So in this video lets talk about what we think Apples going to release as soon as tomorrow morning, through a press release lets get into it Music. So weve been able to figure out some information that Apple could be releasing via a news release or a press release. The new M2 Pro and M2 Max chips inside of the new 14 inch and 16 inch MacBook Pros so last year, Apple finally released the M2. So the second generation version of their M lineup of chips and they put it into the M2 MacBook Air and then the M2 MacBook Pro, but the MacBook Pro that kept the old design language, the one that doesnt have any ports or anything like that. So that one is one of the ones that you would kind of put as a wash, because I dont know who would want the M2 MacBook Pro with the old design language thats already now, seven eight years old now at this point, but Apple did reinvent the M2 MacBook Air with a new design language to match the M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pros of years past. So we got some information from Ian zelbo and also John Prosser to keep an eye out on Apples news releases for this week, because if the pattern follows we should be getting an announcement tomorrow on Tuesday, then some press briefings and embargo lifts on Wednesday and Thursday And then next week we should be able to order these M2 pros and M2 Max MacBook Pros and another thing that kind of helps with this idea is that Apple actually released the M2 iPad Pro the same exact way it wasnt a big enough update to have It at a press event or a keynote that is specific to the iPad Pro, so instead Apple just slightly dropped it.

The M2 iPad Pro with the upgraded chipset and the new Wi Fi 6E and the hover feature just with the press, release and apple also did this with the original airpods Pro back in, I believe, November of 2019. They literally just released the airpods pro as a press release and now theyre one of the best selling airpods, if not the best selling headphone on the market. But as Ive mentioned in the past those days where we went with that huge leap from the Intel based MacBooks to the M1 powered MacBooks, where everybody was wowed with the speed with the consistency of the M1 chip being able to open multiple applications immediately, everything moving Over to an arm based processor, that leap was honestly exponential. It was something that we hadnt seen in a very long time. It kind of took especially the entry level MacBooks. It took them from kind of being on the slower side, especially opening applications that were in Native applications to now being able to open in 10 20 applications at the same time instantaneously. Because of Apples, new silicon. But now, moving from the M1 to the M2 were probably going to see the same kind of iteration that we saw going from the M1 MacBook Air and also from the M1 iPad Pro over to the M2 versions of those computers. So the reason this is coming out as a newsroom or press release is because there probably isnt a substantial enough upgrade to have a huge marketing play to kind of entice people that are already using M1 pros and M1 Maxs to upgrade from those computers.

Over to these new M2 pros and M2 Maxes, so these new Macbook Pros, in my opinion, wont be for the people that just upgraded to the new versions of the M1 Pro and M1 Max its gon na be for those people that are maybe coming from an M1, MacBook Air or even older, maybe somebodys, using it still a 2018 Intel based MacBook Pro. That, finally, is on its last leg and theyre ready to upgrade, and now the newest version is going to be this M2 pro version, in my opinion, were probably going to see the same iteration in terms of upgrade and specs from GPU and CPU of around 10. To 20 of those on a relative basis, so think about maybe a 10 to 20 jump CPU and then a 15 to 25 jump in GPU. Nothing too crazy. Apples, probably just gon na double the size of the Intel chip and also make it more power efficient. A lot quieter than it was before and again everythings going to be optimization from a battery level standpoint. So if youre, a current owner of a MacBook Pro, probably dont, hold your breath for this release, because its going to be very incremental were not going to see any upgrades, the hardware is going to stay exactly the same. The colorways are going to stay the same. The port situation is going to stay the same. I would love it if Apple upgraded, the HDMI 4 from an HDMI 2.

0 to an HDMI 2.1, just because youre spending you know about two thousand dollars as an entry level. Macbook Pro at that point might as well give us the latest and greatest of HDMI technology. One thing that we did find out is probably Apple, will add: Wi Fi 6E to the new Macbook Pros with M2 Max and the M2 pro version Apple. Did this to the iPad Pros the M2 versions of the iPad pros and currently the M2 iPad Pro is the only one that has Wi Fi 6E enabled and Wi Fi 6E is a welcome addition. Itll, probably double your Wi Fi speeds from an internal standpoint being able to take in more data at the same time, keep in mind youre going to need a router that can actually Supply that Wi Fi 6E to your laptop. If you dont have one of those – and you know the Wi Fi 6E situation is probably your watch and if its something that uses a lot of public Wi, Fi youre, probably not going to be able to take advantage of this new speed but again Wi Fi 6 is plenty fast enough for a lot of people, so, as we mentioned, be on the lookout for a press release tomorrow for Apple to announce a new M2 Pro and M2 Max MacBook Pros and again, both the 14 and 16 inch variants. There shouldnt be too many Hardware differences if any at all. If you already have an older one, its probably not going to be worth it to you at all and now were in an age where Apples kind of perfected what they want to do at this point.

Right, so everything is going to be an incremental upgrade the Innovation isnt going to come from a classic clamshell laptop at this point, its probably not going to come from a classic iPad Pro at this point, its going to be in different product categories like the AR Vr headset that we mentioned maybe Apple, does something to the Mac Pro thatll really wow us, because the hardware should change on the Mac Pro with an M, enabled chip but be on the lookout to see what Apples going to do and how Apples going to Market This new M2 Pro MacBook Pro and M2 Max MacBook Pro and in their own right, theyre, going to be absolute Beast Machines, its just probably not going to be that much of an upgrade compared to last years model, but thats gon na do for this video leave. Some comments down below what are you guys expecting out of this M2 MacBook Pro? Is this something that youre going to want to upgrade from from an M1 Pro like? I want to know who those people are that are really pushing the M1 Max to the kind of like 99.9, because maybe, if youre, that person thats pushing it to the very end. And you need that extra 20 by all means. You know who you are and youll want to upgrade and youll be happy with the upgrade, but for most of us we already have enough Headway with the M2 Pro and the M2 Max thats not going to be enough of an upgrade to really get you going, Especially if theres no Hardware differences and nothing kind of pretty to entice you but thats gon na do it.

Everybody if you did enjoy, leave a little dolphin in the comments down below. So I know you made it to the end and if you guys want to watch more Mac, OS, iOS or iPad OS content like an iPad pro desk setup, that should be coming very soon.