So what are their options, and what does it look like out of this new, incredibly powerful device let’s find out what’s up everyone. I’M. The everyday dad – and if i can figure it out, you can figure it out so yesterday i was not very excited about a brand new ipad pro. However, apple has proven me wrong, because now that they’ve put the m1 processor inside of it i’m very excited. So what we’re going to do today, they’ve already updated their website, so we’re just going to go through and we’re going to talk about all the specs and the features and what those actually mean to you. If you are looking to buy one of these, seemingly basically the perfect tablet ever made like what does all of that mean so let’s get right into it. So, like i said, the new ipad pro will be supercharged by the apple m1 chip, which is currently in my macbook air and in my mac, mini that i use like this is a legit desktop level processor that we’re now going to have in a tablet, which Is going to be so crazy now what this is going to give you you’ve heard me say this in lots of my videos: this is an 8 core processor and depending on which version it’ll have an 8 core or a 7 core gpu in it. Now this will be an integrated gpu it’s, not like an nvidia graphics card or something like that.

But even this you’ve seen the amazing things that my macbook air, my mac mini, can do that’s not going to be in a tablet, not only that on the 12.9 inch version, they’re also going to have their brand new xdr liquid retina display, which will have what They said was up to 10 000 mini leds inside, but what this will do is give you the same kind of color accuracy, the contrast and the sharpness that you’ll get on that incredibly expensive super xdr display that they sell, which the stand was like a thousand Bucks by itself well that kind of screen technology is coming to the pro motion: 120 hertz, refresh rate kind of option from the ipad pro and they’re going to have 5g in it, which really means that this new m1 ipad pro could be one of the ultimate. Like travel productivity machines, because you’re always going to have a high speed connection, you’re always going to have a beautiful display there’s, like 1 600 nits, i don’t want to get. I don’t want to skip ahead. We’Ll go through this. I i don’t want to like jump. All around let’s see uh, so, yes, the ultimate ipad experience m1 processor will be able to order it on april 30th. So in 10 days i know my wallet is already ready and it will be available in the second half of may. We talked about the m1. I mean the m1 processor is a phenomenal processor.

I said there were two versions of the gpu like this macbook air has the seven core gpu, but it looks like the ipad pro will just come standard with the eight core gpu. From my perspective, as a youtuber, a video editor, this will be able to mean, like you’ll, be able to run a full video production suite from just the ipad, like you’ve, already kind of been able to do that with the a12 z processor. But with the m1 it’s going to be a whole new level, you’ll also be able to play console quality, graphics, there’s, a whole bunch of game developers on the thing showing off their technology too, which looks incredible talking about that 12.9 inch, liquid, retina xdr display. You see a million to one contrast ratio, a thousand nits of full screen brightness and 1600 nits of peak brightness that’s, like i don’t, know, if i’m going to be able to actually look at the display with it. Like blinding me, i mean my macbook air can go to what 400 nits of brightness the macbook pro can go to 500 minutes of brightness 1600 nits of brightness means that in direct sunlight, we’ll probably be able to easily see this display. It also has apple standards like p3 wide color. True tone it’ll have that pro motion to have a little bit smoother response on the display when you’re, switching or playing games on it, which is pretty impressive, we’re going to have console quality games.

It’Ll be nice to have up to 120 hertz refresh rate, because games look better and play better when you have a faster refresh rate when it comes to like browsing the internet or watching videos. No, you don’t really need a fast refresh, but if you’re going to market your product as a game platform yeah that extra refresh rate really helps hundreds that’s just crazy. Even the thousand hits that’s wild 10 000 mini leds when they did the explanation of all the mini leds and the display it sounded like actual magic. It seemed like apple was saying, actual magic um when we were able to do this and the design it’s only 6.4 millimeters thin, that’s that’s, just so crazy, that’s so crazy. To me, the 11 inch will not have the super xdr display, but it will have 600 nits of brightness. Just like last year’s model. True tone pro motion, p3 it’ll still be a good display. It just won’t, be the absurdly awesome mini led display from the uh from the 12.9. I normally buy 11 inch ipads you’ve. Seen me for years here on, the channel i’ve talked about 11 inch. Ipads, probably gon na buy the 12.9 inch for this one 5g. I think 5g is a very smart move for this again, like i said, meetings now happen when we’re working from home, but as we start traveling more and more, you don’t always want to have to use like a hotel’s, wi fi, because let me, as somebody that Has tried to upload videos or create content on the go or even have meetings on the go using hotel, wi fi, it sucks really bad because generally they pay for like potato five like potato wi fi get a dad, but having 5g, especially if you’re a big City, i think that could be.

