9 inches, undoubtedly, the most capable iPad around sporting Apples latest and greatest M2 chips at the longside mini LED technology that provides an OLED light display that doesnt sacrifice overall redness new apple pencil functionality And an entirely new way to use the tablet using iPad OS 16 stage manager, but its also the most expensive tablet around, especially in the UK, where it costs 250 pounds more than its predecessor at the entry level, making it hard to recommend compared to the almost Equally, capable 2021 range that youll be able to find at a discount in late 2022 with that said, is the 2022 iPad Pro 12.9 inches the tablet for you? Well in this video we will discuss all its amazing features which suits you and at the end we will share our verdicts, but before starting, please, if you havent, subscribed to my channel yet then please quickly hit the Subscribe button. Also like this video and please do share it with your friends – the 2022 iPad Pro 12.9 in inches instantly recognizable as an iPad Pro, because its design is near identical to the previous few generations of Apples. Pro tablet range, its even available in the same space, gray or silver finishes, lacking the more vibrant color options of the iPad Air and 10th gen iPad. This is a work device and, according to Apples, design philosophy. That means it must look professional thats not to say that the iPad Pro isnt a looker, its quite the opposite, in fact, its a supremely elegant device with a large 12.

9 inch display and a spell chassis with angular edges that give it the same industrial look as Other recent iPhones and iPads it feels solid in the hand, though at 682 gram and another 2 gram for the cellular model, its not the most portable tablet in Apples range. There is a more notable bezel on the iPad Pro than iPhone users might be used to, but its actually welcome on tablets, giving you a bit of space to grip it without activating something on screen its also thick enough to house the face ID smarts without any Kind of Notch for a clean viewing experience face ID for what its worth is excellent, as ever with quick, unlocking without scrambling to find the power or touch ID Button, as with other iPads, and it can be used to access your hidden and recently deleted, photo albums And authenticate Apple pay too. The only Oddity is the position of the selfie camera. It remains in the same position on the top edge of the iPad Pro in vertical orientation, while the new 10th gen iPad boasts a centrally placed camera on its right side, its much better when in horizontal configuration, especially when paired with a keyboard case, as it means Youre, looking directly into the camera and not awkwardly off to the right, as with the iPad Pro considering the work Focus nature of the iPad Pro range, it would have made sense to include it here, as well as the entry level iPad its possible that the new Camera placement could interfere with the apple pencil chargepoint as the 10th gen iPad oddly still supports the first gen pencil, but will never know for sure.

The 12.9 inch super Retina xdr display of the iPad Pro is truly phenomenal, even when compared to the 11 inch iPad. Pro its plenty bright and super sharp with a resolution of 2730, 2 and 2048 that makes everything from watching movies on Disney plus to doodling in procreate and absolute Joy. The colors are accurate thanks to DCI P3 support. Everything feels smooth and responsive thanks to the 120 hertz promotion, Tech and the dynamic range is incredible. Despite sporting, an LCD display thats down to the inclusion of mini, LED Tech exclusive to the 12.9 inch model for those unware, many LED uses a thin layer of tiny LED behind the LCD panel. These led are grouped into 2596 dimming zones across the iPads display, with the ability to turn their light down so low that dark tones look truly black rather than the gray issue you get from standard LCD displays, including the 11 inch iPad Pro its essentially as close As youll get to the Deep blacks of all Aid without actually using a lathe, while also boasting Superior brightness levels compared to even high end Olay TV, let alone OLED phones and tablets, the display boasts 1600 nits of peak brightness when watching HDR content and 1000 nits. In H, Dr enabled applications when you consider the Samsung Galaxy Tab, S8 Ultra tops out at around 600 nits its a truly impressive feat that provides an unmatched viewing experience on a tablet, especially when watching Dolby Vision, HDR content via Apple TV and Netflix.

