My name is dylan james and today i have the macbook air with the m1 chip, and i know you’re all wondering: can it edit 4k let’s find out how nice of them they included the power? Brick that’s, pretty cool? Well, i’m done in my eyes the only thing that this place is missing. Maybe a couple of extra lights start grinding. This is awesome. This is my epic perfect studio space. This is only going to help me make more videos all right, guys. I’Ve got the m1 macbook air and i’m going to let you know exactly what i think of it. This is going to be a raw unboxing. I have a lot of expectations for this laptop, all right, guys so disclaimer. This is not my computer it’s. Actually, just a client of mine um. She requested that i purchase a computer for her and set it up completely, so she can run her business off of it that’s one of the services i do provide. I help people create their own websites and get their business and their brand online i’m able to get you to a point where you feel confident to run your own business, and then i send you off on your way. Of course, i help people down the road, and this is one of those situations where i’ve got the website bill. She needed a computer where she wanted to be able to take control of her own business and i’m going to help her do that in my family, i’m kind of the guy that’s definitely like technology driven and i don’t have any blocks when it comes to technology.

This is great because this is an 800, maybe 900 um computer. Now we got the upgraded model in montana, there’s, no sales tax, so that’s, always the plus um, but i got her the macbook air, the m1 chip, specifically because i know that new m1 shift has been tested proven and people are saying. Can this replace my main editing setup and in a lot of cases? Yes, if you’re not making like 10 minute long weddings or super long videos, i think you could easily get away with using the m1 macbook air just based off what i’ve seen other people stress test and put it through. I think if you got this computer and you’re just trying to make you know 30 second, to like two minute videos on like final cut pro, you would have no problem getting the job done like this is a great budget computer, a lot of people. Won’T say that they’ll say you should always get that one extra thing, the only thing that’s keeping me from getting this computer is that it doesn’t have an sd card slot, and for the past couple of years, mac hasn’t used an sd card slot on any of Their laptops, so luckily the imac pro still has it, but you have to get an adapter now, an adapter it’s only fifteen dollars, but the issue is, it sticks out, it’s like it can be easily lost, and this is the main way or the only way you Can efficiently get photos off your camera into like an external hard drive, so that’s about my only gripe with the computer honestly i’m, just gon na look at it for face value, what it is it’s a small portable machine like this is a tool like people that Are expecting this to be a macbook pro or to be in like something of a professional grade? Quality it’s just not going to be that, but you could very easily get the job done with this computer.

It just might take a little bit longer and for some people – that’s – okay, because they’re not doing it all the time. So don’t be fooled. This this computer is perfect, it’s everything it should be in the past. The macbook air hasn’t been that powerful. But this thing is loaded with power and let’s just open it up, let’s see what we’re getting inside and let’s get on with it. So this is pretty cool, because i’ve always wanted to do this. You guys, like just filming a video with you uh having the time to like this isn’t for myself. This is for my neighbor so i’m, not actually like opening it feeling the emotions that i would feel necessarily for myself for the excitement right now. I’M. Getting to be extremely analytical and just kind of observe, what’s happening with this unboxing but i’m, definitely like looking forward to just seeing like what my thoughts are on it, because this is like my first official unboxing and i don’t know i’m just kind of happy. So let’s just get after it so right off the bat it’s a rose gold macbook air. Honestly, though, this this bums me out, this truly bums me out that they didn’t put an sd card reader in any of their laptops, spoiler alert next year, they’re gon na drop one with sd card, so the next model that comes out will have it, but we Needed a computer now and personally, i don’t think she’s going to be doing a lot of file transferring if anything, it’ll all be sent digitally through google or dropbox from me.

I’Ll send her all the data she needs. This is more social, so you can log into our website and haul our social accounts and kind of run her business off of like a dedicated machine. If you’re running your own business, you should most definitely have at least an ipad, a phone or a computer to strictly run your business off of so you can separate personal from business you’re going to be way more effective everything that lives in this computer it’s, not For personal use, like you can use your phone, you can use your tv at home, whatever it is for like other things, but this is strictly a work machine and we want to make sure that we keep it running efficiently. It’S, a delicate machine it’s, pretty it’s cute, like when you’re working in the digital and marketing world, showing up with nice items, makes a difference. It shows that you care it shows that um. You took the time to protect your items and you know i don’t know this is like already looking really nice i’m gon na keep the box around just because i do not want to drag it around. It does have nice bumpers on the bottom. So you get your charging cable, oh wow, how nice of them they included the power. Brick that’s, pretty cool! You don’t see that too often, 20 21 power. Bricks, i’m, not saying anything mean all right. Let me know if you know what i’m talking about that’s crazy, like honestly who’s ever read this it’s, not even worth our time.

