Since honestly, its one of my favorite pieces of attack from 2022 and into 2023, I will say I noticed a lot of the initial reviews – were very comparative to the MacBook Pro Lines and the M1 MacBook Air, which is fine, but this MacBook is its own device. That honestly deserves a dedicated, less comparative review in some of the reviews. Ive seen have ripped on the MacBook Air for things its simply not designed for its not trying to be a pro machine meant for the pro user. However, its absolutely a great choice for the everyday user and some creators Ill be real too. I simply dont care for benchmarks or in depth technical specs, but I do care how this performs in everyday use. So hopefully I can show you how it does. I dont want to Discount the fact that the previous or other models exist, so I will mention some of those things at the end, but there are some key features that make this MacBook unique, so heres. The review of the M2 MacBook Air from someone who doesnt get a new Macbook every year and if youre new here, thanks for stopping by on this channel Ill talk about gaming, 10 effect and a few things in between. So if you enjoyed the video be sure to leave a like or subscribe, and if you dont next time you order a package itll be delayed just because, but getting into the unboxing its always a treat and theres not much to it.

The Box itself is simple in the similar Apple fashion, theres minimal, branding on the side that says MacBook Air and an image of the M2 air showing the absolute thinness of this device Inside the Box. You have the MacBook Air itself, which is wildly lightweight out of the box, and you have the new braided maxip cable, which is color matched to the MacBook. Its a nice touch veering away from the old, solid white USBC cables. It feels really high quality in hand and really does look great. The charger inbox as well for the base model is a 30 watt charger with a type c port for the magsafe, but for most people, 30 watts is absolutely fine, although you can always opt in for the higher wattage for an extra charge. Lastly, you have the documentation with the stickers people like to mention, but never use and thats it, and getting this in hand, I can easily say its by far my favorite in terms of size and aesthetic. I truly appreciate the weight and size of this MacBook coming in at just over one centimeter thick and its about two pounds in hand: legit less heavy than most textbooks and, like the newer, MacBook Pros, theyd gone with the squared off and rounded edges. I originally thought this would be uncomfortable to use, but its actually fine. The model I have is the midnight colorway, but it does come in Starlight silver and space gray.

The Starlight and midnight are the new colors unique to the M2 air, and I love them both in some light in situations. It almost looks black and sometimes a deep Navy in sometimes a nice light blue and yes, its a fingerprint magnet, and it goes without saying it is a premium built product. On the left side, you have two Thunderbolt 4 ports for display and peripherals, as well as the magsafe connection, and on the right side you only have one port being the high impedance headphone jack. The bottom does have rubber feet, which are actually pretty good at keeping it from moving around on surfaces and on the top end, you have the classic apple emblem. One thing I noticed is that theres zero branding on this laptop across the board, theres no dbos surfaces or branding below the screen – and personally I prefer this. I dont really know why and heres how it looks next to the space gray MacBook Pro again, I really dig how it looks. I will say two turning this thing on is awesome that theres no fan at all, meaning it is literally completely silent. I will talk more about the display itself in a bit, but this is a 13.6 inch display, which I think is actually the perfect size in terms of portability, to talk about Dimensions again of all the recent MacBooks, its definitely the smallest one, available being just under Half an inch thick and only about two pounds, Weight Wise, its truly super lightweight and convenient, and its a sort of MacBook youd want to and can take with you just about anywhere.

You go personally Ive always been a fan of smaller Tech like the iPad Mini 6 and the iPhone 12 and 13 minis. So its definitely something I really appreciate, and while the other MacBooks arent, atrociously, massive or heavy, this model does have a convenience factor being so light and thin, and just taking a look at the difference between this and my MacBook Pro. The difference is noticeable in both size and weight in terms of the 13.6 inch display, its actually pretty good. I cant say its anything wildly impressive, but again its not really trying to be its just a decent all around display. This is a liquid Retina Display, meaning its obscenely sharp and you cant really even see individual pixels. Even if you tried, it does have true tone support to better display colors, depending on your ambient lighting situation, whether this looks better to you or not, thats, totally subjective. When it comes down to colors, though it does look excellent while editing both video or photo – and it gets plenty bright for indoor use at 500, nits brightness – it does a great job all around it might not do as well Outdoors, but still its very much usable. The bezels are also super thin to mention, and the display goes almost edge to edge, which again is super badass. Considering the size of this MacBook quality wise. I dont really have any complaints, especially while watching content at the top of the display.

