Well. Today lets compare one of the better budget windows options with my favorite m1 budget option as budget as apple gets the m1 macbook air which comes out on top and which would i recommend to that student – slash teleworking, i dont think do people do other things other Than that i dont think so what would i recommend for them? Lets find out and while were finding out id like to thank todays sponsor skillshare whats up everyone im the everyday dad and if i can figure it out, you can figure it out. You might be saying to yourself gary this comparison. Doesnt make any sense. Why would someone looking into a laptop consider either of these two options? Well, personally, when im looking to buy something, i try to get the best bang for my buck and not necessarily what makes sense to compare both of these computers are pretty darn powerful and both are roughly the same price. I think there are absolutely some folks out there that will come down to these two for their computing need, and you know what this video will be waiting just for you and a quick disclaimer. Nobody provided me either these laptops i purchased both of these myself lets start off with these specs and ordering options, if youve never heard of either of these laptops – and you might not have ever actually heard about the victus apparently im one of three people on the Planet that actually bought one, the m1 macbook air can be had at its base model for 999 dollars or less.

If you buy refurbished or find a deal on like amazon or something like that for this price, youll get the eight core, m1 processor, eight gigabytes of unified memory. What apple calls ram a 256 gigabyte, solid state drive and that seven core integrated gpu. I feel like im so far away. You can take that all the way up to a version with 16 gigabytes of ram, a two terabyte solid state drive and an eight core integrated gpu all for 2049.. The victus, on the other hand, actually has a lot more options for customization and it even splits across two different processors. At its cheapest. You can get the amd ryzen, 5, 5600 h, six core processor, eight gigabytes of ram, a 256 gigabyte solution drive and the nvidia gtx 1650 graphics card for 7.99. You can take this all the way up to an 11th gen intel core i7 or an amd ryzen. 5800, h8, core processor, 32 gigabytes of ram, a one terabyte solid state drive and the nvidia rtx 3060 graphics card all for 15.09. The version i have is the i5 variant with the 3050., and let me pause right here to say that thats, a pretty darn good deal for all of the specs that you can cram into this thing were not pre. Judging the conclusion of this video but thats pretty awesome now that weve got the specs out of the way we can smash these together and get some kind results like a laptop pinata.

I have three things that i consider when im looking at laptops, power, portability and practicality – are how it is to use the laptop last video. We started with power, so this video lets start off with portability. Yes, the macbook air is the smaller computer. I mean look right here: you can physically see that they have a pretty big difference in size. This is a 13 inch laptop versus a 16.1 inch laptop, but i dont necessarily think that smallness is the only factor when we think about portability. How much stuff am i are you going to need to make the computer work, i think, is a better sense of how portability really shakes out and you might think, im crazy. Looking at this size difference, my wife probably does. This is closer than you might think. A big part of portability comes down to what kind of i o the computer has built into it. Will i need dongles? Will i need docs adapters, those kind of things to work both working from home and working on the road? Well, thats less portable and the macbook air only has two thunderbolt 3 ports makes the computer super small and if you are only going to use this as a travel machine yeah, i guess thats fine. But if you need a computer to plug into a home office and a work office or something else, youre going to need, potentially several adapters and dongles to make that work, and i hate i hate dongles, i hate adapters, you lose them, they get broken.

They just dont work its a frustrating experience and i would gladly pay more in both money and an actual physical size of my computer to have that stuff built in well on the victus. It has exactly what i want on a laptop its got: a full hdmi, usb c usb sd card headphone, its its laid out wonderfully. You could not ask for a better amount of ports, except that none of them not even the usbc, is thunderbolt its like the perfect contradiction of each other. One has only thunderbolt and the other doesnt have thunderbolt at all its theyre, a paradox fam, if only the two of you could share ports like you give this one usbc and you give this the sd card slot. I dont know you guys share ports and it would be better overall ports arent. The only thing that make a device portable. Another huge issue is battery life and here its not as fair of a comparison, the victus is a gaming laptop and, while the advertisement says epically long battery life that 70 watt hour battery just isnt going to be able to hold up to all day use when Its unplugged thats just a fact of life. The macbook air, on the other hand, well its in its own league as far as battery life goes lasting for literal days at a time and while its on that battery life, youll get the full power of that eight core processor, which you will not get on A windows laptop thats, not just a victus thing, thats in every windows, laptop thing, so both laptops succeed and both laptops fail a bit in portability.

Do you want to bring along your power adapter, or do you want to bring along dongles and docks its pretty much? The option youre going to have to have between these two next up lets talk power before we really dig into power. I want to remind you that i have the i5 version of the victus and i also have the base model of the macbook air. So both of these machines are the base model variants, and you might think that, because the i5 is a lower end processor that it might suffer in that power department. Well, fam. Let me tell you that couldnt be farther from the case. This 11th gen i5 is one of the most impressive computer processors ive seen since the m1 came out its so crazy that these two processors line up real close to each other when we run them through the cinebench benchmarking program, the m1 does come out on top For single core performance, but the victus comes out on top for multi core and it has two less cores than the m1 thats thats incredible seriously remarkable stuff. The m1 has easily been my favorite processor released over the last few years and while those ryzen chips have been dominating benchmarks, ive been very impressed with this i5 chip over the past week since were talking about school work or productivity. Here, thats not as big of a deal as it might be if we were talking about gaming, but i have zero issues recommending either of these to you, based on power, while were neck and neck.

