Now these are the products where apple gets serious, with the professionals where they give pros the gear that they need to do what they do right. And you can tell right from the unboxing experience that these are going to be professional devices, because in addition to the laptop, you also get the new power brick and the new braided magsafe cable. But you also get the ultimate token of professional apple gear. The black apple sticker, because, if you know your apple stickers, this only comes with like their real pro gear, iphone pro you dont, get it airpods pro you dont, get it even the old macbook pros. You dont get this this time, because this is for pros. You get the good good, so youre off to a good start: black apple sticker. You know they mean business. Now, if you look at the design of this product, this is function over form, which is unlike apple right. Normally they go for that. Svelte, like super sleek. Elegant look this time: theyve just theyve put that stuff aside and they focused on what would make a functional and ideal product for people that need this tool to do their job, because its thick and i love the thickness because thickness gives you ports gives you bigger Batteries gives you better thermal systems in there everythings good when you go thick, um. Okay, lets start off with the displays here. So this is a notch display and, having used this for a little bit, i feel like the notch is completely fine.

Its not an issue like if you have an app thats full screen. The notch disappears. If your black background disappears, if you even have a black strip at the top of your wallpaper, it disappears and if youre moving your mouse, cursor just goes right through it. In case youre, wondering like i was like, does it have to go around it like? Is it hard surface? No, it just goes right through it uh people in my last video about this. They commented like. Why did they have the notch? If you look at the dell xps products theyre able to fit a camera without this notch like look, this is an xps 13. im familiar with the xps devices. This is how dell does it right? They have a very small camera in the thin bezel at the top of the screen, but have you seen the quality of this webcam, its awful theres, no way that apple in 2021 would put a webcam of that kind of resolution into their pro device like theres? Absolutely no way so for them to like this is just what they have to do it sucks that doesnt have face id. I dont know why maybe its a good security thing, maybe its a thickness of device thing, but if this has face id itd be so much better, but maybe in the future the image quality of this webcam is actually quite good. Now the panel uses the retina xdr technology, so its lit by mini leds and its a pro motion panel.

So it can adaptively adjust the frame rate up to 120 frames per second. So a couple things here, its a nice looking screen right, its bright, its color, accurate, its fantastic, but the adaptive pro motion tech is the first time ive seen it on a laptop ever like normally, when i do battery tests on any of the devices i do Like any laptop review, ill manually adjust the refresh rate like the hertz on the screen to 60, even if its a gaming panel ill drop it to 60. Just so, the battery test is fair and accurate. This does it automatically and when it comes to battery life for extending the battery capabilities of a device. Doing that automatically is amazing and i think thats one of the reasons why it has the battery life. That does well get into that in a second. But this display super fast and just to test it out. I just wanted to see right. I threw parallels on here put overwatch on here and it is so weird to see overwatch running at, like 120 frames per second on a macbook and seeing the frame rate on the screen. Now the windows drivers were janky, so the performance isnt optimized, but to be able to see 120 hertz display playing a game on a macbook is something else. I want to talk about bloom real quickly, so the ipad pro from a few months ago or like half a year ago had bloom issues.

Now i looked for it, so both the 16 inch and the 14 inch. I was cognizant of the potential problem and actively looking for it, but its really faint like its there, but it seems very mild in comparison to what we saw on the ipad pros previously. Now i have a few guesses, like maybe theyre, using a different kind of optical film behind the panel, so its like helping to diffuse that light a little bit im, not sure or ive just gone lucky with these panels. I think theres. None of them really had it theres, also the very real possibility that im old and my eyes arent sensitive, like im 40 right, maybe im looking at these things, im like bloom. What bloom i dont see anything its its possible, but i think, based on what ive seen here and what i saw on the ipad previously its not an issue this time around the keyboard. So this has a very similar feel to the previous generation of macbook keyboards. I like them, and the layout is really good, and the removal of that touch bar is like its the best thing. I never liked that touch bar hardware function. Keys are the best, the trackpads, nice and big, but its the same size and feel as a previous generation. So itd be, as you expect. The speakers have also been upgraded this year. They sound better, but they dont like it its not much better.

To me at least not to my ears, but the thing is macbooks speakers are so far ahead of everybody else. Its like, i dont, even know why they even bothered right. They could have just reserved this for the future when other people caught up but theyre a little better this year now in terms of ports, you get three usbcs and an hdmi. You also get your sd card slot. I love that html. I literally used it this morning, so i was watching like a stream. My family was watching at the bts concert and we wanted to. It could only work on the safari browsers. I had to pull up the macbook and they wanted to watch on the tv airplay wasnt working im like you know what this things got, the port and, like you know before youd have to get the dongle people be panicking. The world would be on fire, but now youre like whats up port, you plug it up. I think people complain about the fact that it doesnt have 2.1. I dont think thats what its for its not for, like the the best screens to be connected to it. Its to be used in a pinch like if youre at work – and you have a presentation – you want to connect it to the projector or whatever its its there. I love it and they also have your magsafe connector. I tested the fast charge, it works as advertised.

It fills up super quick now lets talk about performance, so here are some benchmarks up front. The m1 pro and m1 max are a pretty nice upgrade from the regular m1 and the cpu front, and even when youre running cinebench in a loop for 30 minutes, its able to maintain the same score. Its very well cooled. But the bigger moves are in the graphics department. If you look at the gpus in here in terms of just raw performance, the m1 max has the kick of about an rtx 3060, maybe a low wattage 3070, but certainly not a 3080, and i was hoping for that thats kind of what they alluded to in Their charts, but because it has unified memory and unified cache, it can absolutely keep up with the 3080 and maybe even excel in certain applications. So it really depends on what youre using it for so heres. Some workflows that i tested the performance gains are always going to favor apples, own applications right so stuff, like final cut and logic, and even xcode for people that are developers, you can do it really fast on the system. But for me i dont use any of those things i use premiere and i was hoping that this would be like a render machine. I thought it would just like crush them. It doesnt, which is kind of good, because now i dont have to pay 5 000 for a new laptop, thank god, and i would have been tempted to if this was faster than my windows machine, but for the people who would benefit from this new hardware youre In for a treat like, if you use any of those apple applications or something that can really benefit from m1, pro or m1 max its awesome and the best part of it is not just the performance, its the energy efficiency, its crazy good.

So ive never seen this before ive, never seen a device put out this kind of performance for this little energy consumption and because its so energy efficient, the thermal system is so quiet. You can barely hear them even when theyre going full tilt and also with that energy efficiency comes really long battery life, so they claim up to 21 hours on the 16 inch. I tested them theyre, not as long lasting as id hoped, but theyre still the longest lasting high performance laptops ever had in the studio, particularly the 16 inch. This one is quite impressive, so if battery life is important to you, id push you to this direction. Uh now lets close off this video with one last thought its in regards to a purchase decision, because its apple and because its like the new new from apple. I think people are gon na be tempted right, youre like i. I love that. Maybe i could use this, but truth is these. Are these are not cheap? These are professional tools, theyre expensive and for most people that want this, but dont actually have like a like a clear and present need for it. You dont need it. These are just too expensive to pick up as like a fun purchase, theyre, really cool, but theyre tools thats all they are okay, hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs.