Now just to let you guys know, this is the base model. It comes with 8 gigabytes of ram and it comes with 256 gigs of storage. Now before we go ahead and get into the movie. This is the part of the video where i would like to ask you to subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell. If you guys want to see reviews and tech, news and rants and stuff like that, but let’s go ahead and get back to the macbook, now i’ve been using this macbook ever since the day i got it. I bought this back in november. You guys have seen this on the channel. If you guys are you know, returning subscribers or if you’ve seen some of my other content, i use this macbook for everything i use it to surf the web. I use it to watch youtube videos. I use it to stream to my channel. I also use it to edit everything for my videos as far as making thumbnails and doing all kinds of different things. A lot of that stuff – pretty much happens right here and i’m good to go with it now. The first thing i’m going to talk about, which is my favorite feature with this laptop, is the battery life. The battery life on this laptop is so good that you can actually forget to charge it, and you will still have battery throughout the day. There are times where i’ll open up my laptop, i might start editing a video or i’ll watch, something on youtube and let’s say i do this for about an hour to two hours.

What not i’ll, just close it put it down, put it in my backpack or put it on my bed or somewhere and totally forget to charge it and i’ll come back to it, and i’ll still have 78 or sometimes 50 percent. There is even times where i’ve run this down to 30 percent closed. It forgot about it for the entire night opened it up the next morning, and i was at 29. It is really hard to run down this battery with daily tasks. The good thing about it is because you have the m1 chip, which is really power efficient, and you have a really big battery inside of this macbook. So if you are concerned about battery life, you’re almost not going to have any concerns with this battery whatsoever inside this laptop now. Moving on to the rest of the laptop, the laptop is light. It’S called the macbook air for a reason: it’s light, it’s, easily portable it’s, easy to hold and that’s a really good thing about it. It’S really light it’s really powerful, and you can get a whole lot of stuff done with this macbook. Now, one of the issues that i have this macbook, it may not be an issue for you, but it’s, just something that i notice is the fact that the macbook is slippery. Now it has the same design that macbook airs have had for the past couple of years, so this may not be new to you, but if you’re, someone that doesn’t wear gloves or anything like that – and you just hold this with your regular hands, the oils that Are in your skin will start to.

You know, make this thing slippery, so you either have to clean this a lot, because sometimes you can get fingerprints on there or, if you’re walking around with it, it can easily slip and fall out of your hands. Now i actually have a little dent that is on the bottom of my macbook, because that’s what happened i was holding it. I thought i had it and it fell. It wasn’t that far of a fall, but it fell and it actually did dent the side of the macbook, but the macbook still works just like it’s supposed to work. So i guess that’s. You know a couple of points towards the durability of the overall laptop but it’s, also metal, so it’s, not something that you can exactly buff out. So you might have to watch out for that. Also, maybe let’s say if there’s a d brand skin or maybe, if there’s, some way that apple later on in their future designs, can make part of this laptop or at least the edges. You know either a little bit more rounded and not so sharp, because sometimes that gets a little uncomfortable or let’s say i don’t know if they put etching on it or some sort of non slip material, but that would actually help with the feeling of the macbook Itself now, looking at the back, you still have the macbook air boom someday. I wish the light would return, but i don’t know if it ever will.

There was like a couple of videos explaining why the light was taken out and all that stuff. You do get the space gray models. You get the gold models, you get the silver models, apparently with the m2s. You are supposed to get the colored macbooks and you know they’re supposed to look a little bit different. I don’t exactly like those. I have a video on that, but as far as the space gray color goes, i like the space gray and i don’t have any problems with it. Now, if i go ahead and open up my macbook, the macbook starts up right away and i will go ahead and show you guys how quickly this starts. So if i take my macbook here and i close it and then i just go ahead and reopen it right there it’s already on now. If you do close it, the screen will actually turn off, but as soon as you pull it open, it’s that fast it’s that quick. So if you guys, you know, use any other laptops or let’s say you’re coming from an older laptop. This is something that you will notice day, one and you’ll appreciate it, and i still appreciate this six months later now. As far as the keyboard goes, i like the keyboard. The keyboard switches are cool, the millimeter travel is fine. I have had no issues with this whatsoever: i’ve cleaned the keyboard a couple of times just with alcohol wipes just for, like you know, covet cleaning and stuff like that, but this is good to go.

The illumination on the keyboard is still really good. I always like having the backlit keys now moving down to the trackpad. This is something that is a hit or miss for some people. Some people either love the track pad or they hate the track pad. Now, one of the things that i notice with the track pad is that if you’re not really used to the gestures or let’s say you use a mouse all the time and then you go to using the trackpad. This trackpad is really sensitive. Now i know somewhere in mac os, there has to be a sensitivity setting, but i was too lazy and i didn’t look it up, but the biggest issue i have is when i’m scrolling and i’m using the gestures with the two fingers – and i accidentally you know Swipe out of a website and trust me if you’re on a website and it’s a website that you don’t need to close, the last thing you want to be doing is trying to scroll and you accidentally back out of the web page. Just recently, i did a live stream and actually backed out of stream yard and it took me out of the entire live stream, so that is my main drawback about the trackpad. Otherwise it is a great beautiful track pad and it feels really nice. Otherwise, the entire laptop feels pretty good. I mean even here when i’m, like resting my hands on here, i can easily type, and i really don’t have to worry about hitting the trackpad.

