Now that you got that thing, are you gon na buy a Wi Fi? 6E router? Oh uh? No! I! I guess I dont really plan on getting one of those. Oh okay, but you got HDMI 2.1, so youre gon na buy an 8K monitor. I dont really need 8K. Those monitors are kind of pricey. Oh I see you want to buy a 4k monitor with 240 hertz. No, not really. I dont game, oh okay! So the M1 Pro chip just wasnt, cutting it for you, I I dont know I I actually never had an M1 Pro MacBook in the first place. Ah so whyd you buy that the wallpaper is just so pretty on the new one right. Okay lets begin. So I know Apple marketing is very good and very convincing its able to convince lots and lots of people that old Hardware is actually very, very new and yeah its tempting to buy the latest and greatest once its just launched its fresh on our minds. Its all. In the headlines, lots of people are excited for the newest latest and greatest thing, but I think this is actually a perfect opportunity for us to look back at the M1 Pro in M1 Max MacBook Pros, particularly because of how little was changed, especially when it comes To the second hand, Market theres an incredible value now that was previously not available thanks to Apple dropping these new M2 Pro and M2 Max MacBooks.

If you absolutely need the performance out of those chips, okay, great Apple, has an option for you now, if you absolutely need 96 gigs of unified memory on your laptop thats. Great Apple now has an option for you, but without even going through eBay or Amazon or Best Buy Im. Not trying to tell you to buy from a third party, although there likely is some really good deals, buying straight from Apple, which means that youre getting certified refurbished replacement components basically brand new, and it still comes with the full Apple warranty. If you have the Apple card, you still get three percent cash back on certified refurbished products. Apple has dropped the price of the 14 inch and 16 inch MacBook Pros that are using the 2021 chips, the M1 Pro and M1 Max by a pretty substantial amount. So now, for a little over fifteen hundred dollars, you can find a from Apple, basically new 14 inch MacBook Pro and keep in mind. Thats still gon na have the exact same display as the two thousand dollar 14 inch MacBook Pro its gon na. Have the exact same speakers its going to have the exact same webcam, the same Notch same keyboard, same trackpad, just a slightly worse battery life, but still a very impressive battery. Nonetheless, everyone Ive talked to who has bought an M1 Pro MacBook Pro the most common responses. I always get is its still holding up extremely well. I still cant max out the chip I havent run into memory band and with issues I havent run into CPU issues.

I havent run into overheating problems. I havent felt like the battery is too weak and, of course, all of that times 10, when it comes to the 16 inch MacBook Pro, which also got a pretty massive price reduction on the Apple certified refurbished page. So thats the MacBook Pro that Ive been using to edit all of my videos and to do my live streams, and I got ta tell you. It is a complete champ and the sound system they bake into the 16 inch MacBook Pro is incredible, and until the new 16 inch MacBook Pro comes out with the M2 Chip, the previous generation 16 inch MacBook Pro had the best battery life of any laptop that You can find out there, it is just insanely good and now you can find them for sub two thousand dollars thats right within the 1900 ballpark. You can get an M1 Pro chip in a 16 inch MacBook Pro and thats, going to give you well over 20 hours of battery life. Depending on what youre doing – and I still think its very easy for people to forget that the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips basically have the same CP you so for a lot of your guyss different use cases youre, probably not going to be able to tell That big of a difference or that big of a jump going from M1 Pro to M2 Pro and even if it is as good as an improvement as Apple claims, which a lot of the time it isnt were talking about a 20 boost in CPU performance.

Here. Okay, so this is not like night and day difference. This is like marginally faster and maybe for your job. Every second counts when youre exporting a video or compiling code or putting multiple audio tracks together in logic. But do you really think that if your export takes four minutes instead of five minutes, thats gon na be worth the difference of five hundred dollars on your next MacBook purchase? That is not nothing. You know, if were talking about saving 500 bucks by going with last years, certified refurbished models thats like a 25 savings for the 14 inch MacBook Pro and still well over 20 savings if youre buying the 16 inch MacBook Pro and again from all of the experiences Ive seen of people having these online very few have been saying: oh no, M1 Max M1, Pro theyre just too slow. I need something a little bit faster that very rarely comes up, so the other reasons to buy the newest model, isnt necessarily the speed, the most common argument, Ive seen as well. I want that software support. I need as many years as Mac OS updates as possible and the certified refurbished MacBook Pros. Those are probably not going to get as much supports. You may be right, but the truth is we really dont know with apple anymore, particularly when Apple will continue supporting max4. Six seven eight years, but then suddenly discontinue a bunch all at the same time and what Ive noticed in more recent history.

If you want to play the whole like well, we need to prioritize the Mac that will get an extra two years of software support. Is that a lot of the time with the older Macs that have been getting software support for five six years Apple wont bring some of the best and biggest features to those older Macs theyll restrict some of the more useful updates to the newer Max, because theyll Say well, you need newer Hardware in order to fully unlock the power of Mac, Echo, West, chinchilla or whatever Mac OS were on by then, and it should also be mentioned that, as time goes on, software support for Apple Hardware increases not stays the same so like For instance, especially with apple silicon Apple provided eight years of software, support to the a8x chip on the iPad Air 2. and as far as how many years of software support the a10x chip will get. We dont even know because theyre still updating the a10x, but we assume it will probably match or beat the a8x chip and still, even so, the a12x chip, because its higher end and higher performing will probably get even more software support than the a10x and then the M1 chip, which is basically an a14x, will get even longer supports. So, hypothetically, if Apple continues to expand support for their apple silicon devices and as weve seen in the past with their higher end Apple silicon that tends to be the devices they support longer theres a decent chance that the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips in my Head could get 10 plus years of software support, meaning if you buy the certified refurbished ones today they could still be getting.

You know, security, patches and maybe even new Mac OS features into the 2030 realm and sure, maybe the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips. They might make it to 2031 or 2032, but wouldnt. You rather have 500 bucks now than save yourself an upgrade from 2030 instead of 2032. I mean that just sounds like so far out. I cant give investment advice, but imagine if you took the 500 you saved today put that in the S P. 500. How much is that going to be worth in another eight to ten years of waiting for your next MacBook and how many years of software support you can get out of that thing right. So the other thing to keep in mind is because the chips like the M1 Pro and M2 Pro are still based on the five nanometer architecture. We could have a situation similar to the A8 and A9 chips, where Apple just discontinues, all the five nanometer chips simultaneously. So its a bet that youre playing well this ones newer. So it should get more years of software support but in reality the M1 Pro and M2 Pro might be discontinued at the exact same time we just dont know so thats. Why? Unless you really really need Wi, Fi, 6E or HDMI 2.1 for some specific workflow, which you may have Im, not denying that theres a reason to buy the new Macbook Pros Im, just saying, unless youre very much convinced that those chips are going to unlock some use Case or save you so much money that theyre worth spending an extra 500 on over the certified refurbished models, which tend to be on average 500 cheaper than the M2 versions seriously.

Save yourself some money – and you can thank me later and on the subject of thinking, appreciate everybody supporting this channel on taylose of Tech. Pro seriously helps us out a ton, as does just watching these videos.