I finally got a m1 device now i’m still waiting on that macbook air, but i got the mac mini, which is still really cool, because not only is it m1, but also has the latest big sir mixer version, which is really really cool, because i can run Ipad and iphone apps, so yeah i’m really really really really really really really excited because hold on one second hold on guys, because i want to make this interesting because say hello: we got two more subscribers, so those two more subscribers will be the first people to Get to see this video that’s pretty exciting. Another thing they will get to do is what should be the prize. I just came out. The blue ended this video. So what should be today’s? Surprise? Okay, how about this? The two people that subscribe to my channel – you just tell me because i’m, there they’re a part of my class. So you just tell me – and you could be in a breakout room with me and my other group when we’re doing social studies math whatever you can be my group without even asking you can be my group without even asking you know, we’ll have fun in the Group, while still working so let’s, get back to the main event today, i am actually using my my laptop’s camera, so i hope i can show you some good footage of the action. I’M gon na put my ipad away and we can get this video started.

Okay, so if you look on this monitor right here, we have m1 icons, um yeah settings and if you haven’t noticed, we have appsalt ass nine. I played the eighth generation, which i love, so i so when i heard i could play it on the m1 mac mini, i just had to get my hands on it um another thing we have and i’m sorry about the footage i’m using a laptop camera which Actually isn’t too bad it’s doing pretty good. We got app store. We got new app store, um news, podcasts apple music, apple tv, which i don’t even use. We got notes, contacts, reminders, maps, ooh, icing maps, my favorite audio recorder, that’s, actually not apple app, but you can get it on apple devices. You got you got imovie, you got photos, mail, facetime and messages which they are. Finally, the same. Color, you got, you got a mission launchpad, you got launchpad, you got safari and then you got finder and then the thing that’s actually doing all of this, the mac mini now connected to the mac mini. I have a usbc to lightning cable. For my ipad. I got a logitech. I got a lot of tech. 1080. 1080P. 1080P webcam. I got a hdmi to the monitor. I got an. I got a headphone cable. Well, i got the headphone jack filled to my speakers. My amazon basic speakers um and i have the power cord, which can really get dusty really quickly because it collects dust because it’s kind of like a i don’t, know what material it’s rubber, maybe um the body of the mac, minis that’s, amazing um.

It says mac mini on the back, which is really cool um, if you’re wondering what i’m doing with the mac mini i’m dusting it off, because you know it collects a lot of dust and when it’s facing the sun, it’ll get a bunch of dust um. Really. What i use the mac mini for just quick work, my zoo meetings for school, all that kind of stuff connecting with my friends and all that now, let me show you something, and another cool thing is that you have faster pairing. You have faster device pairing which is really cool, go to bluetooth. You know what so we got connected. I know i took that a little longer, but um i’m going to show you how yeah this is good footage. Yeah, you guys should be able to see what i’m doing right again. So sorry for the resolution – oh, i can unlock it now. Can i unlock it yeah i can’t so i’m about to unlock the car. If you’re, not if you’re not um familiar with s salt, you should really get it on your ipad or iphone. Uh i’m, probably saying it wrong, but i’ll have the spelling link down below, but till then we are going to set up my car and okay. I’M. Just wasting my money, we’re going gon na set up the car, and hopefully we can drive this nope. We cannot what is going on. So why won’t you? Let me ride, drive.

Why won’t you? Let me drive all right. Well, you get the gist of it. Um! You can game control your you can get your xbox control and a lot of gamers are in my classroom, so so this is a great great thing to get if you’re, just starting to get in the gaming. The whole gaming system, um not to mention the m1 mac mini or all the mac minis, are really not that expensive. In fact, the starting price for a m1 mac mini is 6.99, which is really amazing. Now my family loves suspects, spec out stuff um. I didn’t get to spec it out. I just received it but um but um. I had it specked out, probably not to the max, but in the middle um you can get it. You can get swords from 256 gigabytes to 512. You can configure it to one or two terabytes or 512 one terabyte or two terabytes, so that’s kind of um. If you get the one, i think i have the one terabyte that will lead you up to 8.99, which i do not recommend doing. If you’re, you know, if you just want it for scrolling or doing school, i suggest getting the base model but um when i heard that you can use it for like gaming and all that stuff. You know i just got a spec, you know just spec it out to the max. Why not you have bluetooth 5.0 5.

0 wireless technology. You got ether, you got ethernet. Actually you know what i should probably show you. I i’d have to unplug everything but it’s. The least i can do for my subscribers, i mean the least i’m gon na have to do is like signed back in okay. So, as you can see, we have the mac mini don’t know if you can see, but um let’s go here, oh yeah! So sorry, i just decided to do this video out of the blue, it wasn’t coordinated or anything so i’m gon na mess up a lot okay. Here we have the power button. We have the power cord outlet, we have ethernet. We have two thunderbolt usbc ports. We have an hdmi port, two usb usb a ports and a headphone jack, and if you think that the m1 doesn’t have a fan, it actually does. But i’ve never heard. This fan like i’ve done editing on it like twice and i’ve, never heard a fan. I’Ve. Just never heard a fan now. Speakers on here are really really good, but um. I do still like my amazon basic speakers, but from time to time i will switch around because they’re both really good to know when you’re to know what’s on. You got this light right here, that’s off, because it’s not plugged in obviously um yeah it’s. Just a really good device to have you know it’s good, to keep around you um. If you spec it out, you could probably keep it long enough for about maybe eight years um base model, probably the same thing like long time i mean when mac came out with their first pcs.

A lot of people were excited about it, and so am i. I mean this thing is amazing, i’ve gotten so much school work done, i’ve connected with friends, more efficiently, it’s, just amazing um. Now it doesn’t come with a camera. As i said before it doesn’t come with a camera. I was really hoping that it would come with a mic, but it didn’t. You have to buy a webcam or a mic and a webcam yourself which really sucks, because i really thought it had a mic now i knew i would i had to get a webcam. This is actually not my webcam it’s, actually my dad’s webcam, but um i’m, just using it for school. For now, because i really like using my mac bin for school rather than my macbook, but um, because my macbook audio is meh so yeah, but overall the mac mini, is really special. You can connect it with a bunch of apple accessories. Um you can transfer. You can transport export import files really quickly and you can game on it. My classmates are really big on gaming, so this is really good for them. If your birthday is coming up or christmas or when it’s christmas ask your parents for it. It’S really nice, like i said there is quick pairing. So if you have a wireless, if you have special gaming bluetooth headphones, you can put it in. If you have xbox controller put it in it’s. If you have a bluetooth keyboard again put it in, you can still put it in and it’s i don’t, i don’t really have anything to say other than get this thing.

Okay, get it it’s really affordable, especially for college students and for businesses. This is just amazing. I know my dad uses this for his business and they have a bunch of imacs and a bunch of mac minis, and i think even one of them have a mac pro, but yeah. This thing is amazing. The mac mini is amazing, so that is all for today’s video thanks for watching. You have to turn this thing back on and oh, the legendary mac sound.