So, starting with the positives and i’m going to start with the incredibly sleek design, i really love the way. This thing looks um as you’d expect from apple. More most of their designs are great, and this is no exception. I really love the space grey it’s, very basic, but it just kind of fits in with my setup really nicely, and i really love the design it’s just very simplistic and minimalistic, and i, like it another definite positive with m1 macbook air is the crisp visuals and The resolution on the screen is absolutely great and just like watching lectures watching videos watching anything on this device is really really crisp and it’s, honestly, just fantastic quality and that’s, just great, obviously, due to covid a lot of the time. Your interactions with people are through the internet and online on zoom or microsoft teams, or whatever and i’ve, found that in my microsoft teams, meetings for university currently and my visual quality is great. Like the camera quality on this webcam is pretty great, and the microphone quality is fantastic as well, so that just provides a really professional experience for you, if you’re using your device like this and so for students and business professionals having a device like this is going To make you come across more professional as well, one thing that sort of divided people when this device came out was the fact that there is no fan in it, so it kind of inhibits its potential because with a fan, obviously, the computer can run a bit Harder and therefore it’s got the fan to cool itself down, but whilst using this device, i’ve had no heating issues at all and the fact that there’s no fan means that i’ve had no fan noise at all, and i actually think that that’s a really big benefit.

I mean i’ve barely been pushing it to his extreme i’ve, just kind of been using it for like word, processing and things like that. But to be honest, the lack of fan noise is really great and i haven’t gone anywhere near temperatures. That i’d expect to need. One either another great thing like with allmax is the gestures that you’ve got on the touchpad. I really especially love the four fingers up just going straight to the desktop. That is just a fantastic one to have, and just other gestures to like change song or just do whatever you want and they’re just all so accessible and the commands are great and just any shortcuts that you could possibly need. You can program in there and i found that to be so helpful to boost my productivity. The last of my positives that i’ve experienced so far on the m1 macbook air is the editing on imovie now i’m. I’M. Pretty sure that this video will be edited on imovie, but before this i’ve just been kind of editing on my phone and i’ve just found that i can grasp so much more creative freedom on the laptop and just like found that imovie is so easy to kind Of pick up and the different commands and shortcuts you can use in that to make the editing process really easy and straightforward are just really really fantastic. Now, moving on to the negatives that i’ve kind of experienced in my first week of owning this device – and the first of these is a very first world problem, but sometimes when i’m opening up apps like word or microsoft, powerpoint or whatever they just kind of take.

Like five or six seconds to kind of recognize that i’ve opened the app which i didn’t really have on my previous laptop on a windows laptop. But i don’t know if that’s, just because microsoft is obviously more optimized for for word and other like microsoft applications. So that could be the issue but yeah, as i said, that’s a very first world problem, so it’s, not something that i’m too worried about. As i just mentioned, my previous laptop was a windows laptop and kind of getting used to the mac and the way that things work has taken a bit of getting used to, and so i would say that that’s a negative just because kind of my productivity definitely Dived a bit when i was trying to work out how to do different things and why my apps were staying open instead of closing and things like that. But you know once you get used to it i’m sure i will not be having this issue anymore and the final negative i’ve seen so far, probably the worst of all in the first week that i’ve had it is the fact that the streaks on the screen Come up really easily, like i’ve, barely touched the screen and if i have then it’s either by accident, when i’m closing the device or just like when i see something on the screen that i want to try and like take off the streaks on the screen are Very very visible, and i find that to be quite annoying, considering i’ve only had the device for a week, but i guess, like it, just kind of takes regular cleaning and you won’t have that issue anymore.

So those are the first impressions that i’ve had of the m1 macbook air um. I might look back on this video in like a couple of months and make a more comprehensive review once i’ve had like the device for a long term, and i will have gone through like exams by then – and things like that, so it’ll be going through its Paces, a bit more i’ll have more to say, but one thing that is great about apple is that you can utilize the apple education store if you’re in university or college, and if you’re signed up through uni days, you can get 10 off every apple product. On the education store, which is just a really big help, especially with a big purchase like this, i think it knocked like a hundred pounds off the price for me. So that is something that i definitely look into if you’re interested in getting a macbook. But for now that’s all i’ve got to say about the m1 macbook air i’ve been having mostly a positive experience with it. So that is all you can really ask for and if you’ve had a positive experience watching this video don’t forget to give it a like.