I don’t know i feel like they’re, so like fragile and stuff i’m like nervous to get it. I don’t know i don’t know but yeah that’s what we’re doing today so let’s just get into the video. Obviously i am not ready. Look at this hair. Look at it should i cut my hair again today. It only takes me like 10 minutes. I don’t know. Maybe i love my hair curled, so i’m gon na go get ready, hop in the shower. Choose clothes, okay, guys so i’ve decided. I i’m just gon na keep my hair straight, probably it’s, already like 1 30 and where we have to go to get. My um macbook is like an hour away. Sadly, because we’re going to best buy our best buy, moved or didn’t move it shut down or whatever yeah but i’m, getting ready, i’m gon na do my makeup and crap. This is what i do for work, sometimes, especially when i’m lazy, because you wear masks so um. I do this. I just use like a concealer, and i just kind of conceal my bag put this light on it. Barely doesn’t mean blend it in you guys, like my sweatshirt, it was a red sweatshirt and then i bleached it it’s, not pretty anyways i’m gon na sidetrack. Do i want to do fake eyelashes? Usually i do i got my fake eyelashes guys you don’t understand. I’Ve always wanted a macbook like all my life, but there’s so much money.

So you know haven’t got one yet and i’m so excited because, like oh my gosh. Finally, oh my god, it came out fast because mine that i have right now is the older version. Like an old old one and yeah it’s, just like i’ve, never seen even the model until i got it i’m thankful for it, though, because it has been allowing me to do school for the past year, but the only bad thing is it crashes and stuff on Me and it’s just stressful on my brain, sometimes so yeah it’s definitely due for a new one, and i can’t wait but thankful for it. My dad bought me it. It was already a used one, so it already had probably like problems on it, um and stuff. I put on ad block, but i think there might have been i don’t know. My storage was like anyways yeah i’m, not the biggest computer person, so i don’t even know but yeah i’m gon na put on my fake eyelashes and i’m excited and the only thing. I’M, not excited about is looking at my bank account after and being like wow. I really just spent that it’s nice when you earn the money and then you pay for something big and you’re like dang. I really just got this like. I bought my car. Thank you, god very much like if, if it wasn’t for god, i wouldn’t have my job. I wouldn’t get these tips.

I wouldn’t get the money so he’s allowing me to get everything: okay, guys here’s the fit of the day. Oh here we are it’s a nice sunny day, don’t mind my seat covers are two different covers it’s cause. These ones are difficult, look it’s, coming off and yeah it’s, just being difficult and i’m lazy it’s been too cold to want to change them. Here’S my mom say hi, guys we’re at best buy hey, we did yeah it’s only been like an hour got some duncan because it’s that coffee, even though i tell myself i’m gon na, have protein coffee, but whatever look it matches me and everything like i’m. Just matching today, but i’m excited to look at them, not excited for the money that’s going to be by, but um i’m excited for the laptop laptop and by um money. I mean by that i mean like okay. Here they are oh, my gosh. I kind of want a big one, it’s kind of dead, though oh so much money open box. That sounds pretty hey, guys, we’re up in here we’re up in here. Looking at these, i don’t know i’m kind of cringy, but yeah we’re, just i’m just going to be looking. I know i want this one, but i just want to look at them all. Just in case. I might change my mind. You know, but this one, the macbook pro 13 inch. One seems like the best, because the price is reasonable.

I mean it’s really pricey, but you know, but then this one’s so much money holy that’s, a big one, it’s a big boy, we’re gon na look at apple’s products before we purchase it actually there’s no line. It looks like there’s. I just want to see their cases because best buy doesn’t have like any. They have one taste waiting in line, hey guys. I got my case and now we’re going to best buy, and that is the most recent model. Music. It looks like i bought it from apple. I bought it from best bag guys i bought the case from apple. Oh my gosh yeah, my mom. Thank you thank you and i got like a student discount, so i got like a hundred dollars. I’M stuttering because i’m happy 100 off and i didn’t even mention it. I didn’t even show like proof, he’s, just like nice, very nice, hey trying on some dresses for easter. We eating healthy food, 6, 21. and we’re finally walking out in the sun. Oh that’s, nice it’s beautiful, spent a lot of money. I did home sweet home and then i’ll open my ma look at the sun. Oh man, now let’s show you what i got so i’m just going to start with the little things my boyfriend is right here. My eyelashes are going crazy. Okay, so i’ll show you what i got so we went to pacsun and i got these really cute. Oh shirts, right here went to fin francesca’s got some scrunchies like long ones, so i can tie them in a cute bow three.

