So what do you do next? Well, we got the macbook air m1 just to find out if it’s as good as how internet claimed it to be and here’s a tldr version. Well, this is one of the best macbook apple has ever made, especially in the air series. Yes, the hype is real. Now one of the best summary of this macbook could be. Usually, you have a task in mind that you want to execute on your laptop, but with most laptop there’s a lag, but with this new m1 mac there is no lag between the task you have in your mind and the execution it’s like this mac doesn’t even Exist in between that being said, there are few shortcomings here and there, which we will talk about in this video with that said, let’s begin now. This is a simple review on how macbook air m1 performs on day to day basis. I will be focusing less on specs and benchmark and more on how efficiently this device performs in day to day tasks. On that note, let me give you an example of how my typical day looks like with this macbook air. Now i usually have four to five desktop open, irrespective of what computer i’m using, i spent almost all day running multiple applications, applications like slack trello, whatsapp, notion, etc. They usually run in all in one messenger app. Next, i have google chrome with multiple tabs as my primary browser.

I also go live with this computer in our snl as well as use. Google me to take video calls so yeah webcam, mic and speakers are very important these days. Next up, we also use m1. Occasionally, for videoing on final cut pro and at techwiser we have heavy video rating and not just one or two 4k clips. And finally, since it’s work from home, i often find myself working from various location in the house, sometimes from a garden, sometimes from home office and sometimes even from a cafe. So yeah portability and battery life is an important factor for me and to summarize my workflow typically consists of lot of multitasking that too, with heavy application. I also need good, webcam and mic and portability and battery life. So if my workflow matches your workflow, then this video is for you with that said: let’s start with quick unboxing in the box. You get the typical m1 macbook with 8 gigs of ram and 250 gigs of storage. The design is same as previous generation macbook and the display is 2k and it will cost you somewhere around 93 000 rupees. You also get a small charger and a type c2 type c cable more on that soon, okay, so with unboxing out of the way, let’s start with the review video. Now i have taken some notes of my experience with this macbook air from day one to day. Five, so i’m gon na go with the same order and you will have a better idea of how the product actually feels like in day to day use so let’s do this Music, okay! So the first thing i did after booting this mac is, i installed all the application i had on my previous mac.

Now these are the regular apps, such as slack trello, whatsapp, notion, etc. I also installed google chrome and some other photo editing. Apps, like photoshop and, of course, final cut pro also just to push the limit. I installed windows 10 on parallel and here’s, something interesting. I noticed from day one. It has been two months since this m1 was released so pretty much. All applications are now compatible with m1 chip. In fact, even google just released the chrome for m1 and even if it’s not compatible with m1, you can still run the old intel apps on the new m1 using the tech called rosetta 2, which, from a user perspective, is no different. For example, apps, like photoshop or even third party vpn apps, that was made for intel mac, will work on this new m1 right out of the box. So yeah app compatibility is never going to be an issue for most of your people out there, and even if it does happen sometimes well, the developers are constantly updating their software for this m1 chip, so yeah, the future of app compatibility on m1 is really bright. Okay, so the first day was spent mostly on installing application and it wasn’t until the second day. I really started testing this device, and the first thing i noticed is speed. Yes, this macbook m1 is really really fast right from installing application to juggling between them. It never fails now. Here are a couple of interesting things that i noticed and captured throughout the day.

Let me show you. The first thing i notice is the touch id seems pretty fast compared to the old macbook pro and second again, the wake up time of this new m1 is far better than the previous macbook pro and third, in any regular day, i have multiple chrome tabs open. Taking video calls on side – and i use this messenger app called stack, which includes apps like trello, notion, slack and whatsapp. All of them works at the same time and i constantly switch between them and i have not seen any drop in performance. Even in my old macbook pro, there was a slight delay when i switch between the application, but in this new macbook m1 there is no lag now. There are couple of reasons why this m1 is so fast, partly because of the new m1 chip, and also because of the fact that the ssd in this one is twice as fast compared to the previous generation. Now i will leave a link to a very good, detailed article in the description of this video, but in general i’m, not much of a specs or a benchmark kind of a person, and my point here is: i do see a lot of drastic result in day To day performance in this macbook air, m1 and it’s really a good thing, okay. So in the first couple of days i did notice that this m1 can run pretty much any application you throw at it without a complaint, but run it efficiently as well and here’s.

