Uh me and the family had a few weeks ago and it was fairly anticlimactic. So honestly, not even worth talking about. But what is worth talking about is i’ve gotten a lot of requests to do a follow up video on the m1 macbook air, so let’s get into it all right. So this is not meant to be a full review. I’Ve already done that, i will post a link to that video and another video that i’ve done on this in the in screen card. So if you’ve not watched my review, you want to skip to that just skip to the end. Watch that and come back to this video but i’ve gotten quite a few requests to say: hey how’s, this thing holding up so um it’s been over three months. I mean i’ve. Had this thing since launch so i’ve had it for quite a while now and i got ta, say it’s held up uh brilliantly, i mean i’ve got three major complaints that i’m going to cover in this video. But overall i got to say the user experience the build quality i mean the battery life has been phenomenal and, like i’ve mentioned just like other reviewers, the m1 chip is definitely worth the hype. The only time i’ve seen this thing, kind of stutter or bogged down at all has been when i’ve been editing. Multiple streams of 4k video at the same time using final cut pro and then sometimes it will stutter or have to wait a second to kind of render that video out, but overall, the performance has been extremely good, with my favorite thing being again: the battery life.

I mean you can easily get uh 10 hours of battery life with this thing, obviously, depending on what you’re doing, if you’re doing hardcore video, editing or gaming, then obviously it’s not going to last that long. But if you’re just doing your normal everyday tasks, microsoft office, whatever surfing the web, watching netflix youtube you’ll get 10 hours out of this thing easily. Now, as you can see over three months physically, this thing is held up. Just fine i’ve had a skin. On this thing since day, one – and this is a dbrand skin – really i didn’t get this to protect it. I just got it for aesthetics because it also matches my skin on my surface go too, but overall everything else, the keyboard, the trackpad has been absolutely um. Excellent on this thing, like i said it is kind of a tired design. Now i wish apple would in fact refresh it, maybe give you some other color options and things like that, but the keyboard on this thing has been great. The big track pad has been awesome, so no complaints with it whatsoever in that regard, but the main thing i kind of wanted to address and the complaints i have with this are kind of minor. But again, at this point, this device is so good. I’M. Really just nitpicking so the first thing that kind of annoys me about this is the ports. I mean i’m okay with having just usb type c, um i’m, okay with just having two.

But it would be nice if they put one on the left side and one on the right side, because it’s just kind of a pain in the butt um from a cable management perspective. And maybe you know, depending on where your wall outlet is and all that it would just be more convenient to have one of these on either side, but again, like i said this is kind of nitpicking at this point, the other issue or complaint i have about This device is the webcam now granted. I honestly don’t do that much with the webcam on here. If i’m going to do any kind of video, it’s usually done on a tablet or a phone, but the webcam on here is atrocious. Now apple tried to church it up a little bit saying, oh with the software improvements we’re able to make this thing better, but it still sucks it’s, still potato cam. And if you do a lot of video conferencing – and you want to use your mac, you may want to consider just using your phone tablet or getting an external camera. Because again, the webcam on this thing is atrocious, which just kind of blows my mind, because this is my surface go 2 and this has got a 1080p webcam. That looks actually pretty fantastic. So whenever i do youtube live, i usually use this as the camera, but this thing coming out at the mid to end of 2020, has just a crap camera.

I don’t understand why apple refuses to upgrade the webcams in their computers uh. They did upgrade the microphone. So they pretty yeah, so they have actually really good microphones uh, this one included it’s, just the cameras suck. I don’t know why. So now. Coming to my final complaint, i have about this and in my case this is really my biggest complaint. It has nothing to do with apple or the computer itself and i’m probably going to get some hate in the comments for this. But the biggest complaint that i have with this is that it’s mac os now granted there’s nothing wrong with mac os per se um. I just happen to prefer windows, and in this case this is a personal preference for me, you know it’s, whether you like chocolate or vanilla or whatever they’re, both great os’s at this point it’s just i prefer windows and it just to me always seem more intuitive There’S, just some nuances on this that i just i’m not used to, and i just i don’t like so the entire time that i’ve owned this i’ve used microsoft edge. So i haven’t used safari once on this thing. I do use the native calendar and mail application, but when it comes to actually using an internet browser, i just use microsoft edge on this and it works great and it’s actually running through rosetta, because there’s, no, i guess, arm optimize or arm enabled microsoft edge. For this, yet that i know of but again i’ve been running it using rosetta and it’s worked just fine, so that again is my major complaint and again nothing on the computer itself.

Nothing against apple is just my personal preference, so you may think otherwise, that’s fine, but me i still miss windows, still prefer windows so that’s. Why i’ve held onto this guy here as well, but with that, if you have any additional questions or something else specific you want to know about the m1 macbook air, i want to test just shoot in the comments below, but again i can still definitely recommend this, Especially, even in 2021 it’s, a great computer, great battery life, the performance that you get with such a long battery life and the price of this to me – you’re all a win, so it is definitely a great device. I wish windows would get their crap together and make a arm chip that doesn’t suck. I mean i had the surface pro x, good device, but nowhere near as good as this guy when it comes to battery life and performance. So with that, hopefully you guys enjoyed this video, just a quick one, quick update if you liked it make sure you give it a thumbs up and if you’ve not subscribed.