Around that same time i was also looking to replace that old, macbook and a surface pro 4 that i would edit videos on. So after some thought, i decided a mac will be my next laptop and i waited for the rumored 14 or 16 inch macbook until i became impatient of waiting a year and bought the m1 macbook pro i’ve been using this laptop for the past six months, primarily To edit videos and get schoolwork done on – and this is my review Music – the biggest bug surrounding this device in particular, is the performance. So i’ll leave this video off with that. To sum it up, it has more than enough power for most of the people. Using this, even when pushing higher performance tasks and don’t take that lightly, these 13 inch macbook pros used to run horribly in most graphics and heavy cpu bound activities, but with the complete absence of intel on this device, the speed is ridiculous. I’Ll show you the export time of one of my videos shot entirely in 4k and exported as such. What you’ll notice is that apple’s m1 processor is able to export that video in quicker than real time speeds, which is nuts, if you’re, rendering videos a lot and working in final cut pro the performance improvements goes beyond the heavy workloads, even when doing day to day Tasks like opening links, files and having lots of stuff open in the background, the new processors have a quick and snappy feel that i sometimes take for granted.

I should also probably note right now that i bought the extra 8 gigs of ram, bringing it up to 16 gigabytes total and i also upgraded the ssd. Please note that once you buy this laptop, you are stuck with the specs. You chose and cannot upgrade parts later on. If you think you might need more storage or ram, buy it without out of the way i’m not going to bore you any further by reading off the specs, so i’ll leave them on screen. In case, you need to pause and look at it. Suffice to say performance will not be an issue for people, doing moderate work and occasional heavy tasks. Despite how much i just raved about the new cpu, it hasn’t been perfect, but mostly its problems with the software. With the new transition to apple made cpus, i haven’t experienced any problems with running older apps like i was expecting. However, i have had more issues with the software on this display and the slicing and final cut. The display issue revolved around my current external monitor, randomly cutting the signal every few minutes and cutting off part of the screen. Another issue is that the main display on the macbook would flicker violently when turning up the brightness i’m happy to report. However, that both of these issues have been fixed through multiple software updates and i no longer have any display issues and, as for the final cut issue, i would be in the middle of editing a project when the macbook would freeze up randomly and just start lagging.

I hadn’t had this issue when i started using the mac, but i suspect that a software update will fix it in the future. It only happens once every few projects, but when it does, i restart my computer and the issue goes away most of the time. These two problems are very minor annoyances when looking at the benefits of the m1 processor, so i wouldn’t worry a lot about those if you’re considering buying this laptop, something you definitely should consider is the battery life apple claims. You can get around 20 hours of battery life and even though i’ll never hit what the manufacturer claims, i can still go around a few hours and only lose 20 percent. To be honest, though, i’ve never fully drained the battery in the macbook, since it lasts so long. The best example i can give of the battery life takes me back to january of this year when my power went out for a few days, thanks tree later on. I headed over to a friend’s house and didn’t plug in at all, so i could test the battery out and was able to go through a full day of virtual school before going back to our hotel with 57 percent of battery life. After around five hours of use, i wasn’t going easy on the macbook either. I had the screen around three quarters brightness, while using zoom chrome with a dozen or so tabs and spotify that’s, the kind of battery life that i realistically need out of a laptop, and i never worried that i’d run out of that battery.

I suspect that most people will be plenty fine, with the amount of battery life that you can get. But if you run low, you can plug into a power bank as well. I’Ve gone over enough about the internals of this machine, so let’s take a break and talk about how it looks the case. Design is untouched from the previous model and it still rocks the cold and smooth aluminum that weighs in at a portable three pounds gone. Are the butterfly switches from the 2016 through 2019 macbooks and here to stay, are the more tactile and clicky scissor switches? I won’t go in depth on why these new keyboards are far better, but let’s just say that the previous model had its issues well on the topic of the keyboard, the talkbar lives for another day, despite rumors that it’ll be gone on the next m1 macbook. I haven’t found it to be all that useful in my workflow, but it also hasn’t gotten in the way of me doing work for some. It may be a crucial buying decision, but for most people, i’d say that you really don’t need it. Unless you want to load games onto your keyboard to the left of the keyboard, you’ve got two thunderbolt 4 ports that are fine, but i wish that there are more than two like the higher end intel macbook. Pro models would get when i plug into power and into my display dongle. All the ports are used up with nothing else left for an ssd unless they plug into the adapter it’s a minor annoyance.

But beware that you may need to carry around extra adapters with you, depending on your workflow. Also, the 3.5 millimeter headphone port is still on the right side. Next, to one set of speakers that sound pretty good for a laptop this size and get pretty loud without distorting i’ll, let you listen to how it sounds so put on a good pair of headphones and take a listen for yourself, painkillers, Music Applause. You may notice that it doesn’t have the same amount of bass that the higher end macbook pro 13s get, and especially the ones on the 16 inch models. However, it still sounds well balanced and i’ve got nothing to really complain about for normal listening. The trackpad is the last area i’ll go over and as you’d expect from a macbook, it is still the best out there in its class, thanks to the taptic motors that simulate evenly pressured clicks all around through vibrations. While on the topic of best in class, that 2560 by 1600 display uses a new 16 by 10 aspect ratio and looks stunning from just about any angle, it gets plenty bright and sunlight and can boost up to 500 nits of peak brightness. The display is sharp. P3 color accurate and a good size for many on the go. The only thing missing is an option for nanotech’s glass like on the pro display xdr. It would really help in cutting down the glare on this display. I’M also still hoping that a 14 inch variant comes out at some point but i’m glad the apple stuck with a familiar design to smoothen out the transition, the line if it ain’t broke, don’t fix.

It perfectly describes this laptop and the intentions that apple set out for their first apple silicon macbook pro apple didn’t, do anything different with this laptop from the previous model and i’m fine with it. Since i won’t experience any big issues on the hardware side, the front facing camera is the only exception to that. I really wish apple would have fixed it since the 720p webcam is all right for video conferencing, but it looks extremely pixelated on the bright side like right here. The studio quality microphones that apple brought over sound fantastic for built in microphones, it’s good enough, in fact, that i’ve recorded a few of my outros using it. When i didn’t want to pull out my main microphone and set it up good job apple onto microphones. But please improve that camera system this year to at least 1080p, like on a newly redesigned imacs, as i wrap up this review. Let’S talk about money. The m1 macbook pro starts in at a hefty 1299, but the variant i’m showing here is 16.99, since the ram and ssd were upgraded. In my opinion, the price is a little high for the same design, but the added cooling fan higher max brightness the touch bar and a bigger battery make it worth the extra money for my use case over the macbook air. If you don’t need those things, though, the macbook air with the m1 processor is probably the laptop that you should be looking at and now to answer the question at the end of any review: is this product worth the money well i’m going to leave it for You to decide if the added power is worth the deal, but what i will say is if you pick one of these up, you’ll have a well rounded device and a familiar experience that finally has the power it needed all along the only thing to keep in Mind is that a new macbook is right around the corner that will supposedly fix the lack of ports.

Add a mini, led display and even be more powerful. At the same time, i became tired of waiting and i’m glad. I bought this computer, but if you’re not desperate for one right now and can possibly wait a few more months, i think it might be wise to hold out. Thank you for sticking around to the end of this review and if you enjoyed it or found it useful in any way, please give this video a like and consider subscribing to more tech content every week. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below and i’ll do my best to get back to you.