That was one of the best decisions that i’ve ever made performance is unreal. Battery life is extraordinary, it’s ultra portable, and on top of it all it doesn’t even make a peep like what is this sorcery? As you guys may recall, i made quite a few videos about this new m1 macbook pro over the past few months fast forward six months to today, and i still cannot stop raving about how good this laptop is. In fact, i’ve been enjoying my 13 inch. M1 macbook pro so much that i decided to pick up a refurbished m1 macbook air a few weeks ago to use as my dedicated work work computer. You know for my day job again, one of the best decisions that i’ve ever made. My workflow has sped up tenfold since i invested in these laptops and i could work away from an outlet for even longer periods of time due to their amazing battery life. So in today’s video i figured it would be cool to update you guys on my m1 macbooks as well as talk about the differences that i found between both of these models. So without further ado, let us get right to it Music. So, if you’re gon na stop watching this video right here right now, let me summarize things by saying that these are without question the best macbooks that i’ve ever owned, plain and simple. Both these laptops have been complete game changers for me and the work that i do from intensive 4k video editing to editing raw photos and beyond the m1 chip is seriously no joke and the performance of that chip makes these computers feel like they should be, at Least three times their asking price, honestly they’re kind of a steal for what you get, which is surprising to say for a mac thanks to m1, i can work from anywhere with unbelievable speed, power, battery life and portability like never before it’s, something that definitely seemed a Little too good to be true at first, but for my 6 months of experience, i can say with confidence that these m1 macbooks they’re just on another level, even if apple, does decide to release a new macbook which they very well might pretty soon based on rumors It’S gon na be hard to get disappointed, since these m1 machines are just so capable, i think, for most use cases.

The current air and pro are going to satisfy the majority of users. That is, unless you absolutely need a display, that’s larger than 13 inches. The 13 inch display on both the air and the pro isn’t an issue for me since i’ve been wanting to shrink down from a 15 inch macbook pro, but still i can see it being a bit small for some people, in which case you can also get A laptop like this and use it with an external display, so that’s always another option, given the fact that i have both the m1 macbook air and m1 macbook pro, you guys are probably wondering what the differences are, and surprisingly they aren’t as big as you would Expect i expect both these laptops out with 16 gigs of unified memory and 512 gigs of storage, so they are very similar in terms of performance. The only difference is that my macbook air has a 7 gig core gpu instead of an 8 gig core, like on my pro. That said, the air does render videos ever so slightly slower than my pro due to that 1 gig less in the gpu, but even still it’s light years faster than any previous macbook that i’ve ever owned. One of the big differences between these two laptops is the design and the weight the air is noticeably thinner and lighter than the pro and that’s, mostly because of the big difference in battery size and the pro also having a fan for its cooling system.

The air is rated at 18 hours of battery life, whereas the pro can get around 20.. Both are way above anything that we’ve ever seen before out of a laptop, but you can squeeze some more battery life out of the pro over the air. Another big difference is the touch bar. The macbook pro features the infamous touch bar above the keyboard, whereas the air has a standard row of function keys i enjoy both, but after many years of the touch bar i’m actually really enjoying the return to function. Keys on the air sure doesn’t have as much functionality, but still the standard row of function, keys, it’s, so much easier to just perform simple things like changing the volume and changing the brightness other than that. Both the air and the pro are virtually the same laptop. They both have two usb c thunderbolt ports, excellent keyboards, a larger responsive track, pad touch id pretty good built in speakers blazing fast speed and completely silent operation. All in all, both these macbooks are much more similar than they are different, which kind of makes it confusing. As to which one you should get, i guess it really comes down to what you want to do with your new macbook and how much battery life you want out of it. There’S, no doubt in my mind that the air is going to satisfy most people, but the pro is labeled accordingly. For those who want top performance and battery life, you really can’t go wrong with either m1 machine.

Both can cut through intensive 4k video projects with ease edit raw photos without an issue and tackle virtually any task that you throw at them. These are incredibly powerful laptops to close this video out if you’re on the fence about the m1 macbook air and or m1 macbook pro trust me, you are not going to be disappointed with either one of these laptops. I don’t recall there ever being a time where i could smoothly edit high res 4k video without an issue on a 1200 laptop it’s, pretty incredible. My 2016 macbook pro was nearly 3 000 and it sounded like a 747 jet plane taking off every single time. I was editing a video both of these m1 laptops combined cost much less than that, and i haven’t even heard a peep out of them.