For you guys. I want to talk about first impressions. That sort of thing is it for video editing. Those kind of questions i hope to answer today, but yeah if you’re interested in more just keep watching. So i purchased this laptop for the purpose of as a college student, where i do a little bit of writing and typing on my laptop, and i also like to code on my laptop and, of course, do a little bit of graphic design as well as video Editing but i wasn’t going to do a ton of it and especially not at the same time, so i do edit, but it would be in 1080p, 60 frames per second, so i didn’t plan on doing any heavy editing and i’m, not very much that heavy of A graphic editing user as well, but i purchased it because i had never been over the other side and i mean as an apple user, because i already own an ipad and iphone, and now i needed a laptop. So i said yeah, you know what let me give it a shot, i’m kind of curious on what this experience would be like, especially coming over from as a windows user to an apple user, and i will say, apple brings a user experience to a whole new Level – and i just felt like you know i wanted to – i wanted to be a part of that experience – feel free to comment down below, if you guys are already an apple user and you’re looking to get the m1 macbook air, or maybe you guys are like A windows, user and you’re not interested in switching over.

Tell me why i’m just curious on what you guys think, because i will admit. I think this is an impressive piece of tech and i have some lotion stains on the laptop, because i decided that i wanted to moisturize my hands right before. I touch this really brand new laptop that’s, expensive here’s, the pamphlet that nobody actually reads, or at least i don’t really. I don’t know what about you guys and it does come with a charger and a charging cord which i’m so thankful, for i don’t see why it wouldn’t come with the block, but now apple is, you know, deciding to give people just a cord, because of course I don’t need a block to charge my item with, of course, so overall that was just the unboxing and i really just wanted to open the laptop. To be quite honest – and this is the part where i was struggling to open the laptop because it was so thin – i think yeah there you go okay, i got it open what a satisfying sound. So the macbook air comes with a headphone port, which i thought was really interesting, but i own airpods pro so i am going to you know, use the bluetooth earbuds. I just hate wired headphones, but if you know you want to use that option it’s available. Another thing i wanted to mention was: it comes with two usb c ports and i’ve never had that before.

This is my first time owning a laptop made by apple, so i had to go and buy a dongle for these ports right here and i now own a usbc hub. So i recommend, if you’re, going to buy a laptop made from apple. You know there’s less ports on there, i’ve noticed so you’re, probably gon na have to purchase a usbc hub and i wouldn’t recommend going cheap, even though i purchased the cheap hub to get by now. So i can buy a more expensive one later, because i definitely don’t want to damage the ports on the laptop. Considering there are only two, the laptop is very lightweight. I think it’s made for a student personally in my opinion, but i think also you know you just put it in your bag and go on the go. I think the design is very sleek and it’s just very compact. This is something i really enjoy about. The laptop and in comparison to my asus laptop, this weighs a lot less, so this laptop has no fans, and i think a lot of people were worrying about the fan issue that they’ve had on the macbook pro. The fan is just way too loud, but on here i don’t have the issue. It has no fans, so a lot of people were worried about overheating, because you know the fans kick in to help, but the issue of overheating i’m going to speak in the context of overheating happens when your computer is trying to prevent damage happening to the cpu.

Not necessarily just getting hot but it’s a mechanism that your computer does to basically save its cpu, so i haven’t experienced any shutdown. Basically, i purchased this laptop for the purpose of doing very lightweight, editing, so i’m, not editing in 4k, i’m, only editing in 1080p 60 frames per second that’s the highest. I will go on this laptop, even though my phone can film higher. Another thing is i’m, not multitasking, as in heavy multitasking like i got seven tabs open on chrome and i got like a final cut pro or shortcut or davinci resolve open at the same time, it’s either. I feel like with the macbook air. You choose one or you choose the other, and then you know go about your day, but i feel like this is not meant to do really heavy gaming as well. So i feel like if you’re gon na play like sims or you’re gon na play something else. That’S super heavy, like that. I don’t view this as a gaming laptop. Maybe you could do that on a macbook pro, but i just don’t see apple for serious gaming. I would recommend building your own pc for that kind of thing. So you know your specs are at your requirement, your limits, which you can afford. I wouldn’t recommend going towards apple if you want to buy a gaming computer it’s just to me, it’s just for everyday use like macbook air is perfect. If you want to do you know, lightweight, photo editing, lightweight video, editing, you’re, not editing.

You know a lot of 4k footage. You know you can do photo editing as well. On this thing, i think it’s great for all that, but i don’t think it’s great for all of that. At the same time, it’s not going to be able to handle it in the sense that you’re going to get some lag and if you’re, not a very patient person, that’s not going to work for you, you want to do your work, quick! You want to do it efficiently, so that’s. What i would say about the lagging situation. Can you do heavy multitasking? Another thing i really enjoy is the touch id button. It also acts as the power button at the same time, so it’s a two time button and you just have to re, enter your password when you have to turn off the laptop, and you know turn it back on, then you have to enter in your password, But that’s, like no big deal to me so let’s get into the webcam. I hate the fact that this is 720p. I feel like in 2021, especially considering this laptop was released in november 2020. You have more than enough time to make a camera that’s. At least 1080p, i feel like compared to my logitech camera. You know i feel like the logitech camera. Does it better, because i can do all these different camera settings where i haven’t found a way to manipulate the camera settings on the laptop the macbook air.

So i just use my logitech camera, which, because this has a m1 chip, i think a lot of software dealing with the logitech camera hasn’t fully integrated. Yet so they’re still working on that. But i found it possible to use my logitech camera on the m1 air and, to be honest, i feel like my macbook doesn’t have those settings that my logitech camera has so it just the logitech camera beats it because it’s 1080p. I just feel like that should be a minimum on any laptop nowadays, especially considering you’re spending like at least a thousand k. This may not seem like a big deal to other people, but i feel like we need a touch screen like i have a touch screen laptop my asus laptop it’s, not as powerful as this laptop, but it’s touch, screen and it’s just so much easier to just Tap the screen than me having to either use my trackpad or use my mouse it’s just way better. The laptop the next laptop, i hope, would have you know the touch screen because let’s admit it it’s just 10 times better with the touch screen. I know the website mentions that you know you can get a certain amount of hours, i think around 10 or 11 on the macbook air. I think that’s not that’s, not something i’m. Seeing i get maybe like six to seven hours at the most, which still is a lot considering i do like to edit, and sometimes i have zoom calls or webex calls.

I think that’s a lot of time, but i also you know i’m at home like most people in quarantine, so i feel like that’s, not a big issue as much to me, but don’t get me wrong. The battery life on this laptop is great, so i think personally it lasts a long time enough for me. If i need to get somewhere to charge it, i can get there, but i don’t think you know. 11 hours is a little bit of a stretch that’s. My personal opinion, i think, it’s a case by case situation, but i will say i am extremely impressed with this laptop. I didn’t see myself purchasing the other laptops, but i think i came in at the right time, because this little guy is a beast and i will not deny thank you guys for watching so much. I really appreciate it, and you know, comment down below on what you think of the new m1 macbook air.