You know too much as far as the sound goes. The sound is actually pretty awesome in here. So did i say that right, it’s actually pretty awesome on here. So let me go ahead and see if i can find some music to go ahead and pull up just to play just to test out the speakers that way, you guys can hear it for yourselves. Of course, this is not going to be the same as hearing this live and in person, but it should give you somewhat of an idea, so i’m gon na go ahead and play this music here and let’s turn it down alright. So right now i have music playing and it’s all the way down that’s as low as it goes, and then i’m gon na start to turn it up. Music, all right so now i’m. Turning back down – and this is about 50, so this is actually pretty good. Listening here, so the sound here isn’t, exactly going to you, know blow the roof off or you’re not going to be able to like just drown, people out with the music or with the speakers, but the speakers sound, really nice and i really enjoy them. Apparently the m1 macbook pro has better speakers. I don’t know spatial audio, something uh. Some sort of you know special term that apple uses, but the speakers on here are good to go and you’re not really going to have to worry about them now.

The other part that we can talk about here is the screen. The screen on here is actually really really nice. Now the cool thing about this screen is, you do have somewhat of a bright screen, but it’s also, you know very good with power. So, even if i take this and i turn the brightness up all the way, i really haven’t noticed too much of a crazy battery life battery draw now that might have to do something with the screen that also might have to do with the you know, optimization With the software and the m1 chip, but i can comfortably use this at max brightness or i can actually turn this all the way down to about 50 and i can get more battery life and it still looks just as good. I think it’s like 2.7 k or 2.8k, or you know one of the resolutions but it’s good. This resolution. This screen on this laptop looks better than some 4k displays that you see on some laptops. I’M, not talking about the high end ones i’m. Just talking about some that are within the same price range, but coming back to the laptop itself, the apps are quick, or at least they’re, about the same speed as regular mac apps. But as far as the performance, the performance is there you can edit 4k. You can edit, you know, 2k, all the k’s, all that stuff or whatnot in final cut pro. Now a lot of people ask about davinci resolve.

I really don’t use davinci resolve. I downloaded it once and i never edited a video and then i ended up deleting it. So you may have to check out another creator to see how the davinci resolve performance is on here now when you’re looking at the apps when m1 first came out. Most of your apple apps worked pretty good with m1. There were a couple of apps that didn’t work so well with m1, but now, after some time has passed and the updates have come through, they are actually starting to work a little bit better. Another concern that some people may have is well. How do i get boot camp back on here because with m1 you can’t have boot camp and you can’t put windows on there now. One thing you can do is you can check out this software called parallels? What parallels basically does is it essentially runs a virtual machine of windows, and you can have that on your macbook air now. Is that really a good idea to do with a base model? Macbook air, probably not i’ve, seen a couple, people run it and they say it’s okay, but i just don’t feel comfortable with just having the core split between the windows instance and the mac instance. I would rather have 16 gigs of ram and even larger ssd storage to run parallels and feel comfortable. Also, another thing a lot of people will ask is: is gigs enough on this laptop? For me, in my use case scenario, 256 is just enough.

I wish i would have had 512 or even one terabyte, but i do a lot of video editing and most of my video editing is in final cut and i don’t use an external ssd drive that much so most of my computer is full of render files And final cut projects and video files, if you are the normal person, if you’re, just a student or even uh, you know just just a person that’s, not a techie and really doesn’t care about all the extra stuff. 256 gigs of storage should be enough for you. If not get the 512 get the one terabyte get the 2 terabyte. If you can’t afford that or if it’s too much money you don’t want to spend it on there, you can get an external drive, you can get a samsung t7 drive and be perfectly fine with it. I’Ll go ahead and link that down in the description below along where you can pick up some, you know refurbished or some cheaper, macbooks now that’s. The other thing that we need to cover here is the price for one thousand dollars. This is a great machine and i’m talking about one thousand dollars inside the us it’s a good machine, it’s a great machine. I got my machine at 950 because i was a veteran and they gave me a discount, but a lot of you now, since we were here six months later and the discounts are starting to roll in.

You can actually get one of these for 899, depending on where you shop. You can also get in a little bit cheaper on the used market. If you’re willing to pick one up, you can also go to the website for apple and you can go to their clearance section and you can find one of these marked down. They got base models that are marked down. Sometimes you can find an upgraded model. That is marked down and those refurbished computers. You can actually get those with apple care as well. So for some of you out there, if you don’t know what apple care is. Applecare is basically insurance for this laptop and i will just go ahead and say that i recommend you get applecare if you are a careless person or if you are someone who is just worried about repairing this or the longevity of this laptop with the m1. With the way they designed everything and with the way the hardware is most likely, you are not going to be able to fix this on your own or you’re, not going to be able to get the parts to fix this on your own. If you take this to apple and you don’t have apple care, they’re, going to charge you an arm and a leg to fix this, so it would probably make sense for you to get applecare on this laptop now, just to be transparent. I did not get applecare on this laptop; it was an extra 229 dollars.

I believe, and i didn’t want to pay that extra 229 dollars. This is just something that i was just going to take a risk on and if it breaks, i’ll buy another one or i might get a bigger better one later, because i just got the base model and i’m kind of regretting it, but that’s just to be Transparent with you, and just to tell you everything about this laptop now, the only other thing that i might be able to think of with this laptop is nothing. I really can’t. Think of anything else, with this laptop, the only thing i’m thinking of right now is probably the webcam. The webcam is actually, you know pretty bad, but this is a really thin laptop. I mean how big of a webcam sensor can you put in there? I don’t know if i covered that already, but if i did i’ll just cut this part out, but yeah that’s pretty much it for my six month later review. Honestly, if you need an m1 or if you just need a macbook in general, go ahead and buy it now, everybody’s talking about the m2, when is the m2 coming out? Should you buy this now? Should you should you get this later? I just kind of look at it. This way this macbook came out in november. So to me, the earliest i would expect in m2 would be november of this year or probably sometime next year, so i wouldn’t sit there and just you know, hold your breath so that’s pretty much it for the review.