I mean 150 hours later and i am impressed, but this is definitely a bit of an investment and not for everyone you see. For me, this has been able to not only replace my blade, but also my entire custom, build to an extent people of the internet im simply here to review this laptop based on my experience from hardware to performance today were going to take a look at whether Or not, this can suit your entire workflow okay. So my life right now consists of working in different spaces, so the custom pc is not always the best solution for me, and this is why my bleep15 was responsible for bringing work everywhere. I went whether it was code for catwalk my editing projects on premiere or even the ability to simply browse the net. I now more than ever need a powerful laptop to go places, which is why i decided to give the m1 16 inch base model a try plus. We all know that, if you add the apple stickers, it gives you five extra cores apple. This year has decided to put their ego aside and have gone back to 2015.. We finally no longer get the sleek slim design with a couple of usbc ports and a chassis that feels that it could break any time. Instead, this year, they focus on functionality and practicalness to overall give the pro people the tool they need for work, so they were able to fit a bigger battery in this thicker 16.

8 millimeter chassis, new ports, like the sdxc card slot and hdmi connection, and one of The most awaited features like save, which, by the way, did save this laptop once it just all depends on the way the cable is pulled, but look having used this laptop 24 7 for a week. Now i enjoy it as i am typing this. I can finally say that this keyboard is not so different from last years model. The travel is practically the same, the feel of the keys as well, but the overall look and functionality arent. This magic keyboard is set in a double anodized black well and yes, after a long typing session, i see why apple did this. It nicely highlights the backlit glyphs on the keys, so when you are peeking at them, while typing, you can quickly see the letters on the keyboard a bit of a nice string thing towards the top of this. We finally no longer get a touch bar ive, always rather apple allocate this budget somewhere else and this year, theyve finally done so. I always hated the extra tabs needed to do things like adjusting the volume and brightness and truthfully some apps were just poorly optimized to use this feature. So the last few days for me in terms of keyboard functionality, have been simple. The hardware keys are great, and many people agree that the simple things in life are often the best different from the 13 inch. Like i said in the latest, macbook video having this new fingerprint touch.

Id key is so much better funny enough on the 13 inch. I found myself missing it, sometimes just because it was so small, so this here is just big and has been practical for me trackpad. I think they took it to another level. Although its a slight change, i am really liking it. Now. I dont remember which company deals with apples, haptic feedback, but im glad they made this at that different. The trackpad off the get go did not feel the same when using forced touch and it overall sounds distinct super happy. They kept the size and i love how apple has space awareness while we are on the subject of space awareness. Look at how much space these speakers take. Personally, i really noticed the difference and the bass is a lot stronger. In my opinion, Applause Music apple does claim that this has six speaker sound system with two tweeters and four force cancelling buffers. So yes, everywhere, ive been. This does deliver a clear, sound stage. As for spatial audio, when i was watching movies on my couch, i tried multiple times to activate it im, not quite sure if its supposed to work like it does on the phones, but i never truly got to try it hinges. I said it in my 14 inch video they felt different, but you know what they actually dont. The chassis on the display is what feels different, because its thicker rounder and a lot more sturdier, which means ive, experienced very little to no wobble at all when typing.

So the display, essentially the most important feature about this laptop. This here is the apple xdr display, which peaks at 1600 nits when consuming hdr content – and it is noticeable promotion – has been feeling so smooth when consuming timeline like content and the fun thing is that it dynamically adjusts, depending on what you are consuming so watching a Movie, for example, will output 24 frames per second, but playing a game such as fortnite will output 120 frames per second and itll look nice. One thing i was concerned about is that, because this is a mini led display, i was afraid of the blooming. Like some people were claiming on the ipad and honestly, it is something youll experience. If you are looking straight at the computer and even worse, i hate to break it to you guys, but at an angle it truly does bloom intensively. I sadly discovered this at night before going to bed. As for the notch, love it or hate it guys, itll never get on the way. The mouse goes right under the taskbar, never truly gets affected by it and because of the 16 by 10 aspect ratio when consuming content, it disappears. I will trade thick vessels for a notch and small bezels any day, mainly because with these 3.5 millimeter bezels, it immerses you into the screen. Just look at this monster, oh and for those that find it annoying on some laptops. The auto brightness on this is on point and i think its mainly due to the notch you see by apple, taking over a good portion of the screen.

They were able to fit a better image sensor and, most importantly, a 1080p resolution. It has grey low light performance, outputs, sharp images and has a studio like microphone so heres what it would look in a fairly dark room and heres what it would look like with the lights on, and i think my skin tones look pretty decent. Although i just found myself wishing it had center stage when i was on facetime with my partner, so when i needed to join him at the office, the fact that this now feels bulkier makes me feel a lot more secure when throwing it in a bag and No, it isnt that much heavier to carry compared to the intel 16 inch, but when going away the macbook isnt, the only thing i bring aside from my mx keys, mini and my mx anymore 3, i always bring a water bottle with me. My water bottle of choice here is from lark mainly because it is a self cleaning bottle, providing water purification at johns office. I usually leave these bottles around with water and the next day. Well, you can only imagine how nasty it gets and because i hate buying plastic bottles. I usually just hold my thirst, but now that i have a couple of lark bottles, i can save over 500 a year compared to bottled water and no investment in filters needed. I have access to clean drinking water at all times, thanks to its built in water purification that eradicates up to 99.

