9 from 2021. How of all these cool things i’ve just said, held up over the past week, let’s find out so much easier to slam and while we’re finding out i’d like to thank today’s sponsor squarespace what’s up everyone i’m, the everday dad, and if i can figure it out, You can figure it out i’m kind of a big fan of ipads. That should not come as any sort of surprise to you all before the m1 max came out the recent ipad pro starting back in 2018. They were really the only option if you wanted a powerful, yet small device that could handle everyday home tasks like scheduling reminders, maybe watching your favorite everyday, dad video here on youtube.com just saying, but it also had some oomph behind it and at the same time, it Was one of the, if not the fastest and best option for mobile creation, whether video, editing or photo editing? Well, it’s not 2018 anymore, and while this is a fantastically powerful little computer, is it still the top of the mountain before we get into what i liked and didn’t, like let’s, quickly cover the specs and ordering options? If this is your first time hearing about this? Well, not really small device. There are two versions of the m1 ipad pro the 11 inch and the 12.9 inch today’s. Video is only talking about the 12.9 inch because there are enough key differences between the two and i do have very different recommendations between the two ipads that we’ll probably do a separate one week later, video on the smaller option, so the base model 12.

9 inch m1 Ipad pro comes in at 10.99 for this price you’ll get the brand new m1 processor, with 8 core cpu 8 core gpu, a space, gray or silver finish and 128 gigabytes of storage. You can inspect that storage out a little bit more and get the ipad with 2 terabytes of storage for 21.99. Something else you may not have noticed because it’s kind of a quasi hidden spec you can’t, actually directly affect this, but on versions with the ipad that have one terabyte or more you’ll get 16 gigabytes of ram. While the lower end below one terabyte options will get. Eight gigabytes of ram and if you want to include a 5g cellular connection, you can add about 200. On top of whatever other storage option, you were looking to buy okay that’s enough of those boring specs. Oh, i hate talking about specs, but it is kind of a necessary evil here, so let’s get into the things that i’ve liked and the things that i’ve disliked after lugging this around for a solid week in the imac video, we started off with things that i Dislike so here, let’s start with the positives before i start kicking this ipad in the teeth just a little just a little bit of kicking in the teeth, not a lot just a little bit first and the most obvious upgrade on this model. I love the display. This is no kidding one of the, if not the best displays i’ve ever seen, and i don’t mean on a tablet or an apple device.

I mean ever sure. Phones may have technically better displays, but those are much smaller and even my 12 pro max is dwarfed by this ipad. Pro it’s, really something to see such a large display have all of those deep blacks and the clarity you get while watching videos is just it’s. Next level, good, yes, i’ve, seen some concerns on twitter and, in my youtube comments about blooming or lighting issues, but i haven’t seen anything i didn’t actually know that was a problem until you all started commenting about it. If you were an average person like me, i am the everyday dad right super average. You just use this without actively going out of your way to spot the absolute technical limitations of this tablet. I don’t think you’ll ever notice, a single problem or even if there is a bloom one thing that you have to keep in mind when you watch any of this content online about screens or audio or displays or anything like that, is you aren’t seeing anything near Reality right now like right as you’re watching this. There are at least five different layers between your eyes and this ipad: the camera, my color grading choices, my video editor compression youtube’s compression and your own personal screen that you are watching from any single one of these. Could cause problems or issues with artifacting or flaring? So i would caution you that you need to see a display for yourself or you need to listen to a set of headphones in audio land.

If you want to know what a device is actually capable of, we can, and in my videos i am trying to give you the closest approximation you’ll find but that’s all it will be. It will be an approximation. Okay back to this lovely screen, though, after spending six months using a macbook air, as my do it all versatile computer, this is a major upgrade. This can go up to 600 nits of brightness, normally plus it can go up to a max of 1 000 nits of max full screen brightness, and if you are watching hdr content, this can even go up to sixteen hundred nits at its peak. This sucker is bright, plus, with that one million to one contrast, ratio you’ll really be able to see the blacks in an image that is supposed to be black. You won’t really notice the difference by itself like if you’re, just looking on this or you’re. Looking on another device, you won’t know the difference, but if you put the two side by side, it will be real. Obvious it’s also got the wide p3 color gamut and, as we saw in the video editing video colors, look, they just look so good on here. I want what i want to do is gush about this display all day long it’s, legit, amazing and while i don’t have the technical knowledge to break it down, even farther for you. If you have the chance – and you can safely do so – you should absolutely go to an apple store to check this thing out.

