All you care about is my opinion on the M2 Pro the M2 Max the new Macbook Pros and the new Mac Mini so lets just get straight into it. Ive only spent about an hour going through this stuff. It was only announced about two hours ago, so bear with me on this one guys therell be loads of content on this. If you dont want to miss my reviews of the new Mac Mini and the new Macbook Pros, make sure you subscribe and hit that Bell, but lets get into what Apple has announced today. So the first thing is: we have brand new M2 Pro and M2 Max chips, and these have more powerful, CPUs and more powerful gpus. So, starting with the M2 Pro, you can have that in either 10 or 12, core CPU configurations and either 16 or 19 Court GPU configurations both of those are a step up from the M1 Pro. You can then have either 16 or 30 22 gigabytes of unified memory, thats the same memory option as the M1 Pro, but then Apple gave us some insight into the performance of this new M2 Pro chip, so for animation, rendering you can expect up to 20 faster Performance than the M1 Pro and 80 faster than Intel Max xcode compiling 25 faster than the M1 Pro and 2.5 times faster than the Intel Mac. And then, if youre into Photoshop image processing, you can expect up to 40 faster performance than the M1 Pro and 80 faster performance than the Intel version.

We also have the M2 Max, which has a 12 core CPU as standard and either 30 or 38 cores of GPU thats, a pretty hefty increase over the M1 Max that had a 32 core limit and the M1 Max can have either 32 64 or yes, 96 Gigabytes of unified memory, its also got 67 billion transistors, which is apparently 10 billion more than the M1 Max, and just like the M1 Max, it has 400 gigabytes per second of memory bandwidth. But the key thing with this M2 Max is the GPU which has a larger cache than the M1 Max, which apparently gives you 30 faster GPU performance, theres, also, a new media Engine with twice the prores support and that improves media, playback and transcoding, and they gave Us a statistic for this as well: so if you are a DaVinci Resolve user, you can expect 30 faster color grading performance over the M1 Max. I think its fair to say that just like the M1 Max the M2 Max is all about graphics performance. And the only thing to bear in mind is that these new M2 Pro and M2 Max chips are built on five nanometer technology. And if you listen to Max Tech, those guys have been absolutely pining for a three nanometer process: M2 Chip. I dont know enough about that stuff to comment on it properly, but I do know that three nanometer data is better than five nanometer and Max Tech are worried and Vadim, who is on this channel last year, hes even tweeted today to say that he expects massive Thermal throttling on the 14 inch M2 Max high end spec laptop.

We shall see these new M2 Pro and M2. Max chips are going into the new Macbook Pros, which have also been launched today. Now they dont look any different. So if you were expecting a design change or something different in that regard, thats not the case that doesnt matter, because the current MacBook Pros are fantastic. Ive not had time to check if these are price Rises or not in the UK, if youre in the UK, perhaps you can let us know in the comments I just havent had time to do the research properly yet guys and obviously, when Apple launches new Macs, They just remove the old ones from the store, so finding the previous prices. I need some time to do that, but basically the 14 inch M2 MacBook Pro starts at 2149 pounds in the UK for the M2 pro version and then the 16 inch MacBook Pro starts at 2699 pounds and Beyond those new Chips. There are some other improvements. You now get up to 22 hours of battery life, which is the longest ever on a MacBook Pro. They both also support Wi Fi 6E, which is apparently twice as fast as the previous generation. They also support up to 8K displays now, although I need to look into how many of those you can attach, you can still attach up to four external displays to the M2 Max, which is the same as the M1 Max version, but this 8K display thing.

I need to dig into that a bit more and as before. If youve got endless amounts of money, you can spec both of these laptops with up to eight terabytes of internal storage. I dont know who does that, but yeah thats still the option. However, the M2 Pro Chip is going into another Mac. Weve got a new Mac, Mini its not a redesign, unfortunately so theres no new, colors theres, no smaller, thinner design its the exact way. It looks like the exact same Mac Mini weve had for years, which is a bit of a disappointment. I really hope theyve fixed the Bluetooth issues. We shall see on that front, so the M2 version of the new Mac Mini starts at 649 in the UK and the M2 pro version starts at 1’9, while editing Ive just done some more research on that pricing and the 649 starting price for the M2 Mac Mini is cheaper than before, so its even more affordable thumbs up Tim, the Mac Mini, also gets Wi Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3. Again. Lets hope that solves the Bluetooth problems and the standard M2 version of the Mac Mini is basically a M2 MacBook Air. In a tiny, convenient desktop box, what we dont know is whether or not the base spec version with the 256 gigabyte SSD will have that nand chip issue that weve seen with the M2 MacBook Air. If you dont know what Im talking about Ill leave a link above to a video I made about this recently, but that could be worrisome well see what they do with that.

But I think the big news with this with this new Mac Mini is the M2 Pro and thats, because the M2 pro version of the Mac Mini is basically a M2 MacBook Pro in a tiny, convenient desktop box and starting at 1’9 and having the exact same Upgradeable option, so you can go right up to 32. Gigabytes of unified memory is just amazing for that computer and during Apples, promo video for this. They were clearly angling. This new Mac mini small, creative Studios and basically small businesses that dont have huge budgets, but that need the power to create very creative things. And do you know development work and places that dont need Mac Studios, but this does put the Mac Studio in a bit of a weird place. Itll be interesting to see what they do with that computer. Will we see an M2 Pro? You know M2 Max M2. Ultra version of the Mac Studio soon, because when the Mac Pro are drives, we suddenly have quite a confusing Mac, lineup, so Im delighted about this new Mac Mini. I think the spec options and the pricing are fantastic, but we do seem to be heading perilously towards a confusing Mac lineup. But I know what you want to know now is what have I ordered Ive basically gone like for, like kind of with the stuff that Ive ordered so starting with the MacBook Pro Ive ordered a 14 inch M2 Max MacBook Pro Ive maxed, the M2 Max chip To the 38 core GPU version, Ive increased the unified memory to 32 gigabytes and Ive gone for the two terabyte SSD and that spec Choice mirrors what I went for with the M1 Max version of the 16 inch MacBook Pro that Ive been using as my main Production machine now, obviously, the main difference is the fact that Ive gone for the 14 inch version this time over the 16 inch and thats, because I want to downgrade the size the 16 inch MacBook Pro is just a bit too big for me.

These days, Im doing lots of traveling, and I like the idea of having the 14 inch version. Ive also ordered an M2 Mac Mini Ive gone for the standard M2 Chip, not the M2 Pro but Ive increased. The unified memory to 16 gigabytes and Ive gone for the 512 gigabyte SSD and again that pretty much mirrors what I went for with the M1 version of the Mac Mini. So the idea with both of these new Macs Ive ordered, is that I want to see how far weve come between the M1 and the M2 generation. I cant wait to see how those two machines perform so make sure you subscribe and hit that Bell not to miss those videos. I do have to wait until the 3rd of February to get these Macs, which is a bit annoying, but theres no rush. We can chill out with this.