This is it right here, the 12.9 inch as a replacement for your laptop, and we would cover how possible that was, and all that sort of thing and obviously ipad os and the hardware, particularly with the magic keyboard for ipad, have come a long way to making That somewhat more possible, but then the m1 macbook air and macbook pro 13 inch. We will talk about both of those and show you both of those came out and it kind of upended the whole equation, because let’s face it. The reason that some folks, not the ones who just adore ipad, os and other things i went with the ipad pro or considered it because well the battery life was so much better. It didn’t really hardly ever get hot to the touch and suddenly the m1 macbooks. Well, that’s their thing even longer battery life than the ipad pro and they don’t get hot to the touch and they’re actually less expensive, we’re going to talk about it now so because the m1 macbooks have changed the paradigm so much. I thought this would be a really interesting smackdown to do so if you’re interested in seeing a smackdown with the m1 macbook versus, say the dell xps 13. Let me know down in the comments, but back to this one right here. So yes, it’s, pretty surprising isn’t. It well, the ipad pro particularly has gotten more expensive, more fro, fu and more full featured so that, right now, if you’re talking about to match storage capacity to 56 gigabytes, which is the entry level for either the macbook air or macbook pro 13 inch with the M1 inside and you’re, looking at that 256 gig 12.

9 inch ipad pro, which comes the closest to the 13.3 inch screen size that you’re going to get on the mac laptops well that’s 10.99 for the ipad plus another 350 for the magic keyboard to turn it into A laptop sort of thing so 1450 versus a 999 dollar entry level, macbook air it’s a lot more money to spend on the ipad isn’t it so something to keep in mind because often people think well. The tablet is the more affordable alternative and you might have said well, you could always get an error for that price, but it used to not be the sharpest knife in the draw kind of sluggish. You might even say the 13 inch macbook pro is not fast enough, but i think it really always was honestly, but now that they are so fast if you’re looking for a fluid experience, you’ve got it both ways. So there’s a lot of crossover. Actually, i mean it’s, pretty obvious tim cook has been selling the ipad pro and maybe even the ipad air 4, which is 750 dollars still plus a 300 magic keyboard you’re over a thousand dollars but and it’s sort of true. The magic keyboard is very nice to use, and certainly very neat looking. It also adds a lot of weight, so you’re, looking at the weight of a 13 inch macbook pro. If you put the 12.9 inch ipad pro with that magic keyboard, but you’ve got a trackpad.

You have a backlit keyboard, it’s, not bad. The drawback is that the mouse or trackpad functionality is different. Of course, they’ve changed it for ipad os. Some people are like it. Some people find it a little bit weird, but you can do things like text selection when you’re word, processing and all that practical stuff it’s the functionality of the pointer, that’s kind of a little bit different. The keyboard is the same. Tactile feel pretty much whether you’re. Looking at the magic keyboard or one of these m1 max, however, the angle of repose, shall we say how much you can lean back the ipad pro or display if you’re thinking as a laptop is much more limited, so that’s, something to keep in mind too it’s. Also, a little bit top heavy just a little bit so a bit less balanced than a laptop would be now on the mac side of the equation. Obviously, with mac os big sur it’s getting more and more ios like every iteration of mac. Os is to the point where the top menu bars and stuff there’s a lot of space up there it’s pretty obvious. I would say that looks like maybe. Finally, apple is going to go with touch screen some deck also, the m1 max can run ipad os apps. Now the selection isn’t that great white right now, but hopefully it will grow so awful lot of crossover, blurring the lines of what you can do with either one of these.

Now the selling points for the ipad pro would be that it has a bit higher resolution display higher ppi like 264 versus 227 ppi they’re. All retina ips displays they’re all very lovely whether you’re looking at one of the macbooks, the macbook pro 13 inch has a bit better display in terms of brightness and contrast ratio and all that sort of thing. But the ipads reach up maximum brightness 600 nits. For the pro line versus 500 nits on the 13 inch macbook pro or 400 nits on the macbook air, so if you’re going to be using this outdoor, is it really bright lighting or something like that? That’S still a consideration, though probably 500 nits our unit? Actually measured 525 for the 13 inch macbook pro might still be good, though, for outdoor use, but the big bugaboo here is the touchscreen. So for those who really enjoy the touch experience, obviously you’re only going to get that with an ipad pro. Also for those who have a strong preference one way or the other, maybe now in covid times you do, you have face id on the ipad pro and you have touch id on the max. So yeah works with the mask right in terms of cpu performance. I think these are both very powerful, whether you go with the ipad pro or one of the m1 macbooks you’ve got the a12 z bionic inside of the ipad, and you have the obviously the m1 processor.