It will not be a waste of your time. Thankfully, though, it’s not the only thing that i’ve liked in the last week, one thing that i do want to make a note of is i’m going to try really hard to talk about the things that are unique to this ipad. The fact is, this isn’t, a huge revolutionary update, so most of what i’ve experienced over the past week are things that happen on other ipads. So i will do my best to filter that out, but some of it will probably still bleed over the next thing. I’Ve liked is the power. The m1 processor is no joke, that’s, not news for anybody that follows this channel here i was a very early adopter and i switched fully over to m1 machines as soon as they came out, and they now run all of this youtube stuff. Video editing photo editing. I do everything with m1 machines having an ipad with the same power as my desktop computer it’s kind of a strange experience. I’M, not sure that i’ve had this enough to fully wrap my head around. That, though, and i think we’re still in the very early days seeing what this new model of ipad pros can really do much like there was a transition time between intel base max and apple silicon based macs. I think there will be some times for developers to understand really how much raw power they have under the hood here.

Personally, though, i don’t think it will be as drastic of a transition between the previous a12 z processor. I mean that was apple silicon, so it’s not a night and day difference, but this kind of power hasn’t existed in such a small tablet before so we are all gon na have to mentally adjust for that going forward when it does come to power tasks like Video editing, as we’ve already seen, you can seamlessly function the same as with an m1 mac computer with even the heftiest and gnarliest video codecs around and you’ll get roughly the same, rendering speed as if you to render that video on my mac mini that’s. Really it specifically for the positives on the new ipad pro after the 2018 redesign. We haven’t seen much to surprise us and that’s not to say that i think we should expect revolutionary changes every single year. I do think it’s kind of nice to know that if you buy one of these tablets, you aren’t wasting your money when something else comes out next year, it’s not like every single year, we’re doing huge gigantic changes. Yes, this is better in a lot of ways, but it’s, not game, changing in any of them: mine, okay, minus the display. Okay, i do feel like we need to add a thing i’m meh about before we get into my dislikes i’m, really feeling pretty meh about the thunderbolt connection i’m, keeping it here in the meh instead of the dislikes, because much like power.

I think this will be unlocked over time, as accessory developers figure out a way to really harness all of the capabilities of that incredibly powerful and versatile port for a pretty narrowly optimized device. In my mind, when i first heard about the upgrade to thunderbolt, i thought that we would be getting more display functionalities which way more on that subject. In a second i’m sorry, i don’t mean to yell at you, mr microphone, honestly in my use. So far, it’s just been like usb c, except a little faster sure. I can now use my full range of thunderbolt docks, adapters and other accessories, but i don’t really want to use those with my ipad. The m1 max really changed up what i’m willing to give up to have a small, powerful machine and frankly, they showed you. Don’T have to give up anything so i’m, not yet sure how the new connection on the ipad pro will really help. It stand out from those other m1 computing options. Alright, we had to get here as much as i like. The m1 ipad pro it’s, not perfect, and when you get the ipads, everyone uses them differently. So it is kind of hard to know if the things that i don’t like for my specific use case may not line up for you in your specific use case. That was confusing, it seemed it sounded clear when i wrote it either way. First thing i don’t like about this, and this is still the main thing that i do not like about all ipads the screen out.

