It crossed the three dozen of Sony ev10 camera that youve saved me through right. Now, I ten thousands on Sony TV. This is by far the biggest purchase of my life and ever since then I have been so confused about my purchase. Did I choose the right device for me? Am I wasting my money? Am I actually serious about the YouTube thing, or is this just gon na? Be another expensive Hub: well guess what I bought! I bought Apples MacBook Pro 16 inch – 2022. Music Music. So you see, while I was in India this time I decided to just randomly post videos on YouTube and when that first video, I think the Kerala Vlog that went really did. That performed really good. I was like okay. Maybe I should try taking YouTube a little bit more seriously. This one is what I was editing my videos on and it served my purpose, but it was really a pain in the Arts. It took me just to export the video from filmora into the final thing right at 15, 10 to 15 minute video. It would take me 24 hours to export it and, if I, after I export it, when I see it on YouTube thats, when I get to see okay its not that great, I should have just made some changes over here, so to go back edit. It again – and I have to wait another 24 hours to then export it again and also while editing the videos.

I wouldnt be able to see the videos because it doesnt buffer and it became really important for me to invest in something better: okay, okay, theres something about Apple products and their unboxing experience, which is so beautiful right, its so sophisticated and cool and wonderful. So this is the MacBook Pro and lets open it. Okay, all righty welcome home, my son daughter, by the way, the camera that Im using I love it so much I have named it. Nunu Nunu is just cartoon character that my daughter watches shes so cute, and I love these cameras. Oops. Sorry, look at that! Goodness! Oh, my goodness, Im Gon na Keep every single thing safe because in case we decide to return it at the end of this video. Then we need to have the Bot safe wow, so there are two options: there were a couple of options that I could buy from. It starts with the MacBook Pro options, which is 13 inch and the 14 and 16 inch since the 13 inch MacBook Pro consists of the M2 Chip that is out of the picture, and we are now left with the 14 inch and the 16 inch MacBook Pros. If you come and check here, the major difference comes in their specs. The 14 inch model can have a video playback of up to 17 hours and wireless web browsing of 11 hours versus the 16 inch model can have up to 21 hours, video playback and 14 hours wireless web browsing.

This is something that is really critical. The fact that I can open 8K videos instantly or store hundreds of thousands of Raw photos all at once, which is very important. That would help me speed up the process of video editing and not wait for all of these big files to open up and then do the editing work when it comes to buying your MacBook. The 14 inch would cost you around 84.99 for an 8 core CPU. 14: core GPU, 6 16 GB, unified memory and 512gb SSD storage versus the 14 inch with 10 core CPU 16 core GPU, 16GB unified memory and one TV would cost you around 105.99. The one that I bought is the 16 inch with the full specs, which is the 10 core CPU 32 core GPU 32GB unified memory and 1tb SSD storage space that cost around 14 799. I got a great deal where I went to emacs and I got it for 13.99. The whole point of buying this 16 inch with the M1 Max Pro chip is that this is the ultimate and it can handle huge video files and help me process those videos. Much faster and in this way save me tons of time this engraving on the back, the MacBook Pro written on it is gorgeous. I know some of your techniques out there are probably drooling over it. I completely understand this is the 2022 one, so its amazing Im just gon na keep it aside and show you what else is there inside the Box? Okay, it comes with the instruction manual right, so its probably designed by Apple in California, probably made in China, Whatever Manufacturing plants in China are very mature.

So, with covid a lot of Supply chains, they had to move their factories from China to other countries, but that its been very, very difficult because nobody can beat the work. Ethics of Chinese people, okay, its braided, its the braided cable, which is part of our charging and its got the Mac safe on it. The 140 watt USBC power adapter, which everybody was drooling over, because this is amazing model a2452. I dont know am I supposed to say that: are you going to find out where I stay, if I say that anyway and Im gon na put this back in as well and lets open the Mark? Hey my love. Welcome to the family, welcome to Stanley family Im gon na baptize. You I mean I will decide if I, if you match our culture and traditions and all the um, you know morals and values and stuff. So all right, oh my God. The screen is big because it is the 16 inch screen. The reason why I decided to use this is because I have always been using Windows or a gaming laptop. My sister has the gaming laptop, and none of these are cheap. Yet, within two years, its already started hanging versus any products that you buy from Apple. They last a really really long time, Im, not a very brand loyal person. I dont really care if its an apple or a Windows or an Android, whatever I dont really care, and in order to prove that wrong, I decided to spend money on buying a Samsung Galaxy Note, 10 right two years back the day, the two year warranty ended That Samsung phone started acting up.