There is the notch which is apparently giving you more space on your screen. Frankly, I dont really see the benefit of the notch, but it also doesnt really bother me at all. It could be here or not. It just would have been nice to see something like face ID. The display is only 60 hertz as well. So if youre looking for high refresh it might be something to miss, but really some people simply dont care for it. I personally love High refresh rates, but this is a feature reserved for the Pro Line when it comes down to the size of the display. Again, I feel like 13.6 is the Goldilocks size for laptop again, it sort of depends on what your workflow is, but for everyday stuff like web browsing word, processing and the like, 13.6 inches is absolutely fine. If you start getting into stuff like editing timelines and might be be a little bit crunched in terms of space, but even then its still completely usable, I always like to Tinker with the scaling options on my Macs to display the most stuff, which makes this better For me, if youre curious what the size comparances are in display here, it is compared to my 11 inch iPad and my 14.2 inch MacBook Pro. You can always hook up a display too, using a thunderbolt Port, although it is rather limited and Im, not sure why Apple has made it like this out of the box.

You can only hook up one display, but the only way around this to get two or three displays is, if you use a display, link, Thunderbolt dock, the one Ive been using for the last two months is from minisopro, which is actually todays. Video sponsor Ive been actually using their products for quite some time, for both my iMac and MacBooks, and the 13 in one dock is almost a must have for any desk setup with the M2 or M1 MacBook airs, as mentioned, the M2 air only supports one monitor Out of box, but this dock does enable you to use up to three displays. This dock has three ports for displays. One display port up to 4K 60hz, one HDMI up to 4K 60 as well, and the third one is either display port or HDMI. At 4K 60 as well on this setup, I do have two give by monitors. One is 4K and the other is 1440p working absolutely flawlessly, and apart from that, you do get all the ports that arent found on the M2 air on. Here you have a 10 gig ethernet port four USB, a ports, two of which are up to five gig transfer speed, as well as two additional USBC ports, one for 100 watt power delivery and the other for five gigabytes per second transfer speed. Using a display link. Dock is the only way to get multiple displays on the MacBook Air, M1 and M2, so be sure to check out this one down below in the video description and thanks to mini software for sponsoring todays video talking about specs and performance honestly, this MacBook performs extraordinarily Well and again, the model Im using is the absolute base model at the base end.

The M2 air does come with 8 gigabytes of unified memory, 256 gigabytes of SSD storage, a 1080p camera, an 8 quart CPU and an 8 core GPU. What does that all mean? Great performance with very limited storage space, I wont, bore you with benchmarks since thats, not really something I care to focus on, but I do like to focus on real day to day use and its been great and its surprising that even the base model has handled My entire higher workflow without Hiccup and its sort of made me question my 14 inch MacBook Pro without crazy detail. Chances are if this M2 air existed before the launch of the MacBook Pro Line. I most likely would have gotten this instead. I do have to say, though, the base model storage is widely abysmal at 256 gigs, its simply not enough, even for basic workflows, so you would likely want to spec this upwards if youre doing even the smallest bit of creative work. That said, everything Ive done on here has been absolutely solid: zero, throttling lag or crashes while editing, video and photos, and obviously doing day to day things. Usually I have a good chunk of apps open all at once as well. Like Final Cut Pro Music Safari, Quicktime and audacity, I think if there were any sort of performance issues, I would most likely find it while editing and as I mentioned its been super clean. I cant say my edits are advanced in any way: its usually just a single 4K layer, with some basic effects or text and scribing through the 4K footage is absolutely seamless, even while exporting a finished project, its quick to do so.

