double the memory too there’s a wider range of ports, and i can even mirror compatible phones wirelessly on the big screen. Okay, that is impressive, but the new m1 chip allows me to run ios apps. I don’t even need my phone near me only that, but the new m1 chip claims to be up to twice as fast as rival laptop processors, using as little as quarter of the power, meaning an eight hour longer battery life than yours, john. So how will it stand up against my comparatively priced but more powerful huawei onto challenge one five and a quarter inch floppy disk? Does your hallway run this? No, but i think we’re the right place to find something that does come on so john.

The floppy disk is loaded good, a g for gadgets, hello, georgie and john. You have 30 minutes to write a poem about craig charles, so this would be a great test of the keyboard. The trackpad right let’s put the timer on i’ve, never done any competitive poetry. Before for this test, we need a word processor and i’m using apple’s iwork suite, which comes free with the macbook. I could download a free word, processor, myself or use an online one, though i’m, using the supplied free trial of word, but first there’s, some research to do i’ve got to find out a bit about craig dj comes from liverpool red, dwarf radio, presenter, he’s, very old Isn’T he well in red, draw. He was three million years old, like supino pino pina gregio. Does he oh with ice? Yes, white wine and ice seriously, craig? Thankfully, the decisions made when designing our laptops were much better with both proving a delight to use. So this macbook air comes with the much celebrated magic keyboard. First impressions very nice it’s got a sort of soft landing. The huawei’s keyboard and trackpad are both very good. Indeed and i’ve got a touch screen don’t. You wish you had one. Oh just get a bit: smeary time was running out. We needed to get our poems written. Sharpish. Time is up, i’ve gone for the limerick form, yes short, but sweet there was was a man named craig, he wasn’t very well behaved.

He crashed a drone, dropped, a phone and liked to go on a wild, rave, very good. I think that’s really good. Yes, i’ve gone for a slightly longer ode format. Of course. Oh what fun it is to work with craig. He brings a cheery smile to every day. He says goodbye to sadness with his jokes and his merry. Banter blows the blues away, he’s three million years old, but looks much younger and proof that your age is only a number. Oh jon, that’s, very good. It was also very long, so we best move on with both laptops performing well we’ll call this round a draw, although clearly my poem was best on to challenge two okay, after a hard day of working on your laptop, what better way to relax than to use Your laptop our next challenge would assess how good our devices are to watch content on we’ve been provided with a high definition, trailer and soundtrack to really push our displays and speakers to the limit. So the macbook air has a pretty high pixel density 227, ppi, i’m. 185, and actually i think you can tell the difference – it does look like a more precise picture on the air. While neither of these displays offer 4k resolution, they are qhd around half that of 4k, which is fine on these smaller screens taken by itself. I don’t think the huawei is bad. I just think the macbook looks like a much more refined picture to me and it’s the same for audio trust me.

The macbook air produces a more detailed soundscape with stronger bass than the huawei, so when it comes to being entertained, the macbook air wins hands down and takes the lead with just one challenge: to go on to round three. Aha: a vintage typewriter for the final test. It’S time to stress your laptop’s processor to the absolute max, our laptops are able to run billions of operations every second but which is better at handling the heaviest load. So we need to stress our processes to the absolute limit. How about multiple videos of otis that’ll? Certainly be stressful, hmm, the laptop which can handle the greatest number of full hd videos of our esteemed colleague without a glitch is the winner five, eight at the ten mark. I should i like having this many otis on my screen at once. We’Re also monitoring the gpu or graphics processing unit i’ve got 20 games. I’Ve got 20 going as well as this is the part of the processor used to display video playing well at the moment, the gpu is running at 64. Approximately okay mine’s sort of 46. so implies you could always cope with a few more than i could. I think we need to push it more. I want to see your huawei crash and burn my friends. Oh no promises you’re so aggressive, while processing performance is often measured using dedicated benchmarking software i’ve opened some more and i’ve got a very high power usage warning on my gpu.

Our test is nevertheless representative of real world tasks, albeit a tad exaggerated, 27 and counting are any of your windows. Stopping no all 28 windows are playing. You have counted them, i have counselors. Are you questioning me? John? Yes, oh we’re, going to 67.1 i’ve got 29 windows open, but only 22 of them are actually running and my gpu is going up to oh 98 percent of time. Am i listening to the sound of defeat? John uh? Yes, i think my huawei mate book has been defeated, so the m1 processors seems to perform as well as apple claims. Yes, it does perform as well as apple flavors, so the macbook wins again and after performing well in all three challenges.