I can say this update is strange on one hand I really like it and, on the other hand, Im disappointed so lets, look at everything new about 2023 MacBook Pros and a Mac Mini. The first thing you notice is the design its the same. The same aluminum body, glass screen and black keyboard, underlay visually, you wont, be able to teleport numax and old Macs, but I have no problems with that. This is a minor spec bomb, so any serious design changes would be costly. Plus I quite like the design. Its very solid sturdy and up for beating I would say that this design is somewhat perfect for laptop thats marketed as performance driven, because this combo of flatness and roundness gives a very inspirational feeling. So Apple did the right thing and changed now nothing. The thickness is the same: the weight is roughly identical, with the new 14 inch being 30 grams, heavier with M2 Max chip and 16 inch being 10 grams, heavier with M2 Max. There is only one thing I wish they changed: the keyboard underlay. I wish it was metal like an M2 MacBook Air. This way it would have been much easier to see, keys and navigate between them, and it would be easier for new Macbook users who are not familiar with Apples. Keyboards and cant do blind typing thats. What I think anyway, who cares? However, the design is not the only thing that was left unchanged. The screen also stayed exactly the same.

Both laptops have exactly the same screen same size, same bezels, same Notch, same resolution and same brightness levels. Dont get me wrong. The screen in 2021 MacBook Pros are excellent, much better than on most laptops. They are super bright and crispy. Colors are very vibrant and natural. The default color profile is perfect for coloring or photo editing, and the pro Motion makes using these screens exceptionally Pleasant, so I think changing anything wasnt necessary, so Apple left. Everything as is, however, bear my word as soon as I fix it disassembles these machines. You will see that the old screen doesnt work, because the connector has changed apple – is notorious for that. So dont think that fixing the screen would be cheap, but yeah the screens are identical in every way. The one thing that makes me sad is that Notch. Does it have to be that big after one and a half year of Innovations cant it be smaller at least a bit? I guess in two more years well see a smaller Notch presented as Innovation anyways, but thats. The external side of things and all the differences are on. The inside new MacBooks are rocking the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips, which offer a clear advantage in performance over the previous M1 Pro and M1 Max chips. M2 Pro just like the M1 pro, has the better version with up to 12 CPU cores, which consists of 8 performance and 4 efficiency cores and 19 GPU cores Apple claims, the new M2 Pro chip is up to 20, faster than the 10 core CPU and M1.

Pro, which is a good Improvement Plus M2 Pro with extra GPU cores, should give up to 30 Improvement in graphics performance according to Apple Apple, says that M2 Pro is 40 faster in image processing in Photoshop than M1 Pro and 25 faster in code compiling and xcode M2 Max, on the other hand, now has 12 CPU cores and 30 or 38 GPU cores older M1 Max had 10 CPU cores and 24 or 32 GPU cores Apple claims that the M2 Max is up to 30 percent faster than M1 Max and Graphics intensive tasks. So we see a healthy Improvement across the board. Color grading and DaVinci is 30 and faster than on M1. Max new M to Max chip also supports higher memory bandwidth up to 400 GBS per second. The M2 MacBook Pro, sadly, is still at 200 GBS per second, but thats fine for most people. This bandwidth entry should result in even better multitasking and faster performance since accessing the unified memory now happens at much higher speeds. Both chips use a second gen 5 nanometer process which, as we see, has reached its limits. As for Hardware, encoding capabilities on both new Chips, Apple hasnt, forgotten about that new chips have updated, encoders and decoders that should make video editing even faster M2 Max, unlike M2 Pro features, two video encode engines and two prores engines bringing up to 2x faster video encoding Than M2 Pro, it seems like the M2 Max is going to be a real beast in video editing.