It does drop down to around 600 nits when watching SDR content, but thats still plenty for everyday use and should help extend battery life, an area where this years iPad Pro needs all the help it can get, but more on that in a bit display Tech aside, The large dimensions of the iPad Pro 12.9 mean its well suited not only to split screen multitasking but drawing video, editing and word processing, as well as watching YouTube videos, streaming tick, tocks and playing the plethora of high quality Games available on Apple arcade. It really does offer the best display experience of any tablet right now, not just iPads, just as decent as the speaker setup with speakers at both short ends of the iPad that provide an exceptional stereo, sound experience that really helps immerse you into what youre, watching or Playing its plenty out and of a good enough quality to casually listen to music. If youve not got your headphones handy, though it unsurprisingly, cant quite handle heavy bass as ever. The iPad Pro 12.9 is compatible with the magic keyboard that essentially turns your iPad into a fully fledged laptop, as well as the second generation apple pencil. The apple pencil snaps onto the side of the iPad, both keeping it wirelessly topped up and easily available whenever needed, and it performs just as well as ever. The pencil is accurate with a 20 milliseconds response rate that makes it feel responsive in use and it has decent tilt sensing and pressure.

Detection too, though, the latter can feel a little awkward given the hard plastic nib and the glass display. However, it now comes with a new trick up its sleeve in the form of hover mode, but rather than needing to get a new Apple pencil. The feature is primarily driven by the M2 chipset found within the latest. Pro tablet range. The idea is simple: when you hold the apple pencil close around 12 millimeters to the display, the iPad can detect this and react. The default function is to display a preview of where your pen nib is on the display, making it much easier to accurately draw and note take using the stylus, though it can also be used to highlight and enlarge app icons and buttons across iPad OS for easier Selection, its not new tech available both on drawing tablets and Android stylus alternatives like the Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra, but its the first time it has been available on Apples tablet. Range apps can take advantage of the hovertech in different ways in digital drawing app procreate. For example, you can adjust the width and transparency of your brush with simple pinch gestures when hovering the pencil just above the display. Youll also get a preview of the new brush size and opacity beneath your apple pencil on screen, though it may seem small. These tweaks can really improve your workflow in Creative apps, the Apple magic keyboard isnt exceptional, though very expensive keyboard accessory that utilizes, a cantilever hinge and magnetic attachments to make your iPad appear as if its floating above the keyboard and the angle is adjustable too.

The keyboard provides a solid typing experience and with full tracked support and iPad OS youll find yourself using the track and more than the touch screen when connected. If we discuss about its performance and strength, one of the main upgrades of this generation of iPad Pro is the introduction of the M2 chipset and to say that its massively powerful might be an understatement. Its not a cut down version of the chip found in the M2 MacBook Air and M2 MacBook Pro either its the same chipset sporting, an 8 core CPU split into four high speed performance cores and four energy efficient cores, along with a 10 core GPU powering the Graphical experience that massively powerful chipset is paired with HEB of RAM on the 128 256 and 512 GB models with a 1tb and 2tb models, boosting the ram up to a whopping 16 GB for reference Ive been provided with a 1tb model for review, as you might Expect from that combination, performance on the iPad Pro is simply unmatched in the tablet. Space and itll leave a few laptops in the dust too, with a Jeep inch, 5 multi core score of 8429 compared to the Samsung Galaxy Tab. S8 Ultras 3’6, its in a totally different League. I suspect that to also be the case when it comes to graphical performance, but Im awaiting support for the latest 12.9 inch model in the benchmarking software. I use, of course, those are just benchmarks, but its safe to say that level of performance is mirrored in real life.

