Now, the past few weeks, my timeline has been going crazy, with techies reviewing apple’s m1 mac mini there’s, a lot of talk going around about it being the best value out right now and a list of reasons for what you should buy it for the super cheap Price of 6.99, but is it really 6.99, though let’s find out Music first things? First, i am not a top notch. Video editor or gamer with extreme high performance needs looking for a good deal on what usually comes from a two thousand dollar computer. Instead, i am more of a working from home. 10 zoom calls a day, three open, spreadsheets music in the background, canva and lots of photoshop type of consumer. So, if that’s more, your speed follow me and let’s get to know each other anyway. This is my first experience with the mac mini as i upgraded for my 7th generation. 21.5 inch imac that i’ve been using for about a year and a half now and my first impressions is: oh, my god. How cute and dainty the new mac mini has a 7 is a 7.7 inch square design that comes with apple’s m1 chip, which has really proven that great things do come in small packages. I purchased mine with 8 gigs of ram 256 gigs of storage and it offers an ethernet port, two thunderbolt usb c ports, one hdmi and two usb type, a ports as well as a headphone jack.

Now, as i mentioned previously, this is my first experience buying a mini, so like many of you, i don’t have additional screens and mouses and random things laying around the house. So this is the first thing. You absolutely need to know that the 6.99 you paid in staying at 6.99 because first of all, you’re going to need a monitor. Personally, i deal with high res images for work where there’s a lot of photoshop involved. So i looked for a 2k monitor and decided to go with this dell 27 inch, which currently retails for 4.29. However, there are budget friendly options if you don’t need all that. So, for the sake of this, video let’s go with one of amazon’s top selling monitors the hp 23.8 1080p monitor with built in speakers which retails for 110 bucks friendly notch on this guys. The wrong monitor will change your experience with any computer. Please do your research on the monitor you select and make sure it works for you and your individual needs and expectations, but i digress. Let’S keep tabs. My personal setup is now at 1 128 bucks. While our budget friendly setup is at 809. Next, you will need a mouse and a keyboard. These are pretty standard, buys and there’s really no need to reinvent the wheel. On these. I got this no name: brand white bluetooth, macbook compatible keyboard for 30 bucks and this 10 mouse also from amazon. All links are below so just quick math again.

My setup is now at 1 168, while our fake budget friendly setup is now that 8 49.. Lastly, 8 out of 10 of you are going to need a webcam and since monitors rarely come with built in webcam, you will need to budget for that. I cheated and took bay’s razer kyo pro webcam, that retails for 200 bucks, but for the sake of our budget friendly setup, you can get this top rated one from amazon for just 35 bucks. So that means that my setup is now that 1 368, while a budget friendly setup ends at 8.85, that’s freaking awesome 884 for a new mac for a i didn’t buy this used from ebay, mac, that’s amazing. So for the price of 884 let’s talk performance, the mac mini has the full speed and efficiency that i, as a regular apple consumer, have come to expect from an imac. If you are a mac user, you keep coming back because of the comfort of mac’s ecosystem, and this mac mini will not disappoint. Opening files is a breeze. I tried putting it to the test by opening a stack of raw high res images on photoshop and the mini didn’t even flinch, but i guess the lingering question some of you might have is. Why are we even doing all of this? For some of you, dishing out the extra 200 bucks and buying the comparable 21.5 inch imac with the eight gigs of memory, which retails for 10.

99 might be easier. It already comes with the mouse, the keyboard and the camera. Oh, my god – and i forgot to mention already – has the good built in speaker now. The mini does have a built in speaker, but if you’re thinking of throwing a house party with it, i think again for myself, i’ve been wanting to upgrade my display size from 21.5 inches to the 27 inch and the 27 inch imac starts at 17.99. So, even with me buying everything separate, i am saving over 400 dollars. I get the screen, i want and i get the full apple experience that i am accustomed to. I also think that mac mini is great for people that have different computer setups, either around the house or in the office. The mac mini makes it really easy for you to take your computer with you wherever you go. Lastly, if you happen to already have an ipad or are thinking of buying one, a cool feature is that you can connect your mac mini to your ipad and use it as your main, monitor using the luna display adapter. Obviously, this is not as convenient as a full desktop display, but can come in really handy if you’re traveling and you absolutely can’t – leave your computer behind okay guys. So what are your thoughts? Are you ditching, your imac for the mac mini? I would love to hear your thoughts, please make sure to give this video a thumbs up.

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