So here is my long term review now. This is the base model of the macbook air. So it comes with the m1 chip with an 8 core cpu 7 core gpu and a 16 core neural engine. You also get eight gigabytes of ram 256 gigabytes of solid state storage, a retina display the magic keyboard, a force, touch trackpad and two usb4 ports. So by now you have probably seen all the benchmarks, showing just how much faster the m1 max are than some other computers that cost two to three times as much and that’s all great. But all that matters to me is how it performs with the apps that i use on a regular basis, and so far it has crushed everything that i’ve thrown at it. Xcode and the ios simulators run almost flawlessly and rendering and export times in final cut. Pro are super fast when i had my 2019 macbook pro with 8 gigabytes of ram, i would get regular crashes when doing intensive tasks in both final cut pro and xcode, but so far this hasn’t happened once on the m1 macbook air. The only time i run into performance issues is when doing larger, video edits or gaming, and this is because there’s no fan to cool the m1 air, so you’ll get some thermal throttling issues. If you’re running intensive tasks for too long now, any apps that are not optimized for the m1 chip can be run in rosetta, 2 mode and there’s really no setup for that.

It sort of just happens automatically. So all the same, apps that you would use on an intel based mac will still work here as a developer. This was a big deal for me because i was able to restore everything from my intel based mac using time machine and everything worked perfect without any additional setup. So overall performance is incredible and it beat my 2019 macbook pro in pretty much every way. Next up is battery life, so i get around 13 to 14 hours when doing light. Tasks like web browsing using messages, word, processing and stuff like that and that’s at about 50 brightness that’ll drop off to about 8 to 12 hours when running, more intensive tasks like video, editing and running simulators and xcode. But this is by far the best battery life that i’ve ever seen on a laptop. If you’re a student or you travel a lot for work, then this is an excellent choice, because you can get a lot of real work done without having to worry about charging. It takes about two and a half hours to get a full charge from about five percent. If you have optimized charging enabled this will be significantly longer, but it will protect the battery in the long run. I usually only charge overnight so unless i need a quick charge before going somewhere, i leave it on the optimized setting. Since the m1 chip uses the same type of architecture as the processors that power the iphone and ipad, you can run iphone and ipad apps directly on your mac.

You won’t find all of the same apps there, but if the developer has allowed it then you’ll be able to download and run them without any issues. As far as the design goes, nothing has changed here from the previous generation macbook air. It still has that sleek aluminum, wedge design that looks great with the four rubber feet on the bottom and the reflective apple logo. On the back, we still have only two thunderbolt usb 4 ports on the one side, so a dongle is a must have and then on the other side is just a headphone jack. Then we have that 2560 by 1600 retina display it’s, not quite as vibrant as some oled screens on some newer laptops, but it has some amazing color accuracy, whether you’re doing color sensitive work in final cut, pro or photoshop, or just streaming, videos on youtube or netflix. It’S one of the best displays out there at 400 nits. It could be a little bit brighter and i sometimes find myself going to turn the brightness up only to find out that it’s already maxed out. But besides that it’s been perfect. For me, the bezels are also still pretty thick, so i hope to see thinner bezels in the next refresh of the m1 air. The keyboard is a huge improvement for me. Coming from the 2019 macbook pro with the butterfly keys, the magic keyboard is much more responsive and overall, just a much better typing experience.

There’S almost no keyboard flex like you, get in a lot of windows laptops and we get the regular function and system control keys. With the touch id power button, the force touch, trackpad is still the best trackpad that you can get on a laptop. The haptic feedback really makes it feel like a click, and the multi touch gestures are excellent too. There are, however, a few drawbacks to the m1 macbook air. First up is gaming, while the mac can easily handle games that are optimized for mac os and the m1 processor. Most games are built for windows and, while you could previously run windows on a mac using bootcamp, the m1 macs don’t support this anymore. So not only can you not play some of the biggest games, but any software that only runs on windows cannot be used without some sort of virtualization software. So if you’re looking for a laptop for gaming or need to run software that only runs on windows, then this might not be the best choice for you. Another issue is that again there is no fan on the m1 macbook air. So if you’re going to be running a cpu and graphics intensive programs for long periods, if the system gets too hot it’s going to throttle and you’ll lose some performance in this case, you’ll be better off going with the m1 macbook pro. But so far, the only time i’ve been able to get it to throttle is when gaming.

After about 10 minutes on rocket league or league of legends, i start to drop frames. But this also happened on my 2019 macbook pro with the fans going at a hundred percent it’s pretty crazy, but this m1 macbook air has been better in almost every way over my 2019 macbook pro with a starting price of just 999 dollars in the us or 12.99, if you’re here in canada, like me, it beats out pretty much every other laptop anywhere near that price. You get excellent battery life, great performance, a really good display, solid keyboard and a great looking and ultra portable design. For me, that checks all the boxes for a great laptop, and i have no issues recommending it. So if you want to pick one up for yourself, i will leave a link in the description below the video and that wraps it up. If you found this video helpful, then make sure to smash that like button and if you want to see more videos like this then be sure to subscribe to the channel and as always, thank you for watching and i’ll.