I mean no ones going to blame you, but, depending on what youre planning to do with this shiny new Mac, it might not be the best option for you now before we get into everything, please be sure, to subscribe and, of course, like the video. If this helped you out at all, but most importantly uh, let me know in the comment section down below what type of Mac youre looking for or if youre, just kind of curious between whether or not you should go and spring up for the M1 Pro Im. Sorry, the M2 Pro or the M2 Max. Let me know in those comments down below and of course you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram. If you want to carry that conversation over to another platform, so lets take a step back a minute and assess your needs. If youre someone out there whos just checking emails casual web browsing video consumption, you know youre just needing a computer to pay the bills. Research. Some Stuff Etc. Then this is a great machine and in all scenarios were going to assume you have a monitor and a keyboard mouse, because otherwise it starts to get a little sticky. Things start to add up here and there depending on your wants and needs, and then it might just be an easier thing to just go out and get a MacBook Pro. But if you really want a Mac desktop and you have everything you need for it, you just need the computer Im going to help you decide which one you should get.

If you fall into the description that I just mentioned, the chances are the base model. M2. Mac Mini its going to be just fine for you, but there are a few things that do worry me about that computer. For anyone out there that looking to do just a little bit more, I have an M1 Mac Mini and while I do expect M2 to be a bit faster in certain situations and much more efficient than M1, the 8 gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigs of storage Really killed me with the M1 model Ill. Give you a little story. I was using the M1 Mac Mini and I still am, but I was using it for primarily hosting the podcast. We use a program called ecamm live and I think, a combination of just Bluetooth issues and the overall processing power and the low amount of RAM and storage just kind of ate away at the machine and that program. Shouldnt really be that difficult to manage on this Mac, but it really had a hard time to the point where um certain things were just not being picked up, audio would cut out the Bluetooth, headphones would be affected and there was just situations where I couldnt run. The rode podcaster Pro that we had it just it didnt work and the moment I switched over to the M1 Max MacBook Pro that was running the whole setup. Everything was Flawless, we had no issues, and this actually carried over to a program that we use before ecamm, where we used a web app enabled website to host the platform, and I think a lot of the issues did still come from my machines, inability and the Basically, the lack of performance on that machine to carry everything and that workflow, and that was really the hardest thing that I put it through and then other than that its just.

You know some light editing here and there and it really had a hard time and then I was using an M2 MacBook Air, and this is it right here and I love this machine, but I had the base model at first eight gigabytes of RAM 256 gigs Of storage, the lowest processing power you can get and it had the same issues. It was not that good, but the moment I maxed it out a little bit, I mean I went up to a terabyte of storage, but everything else. The CPU GPU the ram. Everything else was at its maximum capacity and it performs amazing – and you can pretty much do anything that you want to do on this for the most part and youre going to be just fine and so thats kind of where I dont want people to fall into The same trap so heres my recommendation: if youre looking to stay cheap but get a little bit more power out of your Mac and you know kind of future proof yourself, a little bit so youre not in a year or two thinking, you made the wrong decision And youre kind of stuck with it at least get 16 gigs of RAM, and at least 512gb storage and Im not entirely sure if this is still the case with the Mac Mini thats coming out, but in previous machines, Apple has gone with one Nan SSD for The 256 model and when you go anything up over that, you have two and that does eat into the performance of the ssds uh people found out and did test and found that it was slower and, most importantly, if you run out of space on your Mac Because you have only 256 gigs of storage, its going to start to eat into your virtual memory and its going to start eating into your performance that way and things could start to slow down, and you definitely want to avoid that, if possible.

Now, when you price out what I was just explaining to you, youre looking at 9.99, which is still a pretty good deal, All Things Considered, but I think for anyone out there whos going to do part time or even full time: content creation, web development, graphic design, Music production, all of this anything that requires more CPU and GPU cores. The 12.99 price tag really becomes the best Mac Mini. You can get for the M1 pro model and its going to maintain that per performance level and cost Effectiveness. So youll get the 512 gigs of storage. Youll get the 16 gigs of RAM, and another thing thats going to be going a bit unnoticed is that on the back youre going to have four USBC Thunderbolt 4 ports instead of the two thats offered in the base. M2 model so basically two additional Thunderbolt 4 ports, alongside the two USB the HDMI and the gigabit Ethernet port and the headphone jack, either way out of all of the machines and chips that were announced. I think the M2 Pro machine is the better deal out there for most creators and people who just want more power out of their Mac, its nearly a baby Mac Studio at a fraction of the cost. Obviously, youre not getting that full power of the ultra chip or anything like that, but I think for most people who are doing this work and dont need it to be anything more than what it is and just to get your work done.

I think youll be just fine with the M2 probe. Of course, I wont know entirely for sure until I get it in hand which we will next week so make sure to subscribe. So you dont miss that video, where I fully test it out and try to get some benchmarks run and everything and just see where were at in terms of performance.