Apple released the refresh of their macbook line last november, which shipped with their own in house processor, the m1 chip, so basically their new m1 chip is the cpu gpu on ram all in one chip or as they call it, an soc or system on chip. It uses the same type of processor they use in their iphones, meaning it’s. An arm based cpu that receives arm based instructions and apple claimed some insane improvements, promising nearly three times: cpu performance, five times, graphics, performance and eleven times. Machine learning performance compared to their last macbook, 13. that’s all right, but they also claimed 20 hours of battery life. 20 hours, so i traded my old macbook in for the new base model m1 and wanted to find out what the hype was about Music. Here it is the m1 macbook pro 13 inch. It looks the exact same as a previous generation macbook pro 13.. In fact, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell them part if they were right beside each other and the only real differences are the new m1 chip, a slightly larger battery better, so called studio, quality, mics and that’s. It now i’ve been using it for a little over three weeks as my daily driver and here’s. What i’ve got to say. The macbook pro line without a doubt has the best speakers in any laptop, with a 16 inch at the top and the 13 inch just below it. Nothing even comes close.

The base, the clarity, the highs, mid and lows, even at high volumes, there’s, basically, no distortion. Here’S, a quick speaker test Music. I enjoy tapping on this keyboard. I actually do it’s nice and deep for a laptop and whenever i’m coding it feels nice and responsive above the keyboard. We have the touch bar and i have mixed feelings about it. I like the idea – and it does come in useful for adjusting things like brightness volume and skipping songs, but apart from that that’s all i really use it for beside. It is the escape key and fingerprint sensor that also doubles as the power button. The fingerprint sensor is great and fast like really fast, but the start of the show is the trackpad. I love it it’s the best trackpad on any laptop out there hands on, like the gesture control, how it feels the vibration motors. So how does it actually perform in one word: unreal genuinely unreal. So there are three types of applications on these new m1 chips: optimized not optimized and ios. Ipad apps, optimized apps, like final cut pro microsoft edge and intellij, perform amazing, even with 10 different apps open. It doesn’t lag or feel slow. So, on a typical day, i would have discord open 27 different tabs notion for taking notes, microsoft, teams for lectures and either intellij or r studio open, depending on which homework i’m working on, and the only thing that feels slow are the apps that aren’t m1 optimized.

The laptop is fast and responsive compiling code on it feels instant and regular day to day tasks like watching videos or scrolling online feel clean and smooth. There are some cons, however, so with the not optimized apps they run through rosetta too for most apps. It works, but there are the occasional glitches and hiccups that do get annoying. One really annoying fact is that the entire adobe suite is not m1 optimized when it comes to using and installing ios and ipad apps i’ve never actually found this feature to be useful because the popular apps and games like instagram snapchat and clash of clans aren’t actually Available in the app store when you search for them, and the only other way to get them, is by sideloading them into your macbook overall, the apple claims were true. This new m1 chip outperforms their intel counterparts in almost every way, and we can only really expect that this will get better over time as developers optimize. Their apps for the m1 apple could have just left it at improving the performance like if the performance was improved and battery life stayed the same. That would have already made a good product, but since the new m1 chip was built on a five nanometer process, this allows the chip to have up to three times the performance per watt than their previous gen macbook. What does this actually mean? Well apple claimed. You can get up to 20 hours of screen on time on the macbook pro i haven’t tested this out yet, but i can tell you that the cycle count of my current macbook is only three meaning in my thorough testing from when i received the macbook up Until now, i’ve only been able to drain the battery completely three times the battery is just great.

I went on a 4r road trip a couple of weeks ago, where i used premiere pro after effects and 30 different tabs to edit my first video and by the end of the four hours of an extremely intense workload, the battery percentage was at 27. That is unreal, especially considering the apps weren’t m1 optimized therefore take out more processing power in terms of day to day use with my regular workflow of coding, attending lectures, meetings and media consumption on average. I end the day on 43, after using it for like 10 hours, which is amazing, my old macbook would drain after 4 hours with the same workload, depending on what you do. The m1 macbook air might actually be better for you. The gig bench benchmark shows that they actually perform. Similarly, the only differences are that the pro has a bigger battery, a fan. Yes, the m1 air has no fan better speakers, a better microphone and a slightly brighter screen, but is that worth the 300 difference? There really are only two main reasons why i bought the pro over the air. The first is what i like to call sustained performance because of the fact that air doesn’t have a fan. You can’t, have the processor operate at 100 for long periods of time, because it will start thermal throttling. What this means is that when the processor gets too hot, it cuts down on performance, and this only really matters if you’re doing things like video editing, where you need to have the performance at 100 for long periods of time.

So if you’re doing things like 3d graphics, rendering video editing and compiling large data sets, i would recommend getting the macbook pro. The second biggest reason is definitely the battery life like, depending on how you use it. You could go days without charging the battery, so if you’re someone who likes to travel or use your laptop a lot unplugged, i would definitely recommend getting the pro over the air. But in terms of long term longevity, the macbook air is actually better because of the fact there are no fans. This means that there are no mechanical moving parts and dust doesn’t get into your system. At the end of the day for the average student or person the best laptop to buy, it would probably be the m1 macbook air it’s, a great laptop for trying to get into the apple ecosystem and it by far outperforms any laptop out there with the same Price now don’t get me wrong. The macbook pro is a great laptop.