99 of bacteria. It keeps my water cold for 24 hours, but if you are someone that prefers hot drinks like tea, it will keep it warm. In 12th, its really cool, because every two hours it uses uvc light for 60 seconds to bask, the water and inner surface of the bottle. Although if you are outdoors, it can take up to three minutes. A single charge lasts for a month, so you dont need to worry about charging it all the time, also big props, to lark for having such a clean, minimal and high quality packaging. So, with a bottle like this, i dont need to throw my water away multiple times a day, and i can focus on work while pushing this 16 inch macbook pro with great performance. I ordered a protech toolkit from ifixit because i wanted to get inside this macbook to show you guys. Whats inside within this laptop, does have a beefy hitsync along a thick heat, pipe connected to a couple of fans. Also, we have the speakers on the side. The force touch trackpad, which seems to be replaceable the flash memory only taking up to 50 of the sockets and the battery dispersed in these small blocks towards the middle. In my case, we have the m1 pro and overall m1 is awesome, because the cpu and gpu have the same pool of memory, so theres no need to copy data from one chipset memory to the other, which is why things are super fast.

So this time, with the m1 pro apple, has scaled this up and doubled the width of memory interface with faster, dr at 200 gigabytes per second of memory, bandwidth, which explains why you can have up to 32 gigabytes of ram on this particular pro chipset. And since it is an arm based chip, it specializes in energy efficiency in terms of battery life, it isnt as good as what they claim, but its still really good, and it takes about an hour and a half to charge from zero to one hundred percent editing. This very video on this computer and some lightroom assets for an hour lower my battery life from 100 to about 79 scripting, more videos browsing the web for new canvas designs and consuming content for another hour lowered the battery life to 63 learning ios development by running Xcode and trying to build a small node.js server for about another hour dropped the battery life by about 18, and if i was gaming on minecraft for another hour, we did drop by about 22. Now, if i was ever running out of juice, i got to use the 140 watt fast charger along its braided magsafe connector, which, by the way its not so massive, all the time it works here and there, but just note that, depending on the way, the cable Is being pulled, it can drag your computer regardless. If you are using a usbc to usbc cable, you do top out at 94 watts, so it will take longer to charge now this isnt a computer you buy for gaming.

In fact, its the only reason as to why you might not want to go from a blade 15 to this look. The gpu is very capable. It runs fortnite at max settings surprisingly well with a bit of lag here and there, but it delivers a very pleasant gaming experience at 120 frames per second just make sure to check out my latest video. If you want to know more about it, plus a game that i personally played the past few days on, this was minecraft, and i have zero to no complaints. Although the gpu doesnt support, fabulous graphics – and i do use it along with discord to hang out with the boys but from time to time, everything does lag a bit. However, with this base model things to get funky when using parallels and trying to play games such as cyberpunk is impossible. On top of that, for some reason, windows 11 was acting up on me. It wouldnt open properly and i experienced lots of cursor jumps, but look if you are a developer and you need to run linux, you can always create a vm using parallels, which is something i did since i wanted to connect to a digital ocean server with a Vm so because parallel uses apples, hypervisor framework, the os being virtualized through the software natively uses the cpu, the animations work very well. Things are super snappy in ubuntu and i even went ahead and ran geekbench on both oss to show how far apart they are from each other.

On top of that running x1 on this machine is a dream. It compiles multiple devices without a problem and code. Editors seem to be taking advantage of that 120 hertz promotion feature regardless ill, make a more in depth review about the 14 inch model for developers next week. Look in my opinion. This macbook is for creative people that work with 3d, rendering graphic design, video work, and maybe someone that needs multiple screens for their own workflow, which is why, for me personally, i found it so exciting once i realized that it was more than capable of handling my 420 codec, i used for all my videos even connected to an ultra wide display. So if we were to compare this to a 2019 intel based 16 inch macbook, you can see that the timeline is a lot smoother on the new m1, when playing 4k clips from the a7s mark iii. At full resolution, even exporting times were different on both devices and note that the 2019 model with these specs was two thousand dollars more expensive plus. Unlike my five thousand dollar pc, i did play a four to two 4k clip at full resolution and it took it like a champ. Without a doubt, it is a creative laptop and with a multi core result of 12 256 in cinebench, it can render complex scenes in a fair amount of time. Alright, one quick thing i want to show you guys while were doing these cena bench test, is listen to the fans on the m1 pro compared to the last intel.

2019 version same test same everything, now no sound but hear this this things just about to explode. Same test, pretty freaking crazy, quite different from the intel base – 16 inch macbook pro even the geekbench scores, show an incredible difference between both of these devices. Regardless the past few days, i found myself loving instant wake the fact that the hdmi port delivers practicality. When you are in a rut and admiring the reading and writing speeds of the sdxc slot, when importing footage to premiere or lightroom, which i then find myself editing from the main ssd since its speeds were quite great, while using all of these apps and recording. All of these tests, my peak average recorded temperature on the surface of the chassis, was around 35 degrees, mainly while gaming on fortnite and the fans never truly made it past 35 decibels, which is insane as someone that creates content for a living. Its easier for me to be able to justify a purchase like this. Some of my developer friends rather enjoy having the bigger screen, multiple display support and the ability to write it off. But the 16 inch in particular is really for a specific set of people, and i dont recommend it to most consumers in fact, youre better off getting a 13 inch, m1 macbook pro and building yourself a custom pc with the rest of the money. My advice to you is: if the power in this very laptop means that it can pay itself off, get it.

If not, it means you dont need it. I hope this review allows you guys to make a better decision. A lot of people want to see a macbook pro 14 inch for developers, video, and i will make sure to deliver that to you all. I will see you all next week.