As for the neural engine, it has the same 16 cores but claimed to be up to 40 percent faster, but we still have to test it out. Plus the secure Enclave could updated, making the security even better and image signal, processing and new Chips now does an even better job of making videos look nice. Another Hardware change is the improved unified memory. The minimal amount starts at 16 gigabytes just like before, but the maximum amount is now reaching 96 gigabytes, but only for the M2 Max M2 Pro maximum size is 32 gigabytes. I think the experience will be even better than before, so well have to do some tests. So subscribe to the channel to not miss anything Apple, also made changes to the standards of force. Two laptops are preserving the layout and the port selection SD card slot, HDMI headphone jack Max A3 and 3 Thunderbolt 44s. As for these Thunderbolt 4S, they are almost the same. There are improvements, however, to the display support. M2. Pro now supports up to two external displays with up to 6K resolution at 60, hertz and M2 Max supports up to three displays at 6K, 60hz, but thats. Still not everything. Hdmi now supports multi channel audio output, which is great for some people plus. It now supports up to one 8K screen at 60hz or 4K at 240, hertz thats. What previous Pro MacBooks needed. Another difference is Wi Fi. The updated MacBooks have Wi Fi 6E, which extends Wi Fi to the 6 gigahertz band for more bandwidth, faster speeds and lower latency.

The current 14 inch and 16 inch MacBook Pro supports standard Wi Fi 6, which is limited to 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz bands. Bluetooth also got updated to 5.3 from 5.0, which will make connection to your airpods or other devices faster, more stable and more power fashion. Apple also claims that the battery life is better 18 hours of video playback for the 14 inch pro model and 22 hours for the 16 inch model. I think that battery life on Old Pros was already very good, and even such small improvements as one to two extra hours are very very welcome. However, the charging situations stayed the same, at least for the 14 inch. Laptop Apple includes the same 67 Watts, power, adapter and the box with base 10 core M2 Pro and more powerful models will get a 96 watt power adapter with a 16 inch MacBook Pro. However, you have no choice and will get a 140 watt charger, which is awesome. Sadly, you still cant order a power adapter with two type c ports similar to the one on M2 MacBook Air. I think this Edition would have been really helpful to many people. As for the price, numax cost exactly as they did before. So, if you were thinking about upgrading, this may be the deal you were looking for. However, we will still conduct our tests and see what is a better deal. A refurbish previous gen were new last gen MacBook Pro so stay tuned for updates.

The official sales will start on 24th of January, and we will make a review as soon as possible for you to enjoy and now to the new Mac Mini. It again looks exactly the same: has all the same Force, but slightly better, just like on MacBooks and rocks two new Chips: M2 and M2. Pro M2 here is straight out of the MacBook Air. It has 8 CPU cores and 10 GPU cores. We all know what this thing is capable of the unified memory. Size is also the same starting at 8 gigabytes and can go up to 24 gigabytes base. Storage is 256 gigs and Im pretty sure it will have the same memory issues as the M2 MacBook Air. As for the M2, Pro Mac Mini thats, interesting small machine half the size of the Mac Studio with this new M2 Pro will surely be a great alternative to the aforementioned Mac. Studio. Smaller, lighter less clumsy great stuff memory here ago is up to 32 gigs and base 5 12. Gig storage can be upgraded to 2 terabytes. The M2 model has two Thunderbolt 4 ports and can connect up to two displays, while the M2 pro model has four Thunderbolt. 4, ports and up to three displays connection, including one 8K display. Both models also have two USB: a ports and HDMI port, a gigabit Ethernet port with a 10 GB option and an upgraded headphone jack. They also have Wi Fi 6E for faster speeds and Bluetooth 5.

3. For wireless connectivity, so what are my thoughts on these new updates? I think that this update to MacBooks is very minor and that M2 Pro and M2 Max are solid chips, but their performance gains are not enough to justify the purchase and upgrade. If you have an M1 Pro or M1 Max machine, there are simply not enough differences to choose the new one at a full price over the previous model, but refurbished the update is nice to have, but I will share more of my thoughts after I actually get.