So i’ve owned it for about three months, and here are my thoughts. Okay, so first i’m gon na talk about the design of this macbook uh. This design is pretty good overall um. This design has been used since late 2016 when the macbook pro got a design revamp um. But at this point in mid 2021 the bezels kind of do look kind of dated, but it’s overall, not too bad. This machine weighs about three pounds, so it’s pretty easy to take with you and it can easily be held with one hand. This does have the magic keyboard, which sounds and feels a lot better to type on than the butterfly switches it had before so here’s a listen between what it sounds like on the butterfly keyboard on the 2017 macbook pro and the magic keyboard on this m1 macbook. Pro so, as you just saw and heard there’s a massive difference in the sounds of the keys as well as that full millimeter of key travel on the magic keyboard, it feels much better to type on the magic keyboard and the other keyboard. The butterfly keyboard it’s. Just very loud, very clicky, and it does not feel that great the type on so now i’m going to talk about the screen. So this has a 13.3 inch retina display with a 2560×1600 resolution, with 264 ppi pixels per inch and up to 500 nits of brightness, which i find plenty bright for both indoor and outdoor usage and the color accessory of the display is very nice to have, especially When video editing or looking at photos and videos, so before i talk about the ports on this machine, let me tell you about the webcam for a second, so this machine has a 720p webcam which looks better than previous macbooks, but it’s, not as good as an Ipad’S webcam or iphone’s webcam, but in decently good lighting like this, it does all right, but if you don’t have the best lighting like this, you can definitely see the limits of a 720p webcam compared to like the iphone or even the ipad, so seriously apple.

You need to make a better webcam in these it’s, just like there’s such good uh quality in like an iphone here or even the ipad, but not in the macbook like why can’t apple just do it already like it’s it’s, taken them so long they’ve had this Design for five years i’m sure they can do something all right enough of talking about the webcam now uh i kind of went on a little rant, but i’m gon na talk about the specs and configurations you can get at this machine. You look at the specs and configurations on this machine, so there’s two little like base configurations that you can configure from so again. This macbook pro comes in two colors. I have the silver one, so yeah silver um, these both come with the same chip, same eight core cpu and gpu, and the only difference here is the storage on these two, which adds the extra 200 dollars of space here. So if you want to stay here right, you can see you can’t really. Can you can configure how much unified memory you have, which is basically ram for all parts of the system instead of just like ram which i’ll get to more in a minute? So you can get eight gigs or you can get 16 gigs of unified memory, so that adds 200. If you go for that um you can. It starts at 256 for this 1.99 model, but you can go up to two terabytes of internal storage.

If that’s, what you like to do, i went with 512 gigs and it’s plenty for me for now. Um it didn’t actually get final cut pro bundled with this one. I just bought it separately, but it works well and yeah. So it’s, not too many configurations. You can get from, but it’s still quite a bit, so the unified memory. So if you see this unified memory right here, instead of just traditional ram, that you would find in like any other computer, where it’s just for caching files and stuff unified ram, does that and more so it’s it’s also used as dedicated video memory as well kind Of like what you would find in dedicated graphics cards, you’d have like vram as they call it, so this can act as vram or regular ram, and it can do all those, so it will be used throughout the whole parts of all the components instead of just For certain tasks so that’s, what unified memory is? I hope i did a decent job at explaining. So those are the configurations you can get these all right, so i’m, going to talk about battery life so for this m1 macbook pro apple does claim on their website. That there’s up to 20 hours of battery life. However, if you look at the footnote on the bottom, it clearly says that it was from streaming a 1080p video from the tv app and about 50 brightness, which i’m not sure if that completely lives up to that 20 hour claim.

But i’ll tell you from my experience from this macbook pro using it for about three months: okay, so overall, this easily gets me for the day, barely breaking a sweat um on a travel day. I had i use the macbook pro for about like an hour sitting at the airport, just typing up for a script for this video and researching that drained about five percent, which is pretty well done there then i spent another hour on the flight continuing to type Up the script and it only drained another three percent of battery, so that is pretty good for this, considering it’s a massive improvement from the intel max that came before. So that was like one of the most like least intensive days. I’Ve had with this macbook pro, but i’ll tell you about this one very intensive day i had not too long ago, so i had a day where i had to be away from the charger basically all day long, so i decided not to bring the charger because I felt comfortable with the battery life on this machine, so i started using it around noon and i did some heavy video editing for a couple. Hours exported a video which drained about 25 leaving 75 total remaining, which is significantly better for my 2019 13 inch. Macbook pro, which would have been like dead after this point, even editing, an imovie instead of final cut pro it wasn’t, even the battery that degraded it was literally like a brand new battery, and i barely had any cycles put on it.

