This is the second video that will focus on my mac mini setup, combining it with a 49 inch super ultra wide setup. If you haven’t seen the first video it’s in the top corner, now go and have a look at it and shows how i spec the system, what i did and how i fitted it together. It’S done incredibly well. So thanks for everyone who watched it as i’m recording this, it did about 103 000 views and my subscribers have gone through the roof. So really really appreciate your support. Thanks guys, this one is a bit more different, it’s kind of a four to six weeks in and how i’m getting on with the mac mini setup and things that i need to change. And yes, there is some stuff that i need to change to really improve the setup, so have a watch and uh. Let me know what you think thanks. So my first video generated an awful lot of questions about the refresh rate and the resolution i was able to achieve. As you can see here, the refresh rate is 120 hertz that’s, the maximum. I can get it to go to and i think that’s all limited by the mac rather than the the screen or the monitor resolution is not quite as easy, so i’ve connected um the mac mini to the monitor via hdmi and, i think, i’m getting 4k res It’S, certainly not any higher than 4k, but obviously mac don’t display that in a traditional sense and the resolution that they tell me is, is there on the screen now, which is more about how it fills the screen and what it does so just to kind of Highlight that and demonstrate some of the stuff we’ll switch between the hertz rates, so we’ll drop down from 120 hertz down to 60 hertz and truthfully we’ll.

Do it on a static screen, so it won’t really make a lot of difference. But, as you can see, um that function is available to you. You also have the ability to engage the higher dynamic range. I have to say, as i click it on and off. All it really seems to do for me is dull the screen down or take the edge off the color, so maybe i’m missing something there. I don’t know, but it doesn’t really seem to do a lot, so i haven’t haven’t messed about with it too much just to kind of show you what the change in resolution does it’s more about the the size of the boxes and the text on the screen. Rather than the resolution of the screen, so i guess it’s quite useful if you’ve had a long day looking at the screen and you you really want stuff to pop out and be bigger, but other than that, i haven’t really noticed too much change there. You go just with it on the full screen there just so you can see that the size change that it makes and then finally, in this section, we’ll just talk a little bit about the color options. I don’t really know where these have come from, but, as you can see between, as i flip between the two um, it changes the color a little bit. Certainly the lower setting whatever that stands for just kind of really makes the colors pop out um, and i guess it’s, just individual preference just show you a little bit on a video here, obviously it’s an awesome, video but i’m only doing it to show you the Color changes, nothing more um yeah i wouldn’t get hunk too hung up on it.

The colors and the image itself are pretty good and and certainly operating in 4k. So now we really come on to the kind of setup and why i’ve got that 49 inch super ultra wide screen, as you can see here, got an awful lot of windows or screens open kind of shows. The real estate that you’ve got available to you and i suppose the process of power a little bit here, we’ll just switch the maps down to satellite view. No issues, no lag, doesn’t struggle with it at all, zoom. In and again no real issues or slowness from the processor at all next week, you’ve got a live trading graph. Open youtube open in the middle we’ve got a word document on the on the right there, with the images and you’ve also got the radio playing in the background as well. So actually quite a lot of things open and you can just kind of make them fit and move around as you see fit, i have to say it’s very rare. I have this many windows permanently open on the screen um, but it kind of shows you what it can do and the value of this setup if it’s, something you need and again just to kind of stress the uh, the ability of the computer in the screen. So this youtube in full screen mode, as you can see it projects it quite wide, but it doesn’t stretch it all the way out to the edges of the the 49 inches so with the video playing the audio playing.

Obviously, the maps still move around freely and i get the feeling i’m not really stretching the processing power at all with the of the m1 and then i suppose, a few people would be quite interested. Just opening final cut pro here, just to kind of show you how the layout and the size i mean it does make video editing a dream. Actually um. An awful lot of real estate to play with timeline is huge and you’re able to do some of them. Finer edits that you want to do that’s, not even with it being in the full screen, if you click it to go full screen it. If anything for me it’s a bit too far apart and i prefer it on the smaller screen. But, generally speaking, i have to say i’m really kind of happy with how it’s worked out, certainly for video editing and for looking at things on the screen. It’S been better than i’d expected. It was going to be so when i put the system together, i actually future proofed it a little bit and fed in two hdmi cables behind the wall. The second one here is just attached to my little lenovo box and just allows me to connect my work laptop up to the screen, and i can flip between the mac and the windows. Setup. I’Ll just show you here just kind of showing you that you can flip between the two with them. Both active just go into the menu literally select the different input and up pops, your your windows laptop screen, and you can flip between the two all day long.