My last video was a 10 minute 4K project which exported in about seven minutes. I will say my 14 inch MacBook Pro exported it faster, but its such a small margin unless time is literally money for you that doesnt matter and although its absolutely not the reason to buy a Mac. I cant say the Casual game works really well on here, especially for optimized titles. I did test Diablo 3 on this 45 inch OLED, which was pretty badass and the more processor heavy games like Sims 4. I played without an issue again its not what you get it for, but it still did a good job and I do have to mention it again. Just make sure you either spec up the storage or make sure you have external SSD to work with. In terms of ports and connectivity, like I mentioned before, theres really not that much here, which for some people might be too limiting, as mentioned, there are only two Thunderbolt ports. So once you start plugging in a display, youve only got one left to plug everything else. In assuming youve already have wireless peripherals, this might be an issue that said its a Macbook, meaning portability is mostly in mind, so theres less likely that you need to plug things into it, especially if youre always on the go in terms of the magsafe port. Its pretty handy to have, although in my use case since Im, mostly a desktop user Ive, only ever really charged it through the Thunderbolt Port maxif does what its designed to do either way, if ever yanked quickly, the charger will pop loose and on the right side Of the Mac, you only have one port, which is the high impedance headphone jack.

While I mostly connect over Bluetooth its easy to forget the improved quality of being plugged in directly, I do recommend setting Apple music to lossless plugging in a good pair of headphones and giving it a try. I recently got the Sony xm5s, which are far better than I anticipated when it comes to the keyboard and trackpad Apples done an excellent job. The keyboard, in particular, is better than I expected. The keys are wonderfully tactile with a good amount of travel, considering how thin this MacBook is, of course, the backlit as well, which can be changed in the control center out of box. The keyboard is only half brightness, so just keep that in mind. I also really appreciate the full function rows of keys. This will never not be useful and if youve ever used a Macbook, 2 youre likely aware of how great the track pads are and frankly to this day across any laptops, simply put Apple still. Does it best? The taptic clicks and feedback really makes it feel like a real button, despite not having any moving parts, and I Got ta Give a swift mention to touch ID its just so useful and handy. I was so spoiled by this with my MacBook Pro. I ended up getting the magic keyboard with Touch ID. I do want to talk about the speaker, camera and mic, since really of these will be heavily used almost every day, starting with the camera. Its fine just fine Id expect it to look better for 1080p, but a laptop so thin.

Simply cant have a larger sensor to get more light. The mic is also decent enough. Its a three mic array where theyre located, I couldnt, tell you, but they do the job if youre looking to do voice, overs or any sort of higher quality work, youll definitely want to get something a little bit higher quality. Lastly, the speakers on here are surprisingly Awesome Again considering the size they have no right sounding as good as they do and heres a quick, sound test Music in terms of battery. This MacBook is rated to get 15 to 18 hours of life on a single charge. Honestly, I wanted to test this, but I gave up simply because I planned wrote and edited this entire video on one single charge and still ended up with 20 battery. I figured if I could do that. Its almost unrealistic to do a whole full drain. The battery is amazing and simply put, I dont, think its something to really worry about charging through magsafe. I got this from 20 to full in under two hours, and that was with the 30 watt brick. I imagine thats even quicker, with the 67 watt charger. So, coming in at 1200, bucks, its still expensive, and while this has been a dedicated review of the M2 air itd be irresponsible, not to mention some Alternatives. I only want to mention three other models: thats, the M1 MacBook Air, the 14 inch MacBook Pro and the new M2 Mac Mini.

To sum it up, really, the M1 air will do everything the M2 air does when it comes to everyday things, especially since you would be saving 200 bucks if youre, considering any sort of gaming or creative work whatsoever. I think the M2 air is still a better option in terms of performance and future proofing. That said, if you really do need more power and all the expanded inputs and the high refresh display, you could pick up a baseline 14 inch MacBook Pro from the refurbished store for 510 bucks. More and more powerful than both of those would be the Mt Mac Mini, which again, if youre, just looking for a desk setup, this could be the better option for more power, and, as mentioned, if the M2 air existed, I probably would have gotten that over my Macbook Pro, I believe, its the perfect all around MacBook, with a great balance of price to Performance and aesthetic. If you need to do heavier stuff, like 3D, rendering or multiple 8K streams, Etc, theres, definitely a better option for you and frankly, you might already know this. Isnt, the MacBook for you for anyone who has an Intel Mac or an older Windows laptop, you would see a huge leap of performance and I dont think youll be disappointed. Anyways. I appreciate you sticking around till the end Ill leave everything in my setup linked Down Below in the video description, as well as the mini swap roof 13 in one docking station anyways thats been it appreciate you sticking till the end till next time.