I have two phones, so I use the iPhone 8 and its still working perfectly fine. So the Mac comes with the headphone jack. It also comes with the Thunderbolt, And this is the mag safe, even a full sized HDMI port SD card slot, which is amazing like for me SP card slot. If I can just directly take out the card from this camera and plug it into this, that would make my life so much easier and then also another Thunderbolt. The USB port is not there, which is I mean we are spending so much anyway. You could have just ripped another hole and put an USB port as well. It would have saved me 200 Dirhams. I had to spend 200 terms to buy this, so this is the Adam Hub, USBC Hub, which can be used to connect it to this. So the Millie Dollar Question do I want to spoil my nails? Is it worth it wow? This is made of all right, Ive done it Ive done it. My friends, it comes with. There are four ports in this one, so there is the Ultra HD um HDMI port USBC, USB a port, so Im going to be able to connect it to one of the Thunderbolt things: Music, foreign in love with it. I never used it before. So I never really knew what to expect, but I just knew that after all the research that I did that I bought so many different YouTube tutorials um reviews.

I spoke to so many experts on the topic, and I I made this choice of buying this. After two months of research, so I know that this is the best in the market, but as and when Im using it Im starting to fall in love with it. Because before this I was using a couple of old vintage laptops, but this is so smooth. I love it really really. I love it. I think, okay, so you guys. Let me know what do you think should I keep it a return, thats the whole point of this video and finally, we are all set to be using the MacBook Pro. The best part about using Apple products is that the entire thing works like the seamless ecosystem. If I update something on my iPhone Notes, it will get automatically updated in here, which is something that I really need, because every time I get something that I want to remember to do, or I get like an idea for a YouTube video, then I want to Be able to write it down somewhere, so that is amazing. If I get to just put it on my phone and automatically will get reflected on my laptop as well. Also one of the things that made me really feel good about buying the MacBook is because this was low on stock everywhere I went to so many stores before making this perfect. The price is 14 799 terms. I checked every single place online car for emacs e city, Jumbo Electronics shut up DG all of these major places.

Then I went to a couple of malls. I went to the city center Ive entered the Dubai Mall medivh City Center. I checked all these, not even one Durham is less anywhere, but guess what Emax was selling it for 13 999, which is around 800 Dirhams lower than the marketplace. The way I was reasoning it with myself is that you know what this is low on stock, which means that next year or two years later, if I still want to sell it, I cant sell it for a really good price on Facebook Marketplace or anywhere. So well, you see, I have the Z Music Z book, which is the core i5 zbook, its pretty lightweight, which is amazing when you have to travel okay, so compared to this one, this is definitely heavy okay. I do not want it to Ok, Okay, so this one is definitely heavy, so you can see the difference right, its its definitely its thicker. This one is a lot more lighter. You know what why do we put it to test lets, go edit some videos and see who performs better. As you can see, this is a ‘ minute video that Im trying to export in my previous laptops. This would have taken me 48 hours, at least, but in the mat it barely took three to six minutes and I was pleasantly surprised and glad I made this choice. So, for me right now, this is the perfect device, even if in the next two to three years, I do decide to upgrade my camera and get 8K videos.

I would still be able to edit them on the MacBook Pro forget 8K. Who knows, there would even be 12K 20K videos thats gon na come up. Things seemed so fast in the tech industry that, if I choose to buy something that is even one or two years old, its going to feel outdated like a vintage car and unlike wine, Tech products, do not get better with age. Am I going to keep it or return it? Well, I am definitely gon na keep it. I am so excited to be editing all of these videos, because the last few days in Kerala was an absolute blast wow. I am so excited to be showing all of these videos to you. I will see you again next week. It is time for me to go pick up. My daughter so see you bye, foreign Music.