Oh yeah, it’s, pretty it’s like super, pretty all right, guys! Let’S take our first look at opening the 2021 macbook air it’s. A very pretty machine i’ll give it that honestly, i wouldn’t mind having one maybe like i’m so torn like. I want a computer just like this. That can do everything i need, but also have an sd card reader and also seamlessly edit 4k video for like larger projects, but honestly right off the rip. I think this computer’s sick, so why don’t we start setting it up and then we can jump into it. So far, we’re just gon na just keep setting this up for her. This is my job is to set up this computer for her and just kind of make sure everything’s operating and running smoothly. So now what i’m going to do is i’m going to upload. You know all her websites into safari and just kind of make sure all the passwords are saved and she can log into all of her different creator tools, website tools, shopify tools, so that she can just access the things that are important to her and her business. All right guys so who this computer is for is for the intermediate user and honestly, the expert user. I think that this computer is more than enough computing power to get little projects done quickly and efficiently. The only downside is that it doesn’t have that sd port, which is the biggest reason. I would wait so let’s break down some of the key specs to this computer it’s.

The 13 inch led backlit display with ips technology. The brightness settings i’ve got a ton of lights over me. I can see it very well. Brightness seems fine. With this computer for 1250, i think that’s a good price. It has the m1 chip, so the macbook air comes in two different models: pretty much they all. It comes in three different colors, but the model differences are the memory and the price differences. So this is where the price difference comes into play. This is like the only upgrade you get, and that is that you get 512 gigabytes over 256 and i recommend getting the one that costs more only because, but then it gets into the territory. Should i just get the macbook pro macbook pro doesn’t? Have the ports it’s so much more computer? It would be so great if it had ports that made my day to day life, easier, uspa, hdmi, sd card reader, but spend less money, get a solid computer with more memory it’s just to kind of transfer data. Look at little things make adjustments on your website to have the tool to do it on the fly and on the go and not kind of weigh it down that’s. What i think this computer is great for you, can, you know, be your own boss, work off of this, get everything you need done, but if you need to do bigger projects like if you want to be a content, creator and you’re whipping out tons of videos, A day um or just a week or monthly or it’s a part time thing like you might want to just get something that will serve you better.

If you have good lighting and a simple background like obviously i look really oily right now, because i am really oily. But if i was on a zoom call with somebody and like this was on a tripod, i would feel more than comfortable talking to someone just like this, like hey guys, how’s it going. My name is dylan. Thanks for joining me on this phone call. Today, i’m, going to tell you everything you need to know to fix your website to get people to your page things like that. All in this compact beautiful rose gold like little setups, all right and now a break from our sponsors. This video is brought to you today from dylan james films, dylan james films wanted to leave you guys a message, so why don’t we hop on over to him hey guys. My name is dylan middle named james, and i film things and i’m sponsoring this video. Today. I just wanted to say thank you for stopping by. I really appreciate you and if you could like this video subscribe to the channel, that would be huge, so we just hit 100 subscribers i’m super grateful i’m. Very excited um. Thank you obviously, for everyone. Who’S started here with me. This journey i’m jumping out into the youtube world and i’m going to start doing this full time. You’Re hearing it here. First i’ve got as you can tell i’m a little committed i’ve jumped into this space.

I want to start making things for you guys that are exciting new technology driven content. You know whether it be cameras. You know social media website, design, video, editing, all the fun things that i get to do with my job. I just want to bring you along. So i’m, going to carve time out of my day to help you guys out. So if you could leave a comment, let me know what you want to watch. I will try and do it for you, but that’s it that’s. The advertisement from me dylan james let’s, head it on back over to dylan james films right on thanks. You guys for taking a moment to watch that advertisement from dylan james himself, anyways um, that’s. It that’s it for the video. I just wanted to show you guys and kind of briefly tell you if you’re thinking like if, for some reason, this video reaches a lot of people, which i hope it does um the mln macbook air is a great computer. You should buy it. I don’t know how much more clearly i can say it. I know there’s a lot of reasons not to buy it, but those are for people that want more. Computer apple has options for people that want more computers if you’d like more computer or if you know you know you need more computer just understand this one will have limitations if you’re a huge content creator, if you’re just an average user or if you’re, an intermediate User that likes to do a lot of web based applications doesn’t want to do a lot of file.

Transferring this computer will be great. It file transfer is amazing, but it doesn’t have an sd card slot, so that’s the biggest downfall. For me other than that. I think this is a great computer. I want you guys to like hear me clearly buy the m1 chip macbook air. You can get the 200 gigabyte one that’s like under 900 dollars, it’ll be great anyways that’s it for the video i’m trying my darndest. I am trying my darndest all right, guys, i’m gon na give this a break thanks for watching the video, like the video subscribe to the channel, leave a comment.