You no longer have to worry about the security or the speed of the wi fi spot that you’re using you have 5g built into your computer and even my local area. It may not be mind, blowing speeds but it’s still faster than what we get here for 4g lte. So i am very excited to see that they’ve now got 5g in here and you’ll still have wi fi. If you still need it, wi fi 6 will be built in they did talk about a new camera for the ipad pro like an ultra wide camera. Look ultra wide cameras are on everything now because youtubers we love ultrawide because it lets us show everything. This is not ultrawide. This is what you would call a standard focal length of roughly 35 millimeters, but ultra wide just gives so much more field of view and the way that they demonstrated it during the performance. Oh here you can see it right here, they’re shown where the dad’s trying to show something, and it knows who to focus on and where to move it without moving the ipad like that’s, incredible pro cameras will have the ultra wide and the wide, and is that The lidar, because we all use that lidar scanner so much right. We will also have the isp the image signal processor from the m1 macbook switch it’s great i’m glad it’s there, but it doesn’t necessarily make the cameras. Look all that much better, especially for using it.

For like zoom calls or web conferencing meetings, but i am excited to see that, hopefully, that ultra wide will allow for more things like when we’re doing our meetings and making it a little better um for the front facing camera, the lidar scanner i’m hoping i’m hoping. I think someday it’ll happen it just i’ve used mine like twice now but here’s. So this is a prediction that i made that actually came true, which i’m? This is one of the most exciting things about the new ipad, for me is thunderbolt, so the ipad pro’s have had usbc since the 2018 model, but now they’re going to have thunderbolt 4.. So what that means is you’re now going to be able to take your ipad pro and plug it into more of your productivity and creative workflows. You will get so much. Better transfer speeds, yes, thunderbolt, 3 and thunderbolt 4 are not all that much difference. It’S, really about the amount of things that you can use for: thunderbolt 4, as opposed to thunderbolt 3., but going from the older usbc we had on the ipads to the new thunderbolt 4 it’s going to be what i think this is really going to. Let us do is let us. Can you see this? What i think that this is going to allow us to do now that we have the m1s and thunderbolt 4 is we’re going to be able? Can you see this we’re going to be able to plug our ipad into a display and get the full display resolution? One of the biggest complaints that i’ve had about the ipads for the last couple of years is when you do plug it into an external display.

You get that like crop in on the side, so you lose a little bit of information and it becomes like a four by three aspect: ratio which in 2021 2020 like even 2019 and 18. That was not okay. It was a huge problem with the ipad, but now with this new chip and this new connection, i think we’re gon na have perfectly fine ultra wide ability from the ipad, which is gon na, be it’s, like everything that i had a problem with on the ipad Battery life connections display compatibility, they’ve fixed it all here, while also giving us much. I mean this could be the most powerful tablet ever made and we get new accessories, but i love accessories. The magic keyboard, the apple pencil and the reason i mean if you watch the video the reason i apparently don’t use my apple pencil enough is, i haven’t tried glass cutting with it enough, so maybe we’ll try glass, cutting with the apple pencil and see if that’s Uh something that will get me to use it more often i’m, very excited about that. I love the magic keyboard. You’Ve heard me talk about this a lot, but the magic keyboard in white very excited about that. Those are all the big features that we were talking about. Let’S talk about pricing, let’s spec one of these out and what would i buy and what would i recommend that you buy so we can see here.

We’Ve got the ipad pro. The standard version comes in at 10.99, which is not a bad price for everything. They’Re, throwing in here let’s do silver, because we will be getting that white keyboard and we can go up to a two terabyte option, so it starts at 128 gigabytes, okay, okay, i would have preferred it started 256, just like the macbooks, if we’re going to call It a pro device, even the macbook air, has 256 as base models, so kind of wish they’d done that 128 gigabyte at 10.99 up to 2 terabyte at 21.99. I never use that much storage on my ipad, so i’ll probably go with the 512, which will bring me up to 13.99 and i will 100 be getting the version with 5g 15.99 no engraving that’s, probably a pretty good creator or productivity model, getting the big version Getting silver because that’s, why ooh that white keyboard looks so good 512 gigabytes of storage, i think, is going to be enough: wi fi, plus cellular no engravings 15.99. Now that is here’s really going to be the crutch right. So, do you need wi fi connection and do you need the faster display and do you need some of the other cool things in the ipad pro? If not, the macbook air still makes an awful lot of sense because you can find these refurbished. What for like? 899 dollars now you’ll get the same. Processor you’ll get one less gpu core you’ll have a worse display like straight up.

You’Ll have a worse display than on the ipad, but is that display worth twice the money? Well here, let’s change it up. Let’S change this to 256., so now we’re at fourteen hundred dollars. So is that display worth the extra money, because not only is that display, you’re still going to have to buy the magic keyboard and the apple pencil. If you want those additional functional pieces, is it worth it over? The macbook air when the macbook air already has two thunderbolt 3 ports? It doesn’t have thunderbolt 4, but it does have thunderbolt 3. It has 256 gigabytes standard. Is that display, with its touchscreen functionality, with its mini, led with its incredible contrast ratio? Is it worth almost double the price that’s something we’re going to have to find out when we get it in hand, but this is probably the one that i’m gon na give. But what are you excited about? What was your favorite part of the apple event? Leave me a comment below i would love to hear. I know what i was excited about. I would love to hear what you all were excited about too. Leave me a comment down below and we will get right into it. And if you like this video good news, there will be another one tomorrow about the imax not going to point it out to you yet because it’s not here. But if it is here you’re from the future you’re watching from the future – and you can then go ahead and click, so this video is not out yet when it is out.