The ram is another part of the story and the way multitasking is handled, and this is important for those who maybe haven’t made the leap to an ipad but are still thinking about how it would function as a laptop. So you have six gigs of ram and the ipad pro models. There is no virtual memory or swapping, so if it runs out of memory for something it just kills an app closes it down. So that can be a bit inconvenient for those who are trying to actually multitask side by side windows be a power user on an ipad with the max you either get 8 or 16 gigs of ram, so you can get them either way. The entry level starts with 8 pay, 200 more to get 16. in terms of storage, again i’m talking about 256 gig models when it comes to pricing, but the ipad pro start at 128. Gigs and one could argue if you use a lot of cloud storage while ipad apps are typically a lot smaller than mac os programs. You know so you might not need as much space, but the ipad can go all the way up to one terabyte of storage, whereas you can go all the way up to two terabytes of storage on the mac for those of you who need them while we’re Talking about cloud storage and all those other sort of things and multitasking let’s talk about that. I don’t mean you swipe up and you can swap between your apps, like you do on an ipad or an iphone.

I mean side by side, windowed, multitasking, it’s, still kind of a pain in the clutch. I just honestly don’t use it much on the ipads, because it’s not nearly as easy as it is to do on a traditional laptop desktop interface like it is on the mac. So keep that in mind it’s just kind of awkward going and the other thing is the file manager, while with ios 13 and now, with 14, we do again a basic file manager that gives you some access to local storage, where documents are stored. That sort of thing that’s about it, it can still be a real pain, especially if you want to use peripherals like lots of peripherals. If you just want to use the usbc docker thunderbolt dock with a mac you can, you can have multiple external hard drives. You can plug in an external, monitor, more specialty items like a capture card over usb, for example, or pen display, if well, when drivers are available for some of those, so yeah and your file system completely open on the mac. You want to connect to network drives that you have in your locally available network. You want cloud drives. You got all removable. Media sd card use a usb c sd card reader. You can do it all the juggling of connectors and docs and stuff it’s, just not as smooth on an ipad. So for those who are a bit more power users, it can be more frustrating all right.

Let’S talk about the things that make the ipad special. It has a touch screen and an operating system. That’S really well optimized for touch so it’s. A joy let’s face it using touch on a windows laptop still, isn’t, really a joy. I mean i use it just for scrolling through documents and web pages. The rest of it is the ui is not good for that, but it’s great on an ipad and it’s pleasant. So if you prefer that many of you are grown up with touch interfaces primarily well there, it is there’s, also the apple pencil for those of you who are annotating pdfs, who are doing note taking or who are artists and you’re happy with things like procreate. You find that sufficient for your needs, no full photoshop still on an ipad pro. I don’t think we’ll ever really see it, but that pencil is pretty darn special granted. If you have enough money, you can have both and you can get an m1 macbook and you can use an ipad that supports the pencil and use sidecar and you can actually use it as your drawing display, which is pretty darn neat it’s, just wireless or it’s. Very easy to do so. You could actually theoretically, then use real photoshop sort of on your ipad because it becomes a second monitor with pen support for your mac. Much as people make fun of tablet cameras, the ipad pro has really capable rear cameras.

Obviously, there is no rear camera and i would say the facetime camera is a little bit better on the ipad pro than it is on the m1 max, but not really hugely different, honestly they’re, both they’re, okay and that’s about it and then there’s 4g lte. If you need that – and you want that with a mac you’re going to have to use a wireless hotspot or something like that – and you can just get it built in with an ipad pro, so then what stands for the m1 macbooks well they’re! Actually, the cheaper solution these days go figure, at least when you’re looking at the bigger screen ipad pro models, but no matter what even like. I said, you go with that ipad, air, 4, plus a magic keyboard and you’re at 10, 50.. So you’re 50 dollars more than your introductory level. Macbook air you get a thunderbolt 3 port times 2. Also usbc on your m1 macbooks connecting thunderbolt docks makes these a very easy kind of desktop replacement solution, whereas, like i said, it’s kind of a clues of connecting things up to an ipad it’s, still not a lot of fun ergonomically. The laptop is designed to be a laptop it’s, still very comfortable, it’s very balanced. It works nicely where the ipads are kind of like you’re transforming it. That said, if you just want to watch videos and movies at night or surf the web with a tablet on your lap, clearly you’re more of an ipad kind of person, it’s just for those who are trying to do the laptop replacement stuff, where the laptop still Just might win now.

Lastly, you kind of wonder: is apple ever going to merge these and there’s been talk of that forever and obviously they have become closer together to a certain extent. My guess is no because they want to keep sending selling you both things. I know a lot of people do own ipads and do own laptops, maybe a mac laptop, maybe not a mac laptop, but they still have different abuse cases. You know laying back on the couch and watching netflix very nice on a tablet, and probably you know not so much a laptop. You want to read books or comics it’s great on an ipad. You want to do coding, you want to use full photoshop. You still need that laptop. I have a feeling it’s going to be a while, if ever that apple converges them i’m lisa from mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool tech videos and do hit the notification bell.