I tried my absolute best to make the iPad Pro struggle running multiple high power apps at once with Stage manager, adding multiple tracks of color corrected. 4K, video to lumafusion and just about anything else to make it sweat, but I couldnt not once and to be honest, I dont think there are many users that could its gotten to the point where the chipset is vastly more powerful than apps on the platform demand And that means youre not really going to see the extra performance benefits of the M2 chipset in most scenarios, the M1 introduced in the 2021 iPad Pro range is still incredibly capable, especially for a tablet, and there arent many apps that take advantage of that, let alone The M2 Apple has confirmed that there are apps coming to the iPad to better take advantage of the raw power of the Apple silicon chipset, including the likes of octanex, that can render polygons in real time and X, export in HDR and video editing. Suite DaVinci Resolve complete with real time, editing and color correction, just like its desktop counterpart, as well as smart object, isolation via the m2s neural engine, but theyre, not here just yet apple and developers, need to make me feel like. I really need the M2 chipset to get the most out of the iPad Pro experience and right now that doesnt really feel like the case. Its insanely, powerful and itll remain that way for years to come as apps play catch up, making it very future proofed.

But dont expect to notice huge real world games on the already impressive M1 iPad Pro elsewhere. The addition of Wi Fi 60 support is a nice touch for the few of us that have a Wi Fi 60 router, taking advantage of the latest wireless tech to provide a consistent and fast Wireless browsing experience, its especially handy for large file transfers over Wi Fi Theres also improved 5G connectivity on the cellular model, with support for more bands worldwide, though download and upload speeds will depend massively on the 5G coverage in your region. Software optimizations is also awesome. Ipad OS is easy to use its slick in operation and the App Store is filled with apps tailored to the iPad, and the big screen experience its much better than opening an app on an Android tablet. To find it simply a stretched version of the phone app with no tablet optimization. It also boasts a number of pro focused apps, like lumafusion, for video, editing and procreate for drawing that simply arent available on Android tablets, throw in the ecosystem support with features like handoff, allowing you to continue what you were doing on another Apple device, AirPlay eclip Library, Sensing and the ability to copy on one device and paste on another such an underrated feature for cross device use and its hard to compete with what apple offers. The iPad Pro 12.9 inches starts at the same 1099 dollars in the US, as its predecessor complete with 128 GB of storage.

That price only continues to increase, as the storage does, with the top end model coming in a 2199 dollars and thats without an apple, pencil or magic keyboard. Well, thats pricey enough its a much more dismal story for those in the UK. The new iPad Pro 12.9 sees a massive 250 pounds increase at the entry level, taking it from 999 pounds to 1249 pounds for the 128 GB model with a top end. 2Tb model coming in at a whopping 2499 pounds thats a serious price to pay for a tablet. Even one is capable as the iPad Pro when you can pick up a MacBook Pro for the same price. It makes the iPad Pro 12.9 inch harder to justify than ever for those in the UK, especially considering the relatively minor upgrades on offer. It may be better to look for a still capable iPad Pro 12.9 inch M1 from last year, which will likely have dropped even further from its 999 pound RRP. In the wake of the new model becoming available that all said, you can buy the iPad Pro 12.9 inches from Apple itself, alongside retailers like Best Buy and Amazon in the US and Amazon and John Lewis in the UK, the iPad Pro 12.9 inches is the most Capable tablet around sporting Apples desktop level M2 chipset that provides unmatched power. One of the best displays around with a 120 hertz refresh rate and mini LED backlighting that allows it to compete with Olay displays while being much brighter, and it looks Premium Too.

The experiences improved even more, with the apple pencil and magic keyboard, with a ladder turning the tablet into a fully fledged laptop replacement, though those are premium additions to an already very premium tablet, especially in the UK, with a 250 pound increase at the entry level. The issue is the iPad Pro 12.9 inches 2021 is just as capable with the same display Tech and overall design, though it misses out on the hover mode and M2 chipset. The M1 of that range is still comfortably more powerful than most of the competition and itll be available at a discount. Now that said, be sure that youll make good use of the latest iPad Pro specific features before dropping the cache, as you might find a much cheaper iPad that will serve your needs. Hopefully, this video was awesome and informative to you guys.