So here is the m1 mac mini i’m, not going to bore you to tears with all the benchmark and geekbench scores. The m1 chip is very fast super fast, actually and it’s. Super efficient battery life doesn’t come into it because it’s, a mac mini it always has to be plugged into the wall, but noise. There is no noise from this, even rendering 4k videos i’ll get into that. In a bit and thermals it’s never hot to touch, it never gets above sorry, 27 or 33 degrees. In my experience, which is actually super cool um for uh, essentially a tower pc tower a hub, a desktop really good. As far as price. This was 699 pounds. I have the eight gigabyte version with the eight core cpu and gpu and 256 gigabytes of ssd storage. I chose this because it was the cheapest b i’m not going to hold on to this for longer than probably a year to be honest, that’s there will be an m2 or an m1x or whatever apple call. It come out next year or the end of this year, so i’ll upgrade to that one so i’m, not the typical use scenario for for you guys watching. What i would say is if you are doing a lot of video editing and you don’t update, upgrade your tech regularly and you’re planning to buy a mac mini, go for the 16 gigabyte variant it’ll last you like five, seven, even ten years.

If you do that, if you only go for the eight gigabyte version, you’ll find that after a few years, it’s – probably not going to be suitable it’s, just the nature of the beast as we evolve. If you believe in revolution, but as we evolve technology wise file sizes get bigger, i mean who would have thought that most cameras or phones, these days can even cope with 8k video. Those are massive files. Like a 20 minute, 8k video can be like 300 gigabytes, it’s insane so um, but that takes up a lot of memory as well like you need to seriously consider the 16 gigabyte variant if you’re planning to hold on to the mac mini for longer than three Years, storage, wise – i use samsung t7’s external storage. I always have, and i will continue to do so so the internal storage of the mac really doesn’t matter to me, 256 gig, is more than enough to cover any one video file size that i will ever create and that’s how you should gauge it as soon As i’ve created, my video edited upload it to youtube. It goes on ssd external drive. Therefore, my mac always stays pretty much empty and my storage is all saved externally, safe, so i’m never going to lose the files. I highly recommend you do that too. It means i save a couple hundred pounds by not an upgrade to 512 gigabyte ssd as well, so always a good thing pores, so they uh the ui.

The user interface on the mac mini is pretty good. In my opinion, we’ve got two thunderbolt 3’s. Two spas, a headphone jack, an hdmi and a gigabyte, ethernet port. You see that there very good ui for the everyday user, absolutely perfect for someone that video edits or uses a dslr or any camera nowadays, actually you’ll have an sd card in that camera. You’Ll notice. I never mentioned sd card reader, so buy yourself, a dongle with an sd card reader uh and as a bonus, you’ll probably get four or eight extra ports on there as well for peripherals or accessories and they’re cheap 50 pounds on amazon 60 pounds so yeah. If you’re buying the mac mini, i would recommend getting a dongle if, indeed, you need an sd card reader. If you don’t, and if you’re watching this video, i am not going to um, overlook the fact that the majority of people that are actually looking to buy a new mac are probably just working from home. A lot right now, like everybody, is and just looking to do, office 365 stuff, maybe a bit quicker or they need to update your machine. So if you are one of those people again, the 699 pound mac money will cope with anything microsoft office can throw at it and you’ll, be able to store, as many word documents powerpoints or excel spreadsheets, that your heart desires with no issues whatsoever. So again, this is my recommendation is to stick with the base model.

It still has that m1 chip let’s get into it. The m1 chip is three times faster than my 2017 intel core i7 mac downloading video, rendering video opening apps. I have never experienced the beach ball or the bouncing app effect from the dock, while trying to open an app it’s, never happened so highly recommend moving to m1, if you need to now, my whole channel is, is based around that i have to be honest. I am honestly telling you do not upgrade to an m1 mac if you’re getting by with your current computer, whether it be pc or mac, if you’re getting by with no issues, don’t waste, your money, it’s, absolutely fine hold on to unless you feel you need to Upgrade or you just really really want to upgrade, go ahead and do it, but don’t go buy the 1500 pound new m1 imac buy the mac mini, buy a tv or a monitor that suits you size wise. Maybe you want bigger than 24 inch. Maybe you want a better mic, so buy an external mic. Maybe you want a better webcam than imac offers. You buy a 4k webcam, my whole setup with that 43 inch, 4k tv, the logitech brio 4k webcam, the magic mouse, uh, magic, trackpad, um, fine, microphone and dongle. All of that and the mac mini. All of that was cheaper than the new 2021 imac. That just came out with the m1 chip so think about that you can really build a bespoke office setup for cheaper than the m1 imac and i’ve got a whole video about that that i’ll post up here just now, but watch the rest of this before you Click on that and i’ll add it to the end screen and i’ll put in the description: i’m just gon na i’m, just gon na bombard you with links to that video, because i think it’s so important for people to watch before being tempted to buy one of The new maps, as far as um capabilities on the mac i’ve obviously got one large screen, but you can, with no jiggery pokery, have two external monitors attached to this, but with some jiggery pokeray and the right, dongle or ports, you can have as many monitors attached To this, as you want, as many as you like and there’s, a new app as well called parallels, which you can download it’s a fairly quick install.

So i would highly recommend that you youtube that video, um and it’ll show you how to get windows on your mac. So if you are somebody that works with windows um for work, but you actually use mac in your own personal time, it’s very easy to switch between two it’s, literally just a three finger swipe in the trackpad and super super convenient to be able to use um. So i think that’s it that’s my my honest review on the m1 mac it’s super fast, it’s, extremely cheap for what you’re getting i can’t emphasize that enough and you don’t need to buy the biggest and best version it comes in because you can buy like. I think two terabyte 16 gigabytes of ram for the mac mini, which will take you up to. I think it’s, like 1800 pounds, that’s insanity don’t do that. Why buy a 160 pound external two terabyte drive or terabyte drive and you’re sorted? Please don’t buy the biggest and best because you think that’s what you need you really don’t um. So yeah that’s been my as far as i guess my review. This does everything i need it to do. As far as video editing and work simple that’s been my review of the m1 mac mini, not as geek benchy scores as you want it to be. You can find that on other channels and 24. 7 mac is one of my favorites. Obviously, mkbhk does his thing, but yeah that guy doesn’t need any more fans or followers, or subscribers screw you marcus, um yeah.

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