Here, though, we wont be staying that way, because, while the seven core gpu on my macbook air, its great in all, unless you are using graphical programs optimized and designed for the m1 arm architecture, its not going to be able to keep up with the rtx 3050 Powered at 75 watts thats hiding inside of the chassis of the victus. If you are planning on doing more video gaming and less paying attention in class, look no judgments here. Gary here might have gotten in trouble a time or two for playing everquest, while not paying anything close to attention in math. Yes, i get it that that does kind of date me a little bit. Ask your parents, whatever quest, was, but if you are planning on doing more, even your parents, probably dont, know what every quest was. But if you were planning on doing more gaming, i would easily push you towards the victus. I love the macbook and its done fine. On all the small, less intensive games that i play, wow classic rim, world minecraft stuff, like that, its not a computer, that i would recommend, if you had more of a gaming slant to your activities, productivity wise both of these easily meet or exceed what someone would Need to make an excel sheet argue about technology on twitter or stare at a powerpoint presentation for three hours. At a time, surprise, kids. It keeps happening when you grow up too and lastly, how do these computers compare to each other practically just? How is it to use both? Well, as we mentioned, the macbook air is tiny and the victus is pretty big, but build quality wise.

There is an even bigger gulf between them than their physical size. The victus, despite being priced very similarly, is made out of some very cheap feeling plastic. I wish i could call this budget feeling, but its not budget its cheap feeling. There is a ton of flex in the body of the computer tapping on it sounds like tapping on a credit card and the wobble of the monitor cracks me up every time. I see it. I i cant even i could i dont know why i find that so funny it just every time the macbook air is made out of aluminum and feels amazing, like the build quality of all macbooks. This feels incredibly high end and is one of the best feeling laptops around. I dont know how youd even argue that there is no flex there is no wobble and, despite being made of metal, it doesnt smudge that much at all. Yes, the look is rather dated and i am very excited to see what apple comes out with later this year with some of those redesigns. But if you dont mind the slightly older look, this is the better built machine. We already talked about battery life and power. So i wont rehash those, but i do want to touch on thermal performance here. The victus with its intel chip and nvidia graphics card does need some serious thermal management to keep it from overheating and thankfully it handles all of that very well.

During those benchmarks ive been running, i didnt see any problems and even when maxing out the processor, the computer was able to keep this at a comfortable temperature, which is impressive. Considering the numbers that this thing was putting out, the macbook air doesnt have a cooling system. It just doesnt have anything at all: there is no fan built into the computer, there are no vents in the chassis, nothing and because of that there are workflows that could give you thermal problems. However, in my use of this computer for the last nine months, i havent actually had any of those problems. The only time i can get this computer to slow down is, if im purposefully trying to get it to slow down and even then its the memory that gives up before the computer actually slows down due to thermals, but its way quieter than the victus. Because there is no fan thats a positive, i really like how quiet this thing is typing on both is actually really nice. I think the macbook air has my favorite keyboard ever and the victus. To its credit, the keys feel very similar. The victus also has a full number pad on the side, so accountants and number crunchers. You should be pretty pleased by that. I normally like this section of videos normally has more to say or to complain about when it comes to keyboards, but im really happy with both. I do think the victis might be a tad cramped and which is surprising because of the size of the laptop but its, not all that bad and id.

Rather, the keys be a little closer together to give me that number pad. I do sometimes have to number crunch i like having number pads, but at the end of the day, so what right? Which of these computers would i recommend to those needing a work or school computer youre, not gon na like this, i think both excel in different ways. If you need a computer to be a, do it all machine and you do play a fair amount of games id recommend the victus its no problem at all to plug this into a monitor keyboard mouse. Everything based on the i o of the computer alone and its not that big, that it would be untenable as a walk around school computer, though, in my experience that was on the huge machines from the early 2000s, so mileage might vary. I may expect a different size of computer than you all might expect, but if you want a smaller machine and have a thunderbolt accessory setup that you want to use, i also have no problems recommending the macbook air, its crazy powerful, for how small it is its Built very well, i love mine. This is easily my favorite laptop of recent memory. The tough thing about todays video and i already know im going to get angry comments regardless. The tough thing is is that both of these excel in different areas, so i cant say cut and dry that one is objectively better than the other, because neither is they are both great valued laptops and from what ive seen of both, i would have no issue Recommending either to you and id again like to thank todays sponsor skillshare skillshare is an online learning community for creatives where millions come together to take the next step in their creative journey, its for creative and curious people, lifelong learners, real working creatives and the everyday beginner That wants to learn some creative stuff.

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