I hope you guys are doing well. So, as you all know, the m1 imac has finally launched. Everyone is doing their reviews now, if you guys are in this channel for some time now, then you guys must have seen that i had purchased the m1 macbook pro back when it was released, and now this is the six month review of it and what i Think about it, what i feel about it should i upgrade: was this a good decision or not let’s find out with that being said, if you guys are interested on tips and tricks on video, editing on final cut pro premiere pro and all those stuff, then do Make sure to subscribe to this channel because we have to play with that youtube algorithm and get this to reach more unknown people with that being said, let’s get started, and so, as you all know, m1 macbook pro it has been a sensation. It has been something which was revolutionary and for me to this day, as per my experience, it has not let me down. There are some hiccups of it. There are some disadvantages of its design. There are some disadvantages to sports, but so far performance wise. It is still, i feel, one of the best max apple has ever created. I have the imac. I have the imat 5k, which was older version, the 2019 one, but so far this one is doing much much better in almost every task out there.

So let me just go on step by step of what i think about this laptop after six months of using it. So, just in a short nutshell: yes, it has degraded in quality just a little bit, especially in performance, especially in the thermals of it, because previously, when i purchased it, it was super cool super silent, but now it does get a little bit hot and in some Cases, the fans start running a little bit louder than usual so which cases are those we’re going to find in this video? First of all, the display extremely good display extremely good 4k display extremely good color accuracy. I love the display only thing it is 13 inch. It is small, yes, it is a little bit of disadvantage. Maybe the 16 inch one will be much better for some people, but still it is a good trade off for the good picture quality which i get. Second of all the ports. Two ports are not enough and on one side it is just not sufficient. I like not using the dongles, because i don’t like things hanging around around my laptop. I use a ssd which always sits behind my laptop, but i do not do not like using the dongle, because it is just an extra addition which is added to the laptop. I just don’t like it. For some reason, when i have to use a hdmi port, something like that at those points i have to use the dongle, but otherwise i don’t really use it much and for mouse i use a bluetooth mouse or i use the touchpad which, by the way, it’s Amazing, the touchpad has always been one of my favorite things about the laptops because of which i also brought the magic trackpad for the imac too.

So that is one of the good things about apple laptops. The trackpad is amazing, so the third and most important part, in my opinion, the performance, how you guys think of this laptop as a performance beast what it performs. How it is, was this a good decision, so in simple words? Yes, it was a good decision for day to day tasks such as notion, gmail website, designing and all those stuff it just flawless it’s so far so snappy mac os always is one of the best os out there. It is extremely good, extremely reliable, extremely secure. So most of the things are extremely fast when it comes content creation, where you guys must be wondering what it actually feels like. So for final cut pro x users, it is blazingly fast, 4k videos, even 5k videos, 60 videos, editing very fast. It just color great stabilizes added effects. All those things are done really really smoothly and most of the time the rendering is super smooth. Of course, i will recommend you to turn off the automatic background render because it does slow down your computer a little bit, but so far in my case, it has been really a good experience. However, when it comes to plugins, all plugins are still not yet compatible. Such as pixelm studios are still working on it. Motion vfx for now most of the plugins are compatible except some. My plugins are always compatible, so register short for that part.

So with that being said, if you guys are planning on purchasing any plugin from any website make sure to check whether it is compatible with m1 or not Music premiere pro premiere pro, i have missed feelings. I will say that it is still not optimized. It is still not a good option. Computer does get a little bit hot while using it. The fast do get turned on while using it. So don’t use premiere pro. If you are using the m1 macbook pro then do my should use final cut, because that is going to be the most back for the buck, as well as the most efficient software out there for editing in this laptop and lightroom lightroom. The lightroom classic is still not optimized, so it is still a little bit slow, but the main lightroom, the lightroom, which i personally don’t like is very fast. It is blazingly fast because it is optimized for the m1 chip, but the classic one is still not yet optimized. It is still running on rosetta. However, if you guys are okay with the normal lightroom, the main one which i don’t like just don’t like, if you are an og user, you guys must not like the new lightroom as well. You guys must be liking, the classic, always it’s classic for a reason. That’S, why we all like it right so yeah? That is how the performance is so far. It is good in simple languages, but there are some points.

There are some specific uses where the laptop just sounds like an airplane taking off, for example, gpu intensive task tasks such as stabilizing footages, even adding some glitch effects, other sorts of transitions, those are all fine but say for example, if you’re using or put in seven Or eight different kinds of glitch effects, then the computer does get hot and the fans start running, but in most cases i’m sure you guys will not require that kind of usage other than those. The most typical scenario where i saw that the m1 macbook pro is lacking is video encoding, say, for example, i’m converting, a h.265 video to h.264 or say, for example, converting a mov to mp4 or a 4k to 1080p, something with a software such as wondershare video Converter or something like handbrake, which is free of cost in those cases, it is extremely gpu intensive and those are the scenarios where your laptop will just sound crazy. It is just going to be sounding like a plane taking off. It is just so so you know, i will say that it turns extremely hot. The fans are extremely loud: okay, so i’m, just converting a small amov file to mp4 format, file using the wondershare video converter. I don’t know whether you guys can hear it or not, but the fan noise is insane coming out of this laptop. Let me just you know, bring the phone closer to the laptop, so those are the scenarios which i think you guys should be worried about, but i don’t think it is uh something that typical, which you do on a daily basis.

But if you do then do make sure to get the intel ones, because graphics are much better on those or maybe windows are a better option of course. For always, in those cases i will say that’s it um overall it’s, a extremely good laptop. It is definitely bang for the buck if you are even not eligible for the student discount. Just ask any of your friends child or someone who is in college, someone known to get educational discount for you, because that is going to itself. Give a massive discount to the pricing and, of course, with several different kinds of bank credit cards. They also give much more discounts so check them out. Of course, this is one of the good purchases i have personally made. Should you buy it now? If you are in dire need of a laptop, then yes, this is the way to go. However, not all softwares are compatible. Like i already mentioned. Not all softwares are yet optimized, so make sure to check them out such as autocad is still not yet optimized. I’M. An architecture student, but i do use a windows laptop to use those softwares, because this is still not yet optimized photoshop. I think it is optimized, but i still don’t use it much on this laptop, i use affinity photo i use lightroom. I use final cut pro. I don’t use premiere pro on this laptop. I use it on my windows laptop, so those are the use case scenarios which i use other than those daily tasks.

Like you already mentioned, it is always pleasingly fast on any apple laptops out there. So destruction, you guys, are covered for all cases. I told you all the disadvantages of it. Ports are a situation which i think most of you guys will have. So if you guys have some time, if you guys want to wait for the next one, then do wait, because the restaurant will be much faster and all the hiccups with this particular processor. They are going to improve it in the next one. So stay tuned.