Functionality is just not good. We got the new thunderbolt port. We should be able to push out to the same kind of displays as my macbook, but even with all of that power, we still get the 4×3 crop when plugged into an external monitor. This drives me absolutely crazy. I’Ve been complaining about this for three years. At this point, i don’t like repeating myself when i have to tell my son to clean his room, and i hate that i’ve been talking about this since 2018.. I understand that, because of the screen size of the ipad, you can’t really get a 16×9 image out to a monitor. I also understand that some apps take advantage of the external display and in some circumstances can give you a full image out. I understand all of that. I don’t care. This is not okay, especially when most promotional material that i see from accessory companies and sometimes from apple, show full screen usage when the ipad is plugged into a monitor, at the very least, give us an option to extend the ipad display when it’s plugged into a Monitor maybe tell i don’t know tell the ipad it’s in dock mode or something and let us work that way. I’M. Just getting tired of this i’m not asking for this to do the same thing as my macbook, but i am asking that we have some additional monitor functions if we are going to even have this as an option, if not just take out the external display support It does no good to the working professional or creator, and it means that i’ll continue working with my macbook 100 times out of 100.

. I could legitimately complain about that all day. Long and maybe maybe went back to all the videos where i’ve complained about this and compiled them all together, it would actually add up to 24 hours. I might actually do that and there’s only one more legitimate thing that i don’t like about the new ipad pro battery life. Now the battery life isn’t terrible. I do want to say that up front and much like the iphone 12 mini, which is another favorite device of mine. It does clear the hurdle and it can run continuously for eight hours and with that thunderbolt port it will charge a little bit faster than previous models, but 10 hours or 9. If you have the cellular version, that’s not great, especially if you want to use this ipad as your work, management tool and part of having this much power on hand, does lead me to think that apple wants you to consider this as part of your productivity kit. I haven’t personally had much of an issue with battery life on mine so far, but i have noticed it draining faster than i would have liked, and i would not rely on this. As my only work computer and i don’t mean to keep comparing this to the m1 macbooks, but those are now the standard of what i expect out of my machines, if i’m ever going to consider relying on it as a tool that puts food on the table.

For my family and with the poorer battery life here, i’ll have to bring along extra external batteries and worry all day long if it will make it through. Especially if that surprise meeting hits the calendar at the end of the day, and i didn’t plan to need 12 or 13 hours of battery life peace of mind is something that can absolutely not be overlooked. Okay, another small thing. I guess there was one more thing, but i don’t like how the base model only comes with 128 gigabytes of storage. I feel like if we were going to use the m1 chip we might as well use the m1 standards and all the other. M1, computers have 256 gigabytes storage standard. This is already more expensive than the macbook air, so you might as well give us some more storage to bring it up to parity right, but at the end of the day. So what right should you buy? The brand new m1 ipad pro 12.9 inch, maybe now solid. Maybe if you need a productivity machine for an office type job. No, i would not recommend the ipad pro. It will cost a lot more to get going than a similarly spec’d macbook air and you won’t really be getting anything better sure. The screen is far better, but as a tool who cares, i don’t need 120 hertz or 1 million to 1 contrast ratio for a teams meeting or even for video editing the ipad pro and the macbook air will either be at parity with each other or like Battery life, the macbook air will be far better and cost hundreds of dollars less.

If you already have an ipad from previous generations. I also wouldn’t recommend upgrading to this one, because the a12x and a12z processors will still do everything that you could ever want. We haven’t really hit the cap of what those can do yet, so we absolutely aren’t really near the power cap of the m1. The only way, i would really recommend the m1 ipad pro 12.9 inch is solely if you need this kind of display, and some do some people legitimately do. This would work fantastically as a side car display to do real, fine, graphic design or image processing work, and you might not be able to find another display. This capable anywhere else, especially for this price tag. Also, if you want the absolute best portable movie, watching experience with the hdr capabilities here and apple spatial audio through your airpods, then again i would recommend this. This is not a bad tablet and ipads are awesome and i continue to like them, but the positives are all mostly the same as previous models, and so are the negative. So unless you need the most cutting edge of displays, save money and get an older model thanks to today’s sponsor squarespace, you can create your own very beautiful website. Squarespace is the all in one platform, to build a professional website online store or portfolio it’s, so easy to claim a domain url create a custom site that matches your style and brings your ideas to life head on over to squarespace.

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