Four. Five dollars back to pack sun, my mom bought me these really cute shorts. Thank you very much, please. What the heck i’m like old lady, then i got this purple one of that same shirt from pacsun. I got this bathing suit from aeropostale. I love the colors. Just adorable the bottoms are right here, very cute cute. Lastly, we got these shorts from aeropostale too just some comfy shorts, because i definitely need them and yeah so there’s, all the little stuff i got. Why is my this eyelash looks special? Should i just take my eyelashes off they’re, bothering me guys, i just kind of want to take them off, but i don’t know if they have no eyelashes but they’re bothering me so i’m taking them off hi naked. What i’m naked i took my eyelashes off messy hair guys. This is like the strongest charger i’ve ever owned, like look at it. It’S like falling to the pieces, whoever owned while you were like nicholas, gave her, but it’s literally like like this part, is all off. Where it’s supposed to look like this it’s, like just hanging off of it and it’s just like yeah and but it still works, it’s literally fighting for his life it’s literally one of the best it’s loyal to us, one of the best apple chargers, i’ve ever had Dude, oh my gosh uh happy birthday baby. Thank you. Yay i’m excited okay, let’s, just like do it.

You know: okay, i’m, just gon na like pose with it real quick there. We are, oh, my god. Okay, so here’s the macbook pro it’s, the 13 inch that stuff Music come on come on. Dear witch is beautiful. My gosh i’m so excited guys. I’Ve always wanted one here’s wait, don’t touch it whoa. I killed that. Oh, my gosh even smells good smells new. The new, the new computer tastes it’s so thin and beautiful, look at this papers and then here’s the charger and stuff. Oh my gosh, and we open it Music, now, we’re, just gon na do all this fun stuff on it, english guys. This is so cool. I’M. Loving this gosh i’m, just like doing the basics just like putting it together, you know he’s, like i’m, just like i don’t, even i’ve, never seen any of this before you know what i can use this with what i can use to charge my phone, i know, But it would just blow up your phone in like 10 seconds. My phone would overheat like crazy yeah i’d, be like oh, my gosh, guys, like i’m setting up my fingerprint it’s cool and voila guys. I have officially set it up. Oh my gosh i’m. So excited it’s, beautiful and oh, my gosh look at this is literally photos. I can go through press play and then really you can move it like that and then you obviously the basics of these like opening it up.

It looks pretty cool and then that and then siri or whatever it is, and then you can favorite it. Oh my gosh, this is cool. I just want to update you on everything. It’S been not long. I still have a gingerbread as my profile. I don’t know why but i’m just going to do my touch id and i really forgot to show you guys this. I wanted to show you guys that you can literally do emojis too it’s, so cool like so. This is your frequently used right here and then it shows an order and like it’s, just so cool like when i found this out. It was like dark too. So it looked so cool in the dark. I don’t know i’m just loving. This touch bar like it’s, really amazing, like wow, it’s, really cool and yeah. I did a background for my screen. I got roblox as you can see. My boyfriend wanted to and plus his sister, you know plays it, and i am so amazed at this touch id like i love it. I don’t have to type in my password like he used to all the time i used to always have to type it, but now it’s like so convenient, so easy and that’s. Just like another huge difference, i see with the models and the newer models. It’S, like wow, i don’t, know there’s just a lot of stuff i’m amazed about and like yeah and the sound quality guys.

The sound quality is amazing. Mother’S computer and install honey. Wait like the sound is so amazing. It sounds like a speaker, Music. Okay, i don’t want to get copyrighted um, but the sound is just amazing compared to like my old one and stuff, it sounds like literally like a good like small speaker, that’s crazy, because this is like a laptop anyways. I want to show you guys what i ordered your dot is pretty and then i got a um keyboard cover, keep it cleaner and a screen protector. I did not know they sold those, so that is really cool. I can’t wait for this to come in this one’s, just so nice and thin. I can’t, oh my gosh. I love it. Can’T wait for the case to come in. I got the 1500 one and it’s beautiful and i love it and it’s amazing let’s go back to the video okay guys. I got my macbook here. Okay, i got my macbook right here. It’S set up and everything i’m gon na play so there it is there’s. My macbook i’ve been wanting this one it’s, my old one, this one’s so much heavier and thicker like oh, my gosh, i didn’t realize how much big of difference it is. That is the end of this video guys.