It was just the intel chip just sucked power so much so after i did some of the editing i went on to watch some youtube videos and picture and picture while typing on monkey type for about another hour or so, and that drained the battery by 12, Which left 60 30 on the battery, which is like around noon? I mean no it’s about 1 pm at this point um. After that, i went to watch some full screen videos at 1080p for about another two hours which turning the battery down another 10 to 53, and at this point it was already 5 p.m. And it looks like i had a couple hours left to be over here. Without the charger, so i decided to just keep using it and see how it went so i remained off the charger and i did video editing for another hour or so and that drained the battery down to 43 um i’m. Not gon na tell you what i continued to do, or else it would be a long time, but it was basically the same uh stuff i was doing video editing, web browsing, watching youtube, etc. So i’d say overall this laptop’s battery life is superb. It is best in class all right so next i’m going to talk about the performance and thermals of this machine, so i’m, first going to say up front that the performance and thermals of this laptop are way better than what i was considering um since i was Coming from the 2019 13 inch macbook pro, i really didn’t have faith or that much faith i should say in the thermals of this machine, but it turned out all right and i decided to just go for the 13 inch macbook pro instead of a macbook air.

While i do know there’s like barely a difference in power and all that stuff i figured the fan would be much better for the stuff i do and the thermals so that’s what i went for i’m glad i did that so on with the thermals. So when i usually play minecraft regardless on lunar client or the og minecraft launcher, it still runs with no fan. Noise and cpu temperatures stay at around 100 to 125 degrees fahrenheit when limiting the fps to 90 to a 100 fps, which it actually does stay around. That fps most of the time, which is significantly better than um, my 2019 13 inch macbook pro, which would often have 150 degrees fahrenheit to 180 degrees fahrenheit, even with turning the fan, almost all the way up to full, which is way too hot. In my opinion – and i don’t think i could have lasted much longer with that and those same temperatures still apply even when i start screen recording with quicktime uh the built in screen recorder on max. If you don’t know what that is um, the only thing i can know of to ramp up the fans on this macbook is live streaming. 1080 6c, with my dual monitor ipad setup and it still stays at around 140 to 150 degrees, fahrenheit even playing lunar client, and it still stays at that point, which is very good. So, overall thermals are really good on this macbook pro, even for light and moderate heavy tasks.

So now the performance so um the performance of this laptop. I have no complaints at all. All the system stay, snappy, there’s, no drop frames, i ever see and all the apps load super fast. All universal apps, like apple stock, apps, final cut pro and lunar client, for example, open very fast and barely drain battery life at all. If you don’t know what universal apps are, those are basically apps for mac that are designed for intel chips and apple silicon chips, so those run way better than unoptimized intel apps, which i’ll get to in a second, so for some context: um some universal apps. So some unoptimized apps that i use on a daily basis on this machine are obs discord and the original minecraft launcher, which they all run well and they do run slightly slower than optimized apps, but they still run great so overall, i’d give performance like a 10 Out of 10, if i was writing it, it’s really good for this caliber machine, and i could not have wanted more so last but not least, i’m going to talk about the editing performance in final cut pro since that’s. What i use um. So i usually edit my videos either in 1080p 60 or i edit them in 4k 60. But nowadays, most of my videos are 4k 60 when they’re released to youtube. So when i edit in 4k 60 for most of my videos, it works pretty well scrubbing across the timeline, is very smooth for most parts and even using dual monitors with the ipad sidecar.

I have no complaints, no problems, editing, montages and content on this thing. At all, the only slight problems i run into is when i start to edit 4k 60 hdr video on the iphone 12 pro, but for the most part it plays back pretty smoothly. But when i apply 3d text on the screen or complicated transitions frames do drop. However, it is more than just tolerable, and i know that the footage is so much somewhat tough to deal with so overall editing performance in final cut pro is great and it only starts to choke when dealing with tough hdr footage. Okay. So, in conclusion, if you are just looking for a mac for basic to moderate tasks, then this mac is right down your alley. It’S the perfect one, even if you are just starting to become a first mac user and plan on doing moderate to heavy tasks. This is also just a great option, even if you’re coming from windows, it’s just a very nice machine, and if you really need to run windows, apps there’s many alternatives out there, there’s like crossover for mac, which lets you run, windows, apps, Music, you’re, definitely not going To be playing tons of games on here, but if you do play games, they should run pretty decent on this machine. So with that, thank you all for watching this video.