If that’s, what you want to do, or you can actually combine the screens and have both of them live at the same time, we’ll uh we’ll cover that in a couple of seconds, so i’m just struggling here a little bit just trying to find the cursor of Where it is on the two screens, obviously it moves between the laptop screen and then all of that real estate on the super ultra wide. So just showing you, the windows setup here, it’s quite good, i think, realistically, you probably don’t want to do it on a laptop keyboard or mousepad just because of the size of the screens um, but yeah it’s, a useful addition for me and i have work from Both so the monitor itself actually allows for both inputs to be projecting at the same time on the screen. So just changing the settings here to put it on and as we go through, you’ll see, the windows setup appears on the left and the mac setup appears on the right simultaneously. Both cursors both have cursors on them, so the windows, one is continuous, can be controlled by the laptop and the mac. One is continue to be controlled by the mac mouse and you can flick between the two will work between the two. I have to say it’s, not something i’d, particularly use um in any any real capacity. It’S a nice functionality to have um, i must admit i get confused between the mouses and the keyboards etc, but it does work.

I think the in fairness, the window setting there is quite squashed and it would be quite difficult to physically work from it, but i suppose it’s useful functionality that you can use if it’s something you need to it’s. Just not for me and now we’ll come on to talk about some of the setup that i really was disappointed with and needed to change. Some of this will be due to my naivety. I used to have an imac that had everything built in and that included speakers, so the mac mini has some speakers in built, but they’re um they’re not great, and i just assumed that the the monitor i bought for quite a lot of money would have speakers In built turns out that was naive on my part, and it has no speakers in bill, so the sound quality from the mac mini speakers was um was just not good enough really and the monitor, despite having volume settings and despite being able to alter it, doesn’t. Actually project any sound, so i really needed to do something with uh with that, so i began looking at what was available and actually sonos was just releasing a new bluetooth speaker. I opted to give this a go rather than dedicated pc speakers, which, frankly, none of them really really switched themselves onto me. So i thought i could get this connect it to the mac generally, but also then use it as a wireless speaker if we’re out in the garden or if we want to have music elsewhere in a house, seemed like quite a good um, all rounder, really um.

It’S, a delic well it’s a little speaker but it’s not delicate it’s, actually, ip67 waterproof uh and you can take it out and certainly the the sonos promo videos are showing that it’s um quite a rugged little speaker and i liked it because it’s quite small and Then we’ll go on to the sound quality but generally speaking quite impressed with it all Music. So i better stop the audio there before i get a copyright strike, so the speaker itself is quite impressive. I will do a full review on the unboxing of that, once i get around to editing it and once i do that there’ll be a pop up banner. Just above now that you can click on and see that, if you’re interested um, i also went ahead and bought the the wireless charging station there. As you can see, it just sits nicely on it keeps it keeps it nicely charged, meaning that it’ll always be ready to go beautiful day in bel air, and we are in a community just wanted to show the quality of sound really from a slightly higher end. Youtuber than myself um, but it kind of shows the the quality of the speaker. Look. I can’t, i can’t speak highly enough for it. It’S good it’s, robust it’s, portable um and i just needed to factor it decently into my setup, which is what i did. I tried it in a few different places. You see it sat on the desk there quite nicely.

The speaker seems to really shrink down when you turn it on its side seems to be really really discreet, but obviously not compromising on the sound. I finally settled for it with the charger on top of the mac mini there, the colors match it seems to kind of nestle there, almost as if it was perfectly built. So there we have it guys, a month six weeks in with the mac mini i’m. Really quite happy, the sound was disappointing, can’t get away from that, but the introduction of the sonos seems to have rectified that apple have just launched the new imax in april 2021. I have to say i’m not going to be looking to change really quite happy with the setup actually really quite disappointed with the new max but that’s a different story. So thanks very much for your support for the channel on the previous video, and hopefully this one really do appreciate it and your engagement take care. Please leave a like comment or subscribe.