Another major difference that i noticed in first couple of days battery backup okay, so this m1 has pretty much the same size compared to the previous generation and even then it delivers 15 to 20 hours of battery backup after single charge. Thanks to the superior optimization of hardware and software in the new m1 chip and this battery backup also comes with certain perks, for example, during work from home i’m working from several places in my house, sometimes from the home office, sometimes from the living room. So far, and sometimes during the winters, i also go out in the sun and work from there. This means no matter where i am working from. I don’t need a charging point near me. Also. The charger is small on this new macbook air, and yet it takes the same amount of time to charge it compared to the previous generation mac. Also considering the fact that most macbook carry case on amazon are compact, a small charger is an added bonus. And, finally, even if you forgot to bring your charger when you are on the move, your mac can easily last one or two days Music. So far, i’ve used this m1 for general tasks like installing various applications, multitasking portability, battery, etc, and it has outperformed my expectation in every possible way. But what about the most hyped thing about this macbook? Yes, the performance. Can it edit videos on fcp and to be honest, i was a little bit doubtful here, see we purchased a mac mini to edit tech visor videos, but it has under deliver from our expectation.

So i really wanted to check if this macbook air can edit textvisor videos. Well, in our case, the final cut performance is same in both m1 macbook air and m1 mac mini. The only difference we could find is that the macbook air has a slightly better performance due to the 2k display in our testing. Both of them can edit two or three layers of 4k videos without any complaint. But the moment you add 5 to 6 layers of 4k videos with color grading and effects, etc. Both of them becomes unresponsive. I mean you still be able to complete the project, but the experience won’t be flawless, so yeah. This macbook air is sufficient for all the regular work, but in our experience it still cannot do the professional video editing Music. So far, this macbook has outperformed in all the tasks except the video editing. But then again no device is perfect and this is no exception. This macbook also has some shortcomings. 4. Actually, so the first shortcoming, or should i say nitpicking – is that the new m1 macbook has the same design as the previous generation so it’s hard to tell apart the intel and m1 macbook side by side. I was hoping to see some difference just to make me feel good, but that being said at least they have bring back the old keyboard and thankfully there is no touch bar in the macbook air. We have the old, macbook pro and it’s very fragile.

So much so that we have to think twice while carrying it outdoors. Thankfully, i get more confidence when i hold the m1 air. The second shortcoming is in the 720p webcam. As some of you know, we go live on youtube during our snl, and a 1080p would have been much needed, especially during work from home times, when everyone can utilize a good webcam now. My problem here is apple, had a lot of time to improve in this area, but they didn’t. That said, i’m still happy that the webcam on the new m1 macbook air is much better compared to the same camera. We had on macbook pro previous generation, and the third shortcoming is that the experience of running mobile apps on this new m1 simply sucks. Yes, while there are some applications that are available for you to download on the mac via app store. However, these mobile apps are still not very well optimized for the bigger screen. Hopefully, apple will fix that in future, and my final complaint is that you cannot run bootcamp on this new m1 macbook, just like you did in the previous intel based mac. So sometimes when i have to test windows application for a video topic. Well, i cannot do that in this one, but hey, thankfully you can run windows, 10 arm version using parallels new software and it runs perfectly fine, okay, so time for final verdict. Well, this macbook air m1 is really really powerful for general stocks, like heavy browsing, photoshop programming multitasking with multiple application.

This can take all of them very easily. So the question is: should you buy this macbook air m1, or should you wait for m1x well? In our experience, this macbook air m1 offers way more value for money compared to mac, mini or even macbook. Pro it’s pleasingly fast has a great battery life and there’s no issue with app compatibility, which i was a little skeptical about in the beginning. So yeah go for it without a doubt. That being said, it’s still worth pointing out that this cannot edit the visor level of videos which basically includes 4 to 5 layer of 4k footage and color grading etc. So for that, maybe you want to wait for m1x, which is a faster version of m1 and is expected to launch somewhere in june 2021, but for regular people with regular needs. This is more than sufficient and to get it highly recommended. That being said, this is minaj signing off.