This is a laptop released in 2022 and now its finally mine and we get to get our hands on this beautiful piece. This color is midnight blue at eight gigs of RAM and 512 storage lets hope I put the bubbles up there. So lets start unboxing here, so we have the tab over here. Oh my God Apple never disappoints this. Is this? You see this Windows users. You see this look at that satisfying peel I get on my box. Okay, so lets take it out. So one thing Ive always liked about the new Apple boxes, and this is a picture of my iPhones box. You can see that I chose blue right and look at the Apple logo. Its also blue. This is blue, also blue. So here we go. Music. Foreign tically throws away paper this on the side, man all right, whoa, I forgot so these are tethered and theyre colored cool okay. So we have the uh manuals, but the brick which is the oh, I forgot. So this is the new brick with two ports. So I can charge two things at once, so maybe, if I have like my iPhone or iPad, I can charge that at the same time and it connects to the wall like this, which looks a bit odd. However, I mean Apples pretty quirky and unique. Nothing underneath. Okay, its times you dont know how satisfying that was bro. My cameraman is just smiling. Oh, my God.

Look at that ready, ready, so put the camera over here. All right, ready. Three, two one Applause, oh damn, thats, so cool, so specifications to um the two uh. I got the words two two uh 2.5 k resolution at 1080p at I think 1440p, so this is 14 to 40p yeah 1440p. At 2.5 k. This thing is a beast and it looks like a beast. Of course we have the iconic Notch. You know what type of Apple device would be without the notch. We have this keyboard and we have, of course, the track pad. We have two Thunderbolt ports over here with the mag safe, which, of course it has to connect to language press the return key. Okay. So my laptop set is a sentient being now we know that so, oh my God, oh thats, a good thats, an odd color choice, not complaining, but this is an odd color choice. So this is how its going to connect to it. This is 30 Watts, apparently, but still supports fast charging and uh just for anybody else who has an older Mac. So if you have a Macbook kind of like this, a USBC charger from this laptop 2016 will still work on a charger like this. You can just plug it into the USBC and itll work, just fine thats how it should be. So. Thank you guys for watching Im gon na go play with this laptop for about a week, see how it runs and Im